Kevin & Danielle Jonas Have A Nobu Nightlife

Kevin & Danielle Jonas Have A Nobu Nightlife

Kevin Jonas holds on tight to gorgeous wife Danielle as the leave Nobu in West Hollywood on Tuesday night (March 2).

The duo were last spotted out doing a little window and real shopping at the Marc Jacobs boutique in Beverly Hills.

Kevin, 22, is headed back to Houston this weekend to rock out the rodeo with his brothers Nick and Joe and BFF Demi Lovato. Are you going?

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  • Fer


  • rafaelaventurim

    Kevin’s 22, not 21 ;)

  • irelandwantsjonas

    they are such a cute couple :)

  • k.p.y

    lol Kev’s 22 Jared. They both look great here.

  • nathalia Braga


  • lulu

    She’s unbelievably gorgeous! As is Kevin, but I prefer Nick haha! Cute couple x x x

  • maggie

    Have you noticed ever since they got married.. Danielle is getting way to skinny??.. they look cute though.. :)

  • jessica

    First off Kevin is 22, and secound…AWE HOW CUTE! :)

  • SARA

    kevins 22? and ahh i love them toegetherr! well i just love jonas in general <3

  • midge

    Anyone who said Kevin & Danielle were having marriage problems…this proves they are not!
    I love Kevin & Danielle Jonas and I think they make a great couple. Danielle looks lovely, as does Kevin. I wish them all the luck in the world.

  • chris

    They both look great! Wish I was going to the rodeo to see them.

  • emily:]

    i absolutly love danis dress :]
    they are so cute!

  • so pretty

    she isn’t pretty..

  • Vhudsupporterr

    @so pretty: Are you kidding ?! I think shes gorgeous! :) I love Kenielle!! <3

  • Bethany

    They make a good looking couple. I love them both. :)

  • mary

    @maggie: — and How Kevin seems to be gaining weight.

  • drr

    they are going shopping every single day since the wedding! Uhm, stop it?

  • kiki

    They both look really cute and Danielle those legs, D@mn!

  • jonas luver!!

    im so jealous.!!! Kevin is a great guy. i love them, perfect couple. Best of luck !!!!!

  • Sarah

    Dani’s so pretty!

  • shannon
  • natalie

    she has a horse face and toothpick legs. also her nose…

    kevin has become a chubby hubby!! lmao

  • mika

    I’m so happy to see Kevin and Danielle happy together. :)

  • angeliz

    I sooo hppy to see them hppy ….. they ar exactly for one another……and …welll idk !!

  • whatgoesaround

    Who else thinks that their publicist told them to get their butts out in pubic doing something BESIDES shopping, and to make sure they hold hands and look happily married? Not that they aren’t of course…

    Don’t hate, you know you were thinking the same thing…

  • jt

    She looks a lot like Vienna (the Bachelor winner)

  • Luis F. Gomez


  • buffi

    i love them together and i am going to the houston rodeo i leave on saturday yaayay i am so exsited i havent seen jb live seen 2009 march 8th the houston rodeo when they played the first time

  • Allie

    @emily:]: Her dress is from urban outfitters! Wanted to buy it a while back but, they didn’t have my size:(

  • George the monkey

    Nobudy cares.

  • Yasemin. :)

    Honestly, Kevin doesn’t look as happy as he used to with Danielle. It all seems a bit fake to me, I’m afraid that this wont last forever.
    There’s just something about Danielle that annoys me, and don’t get me wrong, because I used to looooove Danielle so much, and them as a couple, but after they got married, it looks like all the sparks are gone.

  • Lauren

    @Yasemin. :)

    This is 100% real

    They really do love each other, point blank

    And I’m right