Zac Efron Doesn't Have All The Right Moves, Ask Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron Doesn't Have All The Right Moves, Ask Vanessa Hudgens

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are Young Hollywood’s “it” couple, but that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect.

In the March 2010 issue of J-14 magazine, the 22-year-old Charlie St. Cloud actor emphasizes just that. Zac shared, “I’ve failed miserably several times at relationships growing up. It’s not like I’ve got all the right moves!”

Good pal Selena Gomez hasn’t always been lucky in love either. She opened up to the mag, “It’s the worst feeling in the world [having your heart broken]. I’ve never cried as much since I moved away from home. I would never wish that feeling upon anyone, “but I feel like it has made me stronger, and it has made me protect myself a little bit more.”

What about Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner? Were they lucky or unlucky in love? To find out, pick up the new issue of J-14 on stands NOW!

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  • amanda pawlak

    oh wow! thats the same for me in relationships i either work hard to keep me and my boyfriend safe but also if when we break up i feel horrible like selena as she says that it’s something to never even wish for. it’s crazy but it’s love i guess becuase it can twist and turn in many directions yet in ways that are not so planned.

    -amanda lynne pawlak (16 yrs.)
    from: Gilbert,Arizona

  • iloveyoulikewoah

    OMG. Can someone please scan this? I need to read it

  • annie ryan

    i love buyeing j-14 twist bopandtigerbeat mmag popstar <3

  • sofiaxmen

    love you ness so mutch i miss you

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    Zanessa ♥

  • ZNlover

    I try find the magazine in spore!!! Agh zanessa!!!(:

  • Anna from

    Hmm it’s hard to feel sorry for these gorgeous people who have a tough time in relationships :)

  • Karen

    I’m sorry but it must be a really slow news day when Zac and Vanessa have to be brought up in this way—especially when Zac made the comment about when he was growing up and when he was so much younger. But here it is, the comment has been made to sound like he is talking about Vanessa. Then the headline is also made to sound like Vanessa is going to TELL something personal about Zac. Now that is really stretching it. But it helps sell magazines, I guess and gather hits on websites. At least with it being something like J-14 it won’t be something scandalous. So, I guess everyone ends up happy.

  • saniya

    i totally agree with Karen.


    I read the article on the sweetheart blog, this is want it says Zac and Vanessa, still have casual date night, Zac knows he’s got it made with Vanessa, his girlfriend of four years, because he didn’t always have it so easy. I’ve failed miserably several times at relationships growing up “Zac reveals It’s not lke I’ve got all the right moves”. He does have a few, the two keep their love alive by going on regular dates and Like catching Avatar and hockey games and remembering one thing- their BFFS first. Zac always lets Vanessa know he loves her- he even gave a speech at her 21st birthday and so not every thing this person said was not written.

  • yourmomsuckaa

    Barbara ur totally right girl !
    But how do you know bout the speech ?

  • daniel

    go zanessa ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡miss u ness

  • Jordan

    @yourmomsuckaa: A lot of people that were at the party tweetered about him giving a speech at her birthday party that night

  • bhelle

    ..i so agree to karen ,.. Go zanessa!! and .. i also read a blog that zac’s house was flooded bcoz of the heavy rain and his pool got full and the water was spread and had a ankle high water in his house .. and some of his pals came over to help him clean the mess .. is it true?


    @ Yourmomsuckaa, Very thing that Jordan says is true, I read twitter’s of people that were at the party and even said how sweet and kind that Zac and Vanessa are to each other and are, a great couple.

  • ZANE

    i think ZAc and Vanessa will make it to the altar just like Beyonce and Jay-Z .They keep their relationship low key in public by not talking about it. Great Couple!!

  • Jess!

    zanessa <3

  • teamhudgens

    The best couple i ever seen. (L)

  • Jordan


    I don’t think thats true. Its from the NAtional Equirer and Perez Hilton. I’m not even sure they are back from Australia yet ?

  • toty

    Go Zanessa…..Love U

  • jazmin

    All I can say I wish them both (ZV) the best of everything. Always stay true to yourself…love, cherish, support and trust one another.

    It’s tough enough being in a relationship without the public knowing every move and step you make…this two has come a long way and can only hope they continue to grow together.

    I do miss seeing pix or news about them but I’m glad they have gotten some privacy the last 2 weeks.

  • nikki

    zac is so cute<3333

  • iris

    yes i’m glad that they have some privacy, but not that much lol.
    i really want to see them together in public so at least in a way or in another i can enjoy their sweet love, bcs that’s what i think, THEY”RE REALLY IN LOVE.

    GO ZAC AND NESSA – we love u guys.

  • kami

    ask vanessa????? zac not having the “right moves” was with relationships he had in high school. not with vanessa. your title is veeeerrrrryyyyy misleading.

    i think y’all didn’t read the j-14 article very well. lol

  • kami


    maybe you need to find you own bf and stop living through zac and vanessa’s relationship. i know they’re cute and adorable, but their relationship is between just the two of them. they don’t owe us pics of them in their private life.

  • kami


    you’re so right. must be a slow news day. i’ve seen the j-14 article on other fan sites and jjj portrayed it all wrong in the title and the blurb here. he twisted it to make it sound like zac and vanessa don’t have a good relationship by changing “didn’t have the right moves” to “doesn’t have the right moves.” what a difference present and past tense make in the meaning of a sentence. the stuff tabloids are made of.

  • Anna

    lol j-14…those cute little kiddie magazines.
    zac’s onto bigger and better magazines these days.

  • Trina

    Any comment or statement from Zac in J-14 were done back in either 2005 or 2006. Right after the first HSM. I think he and Vanessa are way beyond the tweenie mags now, so they keep using his old comments and try to make them relevant for the present.

  • kym

    i definite agree
    and keeping a celebrity realtionship is obviously key to success
    i luv zanessa 4 dat

  • craz

    I miss Zac and Nessa, I’ll buy the magazine!!

  • mykamicks

    For me, Zac & Vanessa are just normal people . They have their own ups & downs too. But young ones who are truly in love has the most GENUINE LOVE & has moments of fights or arguments or whatever too . But I guess they have proven so hard not to other people but on their relationship that they have kept it for four years now & no question about it on how they really love & care with each other.

  • Soni Hannigan

    By any chance does anyone know exactly what Zac said in his speech to Vanessa on her birthday

  • Adam

    Do you think selena ever kissed zac?

  • vh only

    don’t worry. ZANESSA is still the BEST COUPLE ever!!!


  • sharmaine


  • Adam

    I hope selena and vanessa made out

  • http://hotmail esmer

    What you with thina that doing you the show

  • j

    come on do people actually think this is Real…

  • nikki


  • selena

    i love all

  • http://google barbara


  • nessa love

    nessa miss

  • Divine Goddess

    @Adam: obviously not.

  • karla

    He failed at several relationships growing up? He’s only 22 for god’s sake how many real relationships could he have failed at and isn’t he still growing up?
    Hasn’t he been with Vanessa for like 4 years. Guess what buddy, 18 and younger is a bit young for a REAL relationship.

    Spoken like a true Hollywood star.

>>>>>>> staging1