Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth are Summer Lovers

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth are Summer Lovers

Liam Hemsworth gives Miley Cyrus a sweet kiss in this new featurette for their upcoming movie, The Last Song.

Miley, 17, gave us a little background info on who Ronnie and Will really are, saying, “Ronnie and Will are very different. She’s a little more independent with not a lot of money; he’s very wealthy, very taken care of by his parents. He has it a bit easier…on the surface.”

The Last Song hits theaters on Wednesday, March 31.

“The Last Song” Featurette #2 – Summer Love
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  • lifesgood

    cutest thing EVER!!!
    im like counting down the days for this movie…i just saw dear john and it wasn’t so great….the last song book was sooo much better<3
    && her acting looks really good from these clips<3

  • Lila

    Ugh, no. It’s going to be a cliched, corny “one’s poor, one’s rich, but they see past all that!” story. Why must they focus on that? They didn’t in the book!

  • Phi


  • alicia

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. oh my gosh. im shaking! i read the book, and becuase the movie was done before the book the movie IS GOING TO BE BETTER. i cant wait!

  • Allie

    So excited!!! :D :D

  • Liz

    Her acting made me cringe BUT I loved the book and Liam is quite the cutie and he doesn’t seem so bad so I’m giving it a chance. Opening night I’m so there!

  • Reasonable Doubt

    My excitement for this movie decreases with each passing day. They are going to kill the movie storyline and make it “overly” sappy with Miam love tones. It pisses me off that Liam and Miley could not resist each other and just “had” to taint Will and Ronnie by becoming a real life couple. As I watch this movie, those images from the Memphis airport and Paris/Australia public make out sessions will pop into my head. Hope Miam breaks up before this movie comes out.

  • jessica

    wow it looks pretty cool. i will definitely go see this when it comes out.

  • heather

    they are too cutee<3

  • AJ

    Liam is so hot! I will definatly catch this, the hype looks worth it.

  • pauli

    miley cant act, and she looks fugly in the movie!!! this is gonna be fail!!!

  • lol

    @Reasonable Doubt:
    I am so with you on this – you are right.

  • good-one

    “It’s about consciousness.

    “You don’t strive for happiness, silly one. One does not attain bliss, or enlightenment, or godhood. You simply step into it, as a river. You simply become aware of it, like suddenly becoming aware of the tongue in your mouth. Hi. I’ve been here all along. Let’s go lick something.” ~~Mark Morford

  • Adam

    her movie is going to be great unlike that bucktooth bobblehead selena and her stupid movie

  • leticia

    this movie is amazing Mileys the only disney star who is taken seriously in Hollywood. Im so proud.

  • pauli

    miley is beautiful and i cant wait for this movie and selenas movie is gonna suck

  • leticia

    Adam I agree Selenas movie is for five yearold Miley gets real roles.

  • pauli

    @Adam hahaha nice try loser bobblehead really??? what a loser!!! dont you see the big and fat face has you ugly idol???? she doesnt even cant act……

  • leticia

    pauli stop talking about Selena go to her post No one gives a shit about her untalentedd ass on this post. By the way learn english.

  • pauli

    @leticia hahaha and you are talking about untalentedd ass when your are a miley fan???? hahahaha yahhh what a joke…. your fugly idol is a clown honey….

  • jocyrusfan

    I see @ pauli And her ugly hateful comments are back which really again make you ugly on the inside and thats the truth.

    @Reasonable Doubt
    May I suggest that you not watch this movie then! If Miley & Liam becoming a real life couple bother’s you that much. O by the way did Zac and Vanessa becoming a real life coupled too, Did that taint HSM no it did not.

    And the move is going to amazing.

  • Janz

    Give her a break! She’s a person, just like y0u!! Would you like it if ppl call you fugly with no talent?? All of them are just trying to live their lives and do what they luv they don’t need your rude comments. If you can’t say sumthing nice, dnt say anything at all!

  • jocyrusfan

    *And the move is going toe amazing.

  • tru

    omg! omg! they look so good together I can’t wait for the movie the waiting is killing me I can’t wait to see the hottest couple on screen.

  • leticia

    pauli is Selena LMAO jealous bitch

  • m

    Selena teenie alert. You should do your kindergarten homework before going on gossip sites.

  • Gina

    OMG, i can’t wait! The book made me cry, so excited!!

  • Laura

    I actually cannot wait for this film to be released in the UK :) it looks amazing.

  • mika

    @Reasonable Doubt:

    Right on. This movie had potential … I mean Liam is a gorgeous boy and the plot seems barable, but Miley … come on. Stop dating your co-stars! Oh and the more I see previews of this movie, the more Miley’s facial expressions bother me. The pouty lip and the voice … ugh.

  • Vic2763

    I’ll be looking to see if I can tell when Miam stopped ‘just’ acting and it became a dual reality for them =]

    Miam<3 xoxo

  • Cassidy

    @Liz: What? Miley’s acting was fine and how can you guys judge her acting when you havent even seen the movie yet? Geez.

  • Cassidy

    @pauli: Shut up. Youre just a hater. Yes she can act or otherwise she wouldnt been in a Nicholas Sparks movie so get a life!

  • Liz

    @Cassidy: RELAX! I never said she was a bad actress just that short clip was cringe worthy she seems a little too uptight. Who knows she might be good in the movie I’m sure she wouldn’t have been casted if it wasn’t for a good reason. I just hope it wasn’t because she’s famous. We shall see!

  • nessa

    liam is way to hot for this ugly girl… but hey she is hugely famous… so it def helps his career.

  • nessa

    a typical nicholas sparks movie… either someone dies, or they don’t end up together.

  • kate

    im actualy excited for this !
    the book was amazing so i hope the movie is half as good ! tears, tears, and more tears.!!
    liam looks great, cant wait!
    miley, well we’ll see how she does off of hannah montana.

  • thatGIRL

    i like miley and all but this girl cannot act at all and how she pouts her lips is annoying.

    she really needs to enroll in some acting classes. clearly nicolaus sparks chose her for her name.

  • Lexxy

    @Reasonable Doubt:

    Haha, you’re so totally correct! :)

  • keN

    . . . looking forward to this. I’m not as critical
    as most. It’s an ‘early work’ by Miley and might
    just turn out to be remembered for a long time.
    At the end of the day, we all strive to keep
    getting better, and EVERYONE is a ‘work
    in progress’. I like her more now, then, then. k

  • cassdy

    @thatGIRL: Shut op./ She CAN act. God. People stop judging her acting when you havent seen the move. Just like I told Liz.

  • cassdy


  • cassdy

    Ugh gosh I meant movie.

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