Taylor Swift Picks Up 5 ACM Nominations!

Taylor Swift Picks Up 5 ACM Nominations!

Taylor Swift received FIVE Academy of Country Music Award nominations!!!

The 20-year-old country cutie is nominated in four categories: Entertainer, Top Female Vocalist of the Year, Song of the Year (for “You Belong With Me” ” nominated as artist and songwriter), and Video of the Year (for “You Belong With Me”). The 45th Annual ACM Awards will air live on CBS on Sunday, April 18th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

At last year’s ACM Awards, Taylor was awarded the Academy’s Crystal Milestone Award, and her Fearless album was named Album of the Year.

Below is a recent video of Taylor‘s fairytale adventures in Australia and Japan!

Taylor Swift: Fairytale Adventures in Australia and Japan
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  • em

    YAY! Taylor you rock!!! :)

  • polarice

    Taylor Swift is awesome. I am so happy for her. Yay!!

  • angeliz

    Great job !!

  • jessica

    congrats. and honestly she is really getting better at singing live. she sounded really good when she went to australia.

  • gaby

    Taylor Swift you rock!! >3

  • Deen

    omg! she IS AWESOME!
    GO TAY!

  • Anna

    kay for one. CARRIE UNDERWOOD deserves vocalists more than ANYONE. even poor taylor swift…:P *rolls eyes*
    and you belong with me is just a rip off of saving jane’s girl next door?!?!?!?!
    she’s gonna win them all though. no freaking doubt about it. people are still crying over kanye.

  • swiftfan


  • Hannah

    it’s so ridiculous that she is still getting nominations on fearless. she already won for it last year. i hope her fame dies out fast.

  • jacqueline

    Im really sick of Taylor. She is now infamous because of Kanye. She’s neither that pretty or talented. All those awards are bought by Big Machine Records.

  • Julie

    Her album is SO OVERRATED, her grammy performance (and every live performance for that matter) was awful. I for one am getting pretty sick of having Taylor Swift shoved down my throat everytime I turn on the radio.

    I swear the radio only plays a few artists…Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Black Eyed Peas. Now I love Gaga and the Peas but it’s overkill. Let’s hear some new music. PLEASE!

  • audrey

    ok nobody even talks about the kanye thing anymore, the only people who try to use that to their advantage are the haters. the girl was already famous way before that even happened and had already sold millions of albums. don’t believe me? look it up. the only thing kanye managed to do was make people unaware of her & her music, aware of her & her music. whether people bought into that or not will be their judgement. the girl wins because she has fans who love her and because she sells records. if you’re so tired of it then vote and buy your favorite artist’s record and promote them like us Taylor Swift fans have.

  • lizzy

    That concert footage from Sydney wasn’t the one that I was at…where’s the stuff from the 1st concert in Sydney? :( Awesome vid though. Go Taylor!! <3

  • Emma

    hey im in that video, from australia. I went to the melbourne cocert and got picked by her mum to come watch the rest with her although i ended up going right at the front.

  • Mary

    OMG thanks @Anna finally someone that understands me!!
    If it wasn’t the jonas or kanye NO ONE knew who taylor was, and let’s face it, she’s not that talented, carrie is, she’s amazing really down to earth and is famouse because of her talent!
    And yeah you belong with be is a bad copy of girl nest door

  • Tswiftfan

    Ok? Carrie Underwood secretly like Taylor or something? You guys ALWAYS talk about her, even it’s not related to Carrie. She DOES deserve those nominations. Carrie may have a better voice but Taylor can write/compose songs, play instruments and doesn’t need to have a talent show become famous and Carrie not. She is very talented. She has written over 500 songs.

  • ad

    Hey Taylor Congrats, you are great. I hope you win some of these awards, but please just DONT DO THE SHOCKED/SURPRISED thing again. Accept graciously and be thankful just dont do the “I cant believe i won” routine again. that got old. Love ya

  • Ashley

    Taylor was huge in country before all of that. And while I think Carrie has better vocals Taylor deserves entertainer hands down. And her songs are not always on the radio. People just hate her because she’s at the top.

  • ad

    @Ashley: Yup

  • Nicole

    OK seriouslyyy??? Taylor Swift has gone WAAAAY more global than Carrie Underwood! I’m from england and no one even knows who the hell Carrie is!! Also. . . the big hype about taylor is not just that shes super talented but that shes completely genuine and talented and writes her own songs and you know that she loves every single one of her fans and her tour is probably the best i’ve ever seen and she designed all of it since she was no less than 8 years old! I find it hard for anyone to see how shes not talented. . . :S

    Congratss xxx

  • Jamie

    Woo get Taylor to england just to london we want her lol

>>>>>>> staging1