Miranda Cosgrove Makes Santa Monica Music

Miranda Cosgrove Makes Santa Monica Music

Miranda Cosgrove pulls on her puffer jacket as she heads down to the set of her music video shoot in Santa Monica, Calif., on Thursday afternoon (March 4).

The 16-year-old Nick starlet, wearing a Keith Harding painted tee, tweeted about her excitement for the vid: “Filmin’ the 1st MUSIC VIDEO for my cd 2morrow!!! I’m so excited! I’m gonna make videos and I’ll be tweeting pics!”

Miranda posted today, “Heading to the beach for the second day of the music video shoot! Yesterday was AWESOME! I washed a car and had a water fight! Lol.”

In fact, they were still filming until a couple of hours ago!

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Credit: BD; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • james

    I can’t wait to hear anything Miranda is singing! I love her!

  • jessica

    omg. great another nick/disney star singing. she sucks at singing. i doubt her album is gonna be very successful. i mean her last 3 singles that she released, sucks ass.

  • LC

    love the style!
    but, why do all these kids need to sing?! like com’on..it’s getting annoying..

  • kelly

    She has no style.

  • Joochi

    It’s bad enough that these grown ups use these kids to promote and they can’t act, it’s bad enough that she looks like she’s 27 instead of 17 and it’s awful that they feel the need to sing and they can’t sing. Why do they put the idea to these talentless kids that they can make more money by singing and it doesn’t come from the heart and the biggest problem is that, the parent’s that work so hard for the monies put out that hard earned monies to buy these worthless music just to please their children. It’s annoying to see how stupidity is these days. It’s all about the bottom $$$$$ not common sense.

  • Alex

    Miranda is an amazing singer and gorgeous!

  • jesse

    I love Miranda she has the coolest style of all the teen girls! She wrote on her new album and I can’t wait to hear it. I love the idea of her video being in Venice Beach! Her new boyfriend is so HAWT!

  • Sam

    She looks cool. She may not have the most raw musical talent, but face it, most musicians these days don’t! The beach thing makes me nervous, I hope it’s not a miley Cyrus slut-fest.

  • http://justjaredjr. Jessica Lewis

    I love miranda so much she is the best teen star out there, so all you haters stop commenting if you don’t like her gosh!!

  • http://justjaredjr. Jessica Lewis

    I love miranda so much she is the best teen star out there, so all you haters stop commenting if you don’t like her gosh!!

  • monica

    She’s dressed very similar to what demi lovato wore at the set of “Here We Go Again.” You know when she’s with the guy.

  • kelly

    @Jessica Lewis: Then if you don’t like selena why you always leave comments.

  • Anonymoustipster

    Wow, to some of these people, can they ever NOT go onto a site without being so angry about something someone else is doing. So she’s making songs and a music video now. Big deal. As to the people who enjoy her songs, that’s fine if you do. To those who don’t like her songs, that’s fine if you don’t, but that doesn’t mean you have to enforce what you like onto others and convince them to hate what they like. You might like Chinese food, is that wrong? No. Someone else might like Italian food but you don’t, is it wrong for them to like Italian food but you don’t? No. It’s called different tastes. If people happen to like Miranda’s music for example, that doesn’t mean you go blowing off steam on the people who like her music and make personal attacks against them just because they like something you don’t. There are some things that my family members like that I don’t like (Hannah Montana, Twilight) but I don’t go off telling them they suck and force them to like whatever I like. As for the actors who go into singing, there’s never any complaints when a singer goes into acting. That just sounds hypocritical. Not to mention, there are some actors, older ones that actually sing: Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp. The sad fact is that critics take things way out of proportions when they hear someone who acts is singing. The fans of some people, they get a little too over emotional about the comment. I respect their respect for the celebrity, but maybe it’s a just a little too much…?

    On the flip side, I’m usually up for whatever kind of music there is and from my perspective I do feel interested in seeing this music video because it’s simply music to me, message or no message.

  • geena

    @Joochi: If you’ve got a problem with it, could you post it where someone will listen? Honestly, Miranda Cosgrove CAN act,, perhaps not sing, but she’s a great actress. Watch her on Drake and Josh. And she does not look 27. So, thanks.

  • harper

    Miranda rocks and all you haters will be eating your words as soon as you hear her new stuff. She’s beautiful and has a fun, unique style.

    Haters take a hike…

  • http://www.twitter.com/daniisasmendi danii

    i love her so much i cant wait to hear her cd !!!! im so exited she’s my fave actress ever .! <3

  • mika

    The outfit is actually pretty cool, except for the awkward hat.
    But I don’t understand why they make all these teen stars look older than they really are? The make up .. the attitude … why?

  • keN

    . . . a select few want to ‘hang her out to dry’ cuz she
    doesn’t walk on water ..(yet). At 16, she’s already been
    around the block once or twice. Imagine how much
    more talented she’ll become in just a few years.
    I think Miranda and clan know exactly where their goin.

  • ad

    @Joochi: this joochi creature sounds like your typical jealous roid’. get a life. 27? take off the goggles and get a life.

  • Anon-chan

    Just saying, I don’t think she has much proof that she has REAL talent. She needs actual songs that challenge her voice, you know? Because it’s always, if you’ve noticed, the same tune and tone of voice with few variations. She should try harder stuff. And if she pulls off something that requires a stron voice and raw talent to sing I will take it back.

  • Des_domi

    Pretty good vid
    Does anybody know the actors name who is playing her boyfriend?

  • http://rafarafina2010 rafael

    oi tudo bem miramda

>>>>>>> staging1