Miley Cyrus Has Apprentice Appeal

Miley Cyrus Has Apprentice Appeal

Miley Cyrus appeals to just about everyone — including Donald Trump!

Donald and one of his Celebrity Apprentice stars Bret Michaels caught up with Zap2It to chat about the 17-year-old actress.

Donald shared, “I don’t know Miley but I think she’s really got the It factor so much more so than almost anybody. She is fantastic. I watched her on one of the talk shows and, I mean, she is like a 30-year-old woman.”

Bret, who teamed up with Miley on his upcoming album, Custom Built, echoed his statement, “She’s a young pop superstar who actually has the talent. When you’re a star like that you’ve got to take the lumps that come with it and form nerves of steel. The girl can sit down and play the guitar, the piano and sing. She did a harmony on one of my songs, you know, that I did, ‘Nothing to Lose.’ And I think she’s going to break through. I see that realness in her as a musician.”

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  • Darius

    Donald Trump knows a good investment when he sees it…

    I’m not a Miley fan, but the girl is a breadwinner. You can’t be mad at that.

  • fif

    Miley definately has the IT factor that girl is good at everything she does and she also so beautiful and well spoken and classy the way she stay so positive and all her craft that she puts out there is first class rated.
    The girl art is amazing.

  • cassy

    she hasn’t really done anything, she’s just had the opportunities thrown at her

  • tasya

    i love her!!! and i’m agree with donald trump!!! :D

  • sam


    opportunites she work hard for because nobody went to miley house and gave her the job to be on disney she went after that job multiple times, so nobody gave her nothing she work for those opportunities ok.
    Just admitted the girl is talented and her art and craft is amazing to watch. Miley is a gifted artist.

  • nathalia

    i love her and agree with trump and bret! (:

  • jessica

    wow i so agree. i love her. she is very talented.

  • mileyfan

    @cassy you`re just jealous that you`re not as talented as her
    the girl works hard to entertain people and set a good example to others
    she`s made mistakes but like she said “i`m not a parent” if kids want to follow the mistakes she`s done then that ain`t her problem. she auditioned for Hannah Montana multiple times. She worked her butt off for it, so don`t go around saying it was given to her. Her dad auditioned AFTER she got the job. So shut your yap if you don`t what you`re talking ’bout.


  • pouty

    lest the racy pics and stuff, i quite agree with Trump. but to say that she’s like a 30 yr old woman is kinda creepy and unflattering. i mean miley is 17 and trump is like… kinda old so this statement is just a bit inappropriate. JUST MY OPINION!


    Miley obviously has the “IT” factor. She’s the only teenage star that has BOTH adults and kids hanging on for the next episode/movie/album/book/interview/picture (what hasn’t this girl done??? My goodness..) Anyway, I’m 23, and I’m a HUGE fan. To me, she’s the only young one out there who’s REALLY got the charisma, the performer chops, the singing chops AND the acting chops. Nothing against the other teen stars, but…there’s no competition for Miley. Plus, she can hold her own in any interview. She doesn’t claim to be perfect, and she’s not, which is why she deserves even more respect. She actually has a personality, which is her own, whether people like it or not. She’s not a puppet. And for that, more power to her!

  • amanda

    @cassy Miley worked her ass off to get hannah montana she auditioned several times. She worked really hard to get where she is now.

    she does have the ‘it’ factor.
    Miley is amazing! Im 17 and a huge fan :)

  • Anna from

    Hmm I think it would be interesting if Miley was on “The Apprentice”!

  • jbr

    First of all im a miley fan too . I know she worked hard to get the part of Hanna Montana but even though thats true she was given the chance to sing and is the superstar she is today because of the show and disney chanel . u know , i dont think that if she just walked in a studio and asked them to sing without the hannah montana franchise , well , im not sure if they would have given her the chance , She is a GREAT singer and a really good musician and i totally agree with that , her voice has something special and different . But when it comes to acting , im way more a selena gomez fan , miley is good too , dont get me wrong , but i think she is a better singer and entertainer . I like her show a lot and i love her songs , she is great and has a great personality . Nice of Trump and Bret to say stuff like that , she deserves it ! Go Miley !

  • m

    Why did u bring up “her” that’s completely irrelevent. Besides the only reason Miley got the part of hannah montana is because the disney people were looking for a girl that could act and sing. That’s why she got the part. Not only because of her acting but because of her voice. And remember the disney people wanted someone older for the role which could explain why miley matured fast cause of all the pressure put on her.

  • lucy

    @amanda: i’m glad somebody here is 17… i’m 17 too and i thought i was a little bit old to be here and like miley!

  • lifesgood

    aww i love how she’s appealing to an older audience and they see how talented she is and how well she handles herself:)
    i totally agree with the 1st comment…Donald Trump knows when he sees a good investment, how else would he be so successful?

    honestly i’m 19 and its not like i’ve been a fan of hers since she started honestly i reallly only started liking her last year, and i realized this girl is AMAZING!!! she’s got the charisma that makes people like her, just by watching an interview or performance. I’ve become i really big fan and i’ve got so many people at college to give her a chance and like her too:)

    i support miley in everything she does, she’s obviously got the IT factor:)

    like somone mentioned,…..she’s got all of hollywood anxiously awaiting to see her new movie and disect any picture she gets taken!


  • lifesgood


    no your not too old lol, im 19:) and a big miey fan/supporter!! lol she’s amazing!


    Um… I wish I was 17… or even 19… haha.. I’m 23 and a proud Miley fan.

  • shannon

    I’m 25 and a BIG miley fan/supporter…i’ve been a big fan since i was 21. I definitely agree with what bret michael says…he’s so awesome and miley is too :D

  • billythekid


    I usually hate to be rude but sometimes I find it impossible to avoid that, and this is one of those times. Cassy, you are so stoopid! She hasn’t really done anything? She’s done as much as anyone else has done to achieve her position on Disney in particular, and in entertainment in general. Yes, she has lots of stuff being tossed her way NOW, but that’s merely the result of her being really successful at whatever it is that has been “tossed” her way.

    That being said, I seriously hope Miley never goes on that Celebrity Apprentice show. It may be good for the show, but I can’t possibly see how it would be of any advantage to her. Stick to what you’re best at Miley. Music :)


    I’m assuming when Trump talked of Miley being like a 30 yr old, he was referring to her poise and demeanor, and wasn’t meant to have any of the creepy sexual overtones that you mistook it for.

  • good-one

    Miley “Apprentice ” to The Donald?!? Oh HELLLLLL NOOO!!! Try the other way around. She is clearly his better.

  • good-one

    @billythekid: So good to see you here. I always look forward to reading whatever you have to say when you weigh in on Miley.

  • swiftfan


    “she hasn’t really done anything”…you are right (not!). All she has done is WORK ALL HER LIFE!!!!…and you can like her or dislike her, but the talent is there and if she wants it she will continue being the biggest star, sorry to those who don´t like her that is just the way it is, she was born to be on stage!

  • Kelsey

    You are definitely not too old to like miley!, i am 18 and i LOVEEEE her!! she’s my idol <3 =)

  • good-one
  • kym

    she is an okay actress
    but omg her voice needs a lot of work like seriously. and i;m not trying to be mean or a miley hater but she is so overated and its not fair 2 other teenagers that also hav talent and work their but off but dont get anywhere because there daddy is not a a famous singer with connections

  • Anna

    her voice is terrible at times!
    not all the time. but a lot of the time she sounds like a dying man.

  • amanda

    @lucy @lifesgood @gIRL fROM IPANEMA @shannon

    :D im glad theres people on here that like miley and aren’t 12 lol. I get made fun of cause i’m a fan of miley at 17, but ive been a fan since 2006 and i was 13 then. I left school and went to college because of the teasing :\ but i dont care now tbh cause im always gonna be a miley fan no matter what anyone says :)

  • asdfasdkjfsa

    Her singing voice is not something I like to hear.
    But, I do agree that she has charisma.

  • rachel

    Miley definately has the IT factor that girl is good at everything she does and she also so beautiful and well spoken and classy the way she stay so positive and all her craft that she puts out there is first class rated.
    The girl art is amazing.+1
    LOVE YOU !

  • billythekid


    Please be kind enough to point out the song in which Miley sounds terrible singing, or sounds like a dying man. I’m dying to hear this because so far all I’ve ever heard out of her is immense amount of singing talent. And since the entertainment industry seems to agree with this opinion in general, I just won’t lose any sleep over your opinions regarding her voice. No one could possibly sound as bad as you describe her and still manage 5 platinum albums. Her voice is definitely unusual and like fine wine, it’s an acquired taste.

  • mika

    The only reason she has IT factor is all the promoting Disney has done for her.

    How can people say she has a good voice? It bothers me so much, because they’re are millions of girls out there who are 100000000 x better than Miley who has had 100000 singing lessons, who deserve the spotlight.

  • billythekid


    Sorry Mika but I know this is an exaggeration but there is no one out there 100000000 x better than anyone. Nor has Miley had anymore singing lessons than probably any other Disney kid you can mention, so stop making up excuses. Either live with her awesome voice or stop listening to her. It’s that simple!! Oh, and no one is also forcing you to come here and write bitch*y comments about her either. Who is your favorite Star? I’d like to show up on their articles – which I almost Never would do – and write some sarcastically ignorant comments just to pee you off :).

  • kym


    k buddy calm urself i dont think he means 100000000 times better than her in the literal sense
    and i actually understand wat he is trying to say
    she wud not b as big as she is today withough disney cuz lets b honest, she is not great of a singer and i dont care how big of a fan u r u cannot tell me that she has a voice diserving to b in the category of one like celine dion’s or maybe witney houston or other great singer in history.
    yes she has the ‘it” factor as in she has the face and the body and the attitude and i must admit she can put on a show cuz i hav been to one of her conerts but her voice is not the best and she is simply overated.
    and yes there r many other people- with much more talent- deserving of the spotlight that she gets and just dying for the opportunity

  • carx

    Of course Miley is amazing! Even when there are people that really don’t love her, you have to admitted that she’s talented, she’s really beautiful, she has such an incredible voice, she’s blessed by God!

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