Kristen Stewart - Oscars 2010

Kristen Stewart - Oscars 2010

Kristen Stewart is beautiful in a strapless midnight blue silk satin organza gown by Monique Lhuillier as she arrives at the 2010 Oscars held at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (March 7).

The 19-year-old actress will be presenting during tonight’s ceremony alongside costar pal Taylor Lautner. The twosome will instead present a package of the year’s horror films.

How gorgeous does Kristen look?!

Kristen paired her Oscar look with “Amantea” sandals with criss-cross ankle straps in black satin from Bally and a H.Stern top diamond Marquis bracelet in 18K white gold.

The 2010 Oscars will air TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC. 15+ pics inside…

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Photos: John Shearer/Jason Merritt/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • Jasmine


  • bruin

    major improvement

  • maddiesh

    absolutely gorgeous ♥

  • harley

    very pretty! i just wish she would smile more

  • Olga


  • melany

    Looks stunning. The best girl in the best dress. Very well done!

  • Jess

    gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! beauty!!!!! kristen i love youuuuuuuu

  • MARY

    stunning, perfect, sexy
    god dress is perfect

  • taytay


  • jackson

    She’s real pretty.

  • jackson

    She’s gorgeous.

  • amy

    she looks so tall!

  • ali

    wow. so beautiful!

  • Jess

    She looked so amazing I almost fell off my bed when she showed up on the tv screen! Kristen always looks good imo but this is so beautiful!

  • lilly

    Finally, good dress, good hair. I love it!!! good choice

  • Krista

    she doesn’t look half bad. her hair is actually put together and shes actually wearing a gown for once!!!

  • b

    wow, impressive : )

  • melanie from holland

    omg, never seen her so beautifull

  • todd


  • terri

    she’s so beautiful she can wear anything and pull it off. obviously she takes oscar seriously and dresses up for this. love you kris!

  • taylor

    OMG!! She looks sooooooooo gorgeous.

  • Carolina


  • ZanessaTwilightX

    Oh wow!
    She looks beautiful.
    Everything is just beyond perfect.

  • chloe

    She looks like she is as high as a kite, and has a lazy eye, plus, that dress, hunny, makes you look fat. Just in case you were wondering. :)
    Which reminds me… I was wondering why everyone thinks you are beautiful, and such a talented actress, ’cause your not. Sorry to tell you. Maybe it’s not to late to work at McDonald’s? Because your acting is like s**t. Even when you dress it up, and spray Febreeze on it, it still looks, and stinks, like s**t. :)

  • Olivia

    oh my god!!!
    My jaw dropped in the instant I saw her in that dress. It was so breathtaking!!!!

    god …… how I wish i could meet you and rob.

  • jane

    really really beautiful
    she was the best at the red carpet

  • Daniela

    Absolutely beautiful! I love her!

  • Twilight Diaries Girl

    I’m not sure K-Stew will still be in that dress (she should’ve wore one to the premiere of Remember Me last week, not those street walker pants) by the time she leaves in a limousine or SUV of one of those 82nd Academy Awards after parties & be in those dirty jeans, sneakers & mid rif t-shirt of hers. It’s a bit insulting to the designer of her dress to do that. XOXO Twilight Diaries Girl

  • daren

    PERFECT!…she looks stunning,beautiful and elegant!

  • pretty

    wow!! Kristen you look so beautiful and words can’t even explain it. I must say am so happy seeing this beautiful lady in this gow. Haters you can die … now coz she absolutely left you guyz surprised.

  • faye

    did she dye her hair?
    it looks more brown than black.

  • Ellen


    Your message is spitefull and inappropriate. Get some grip, don’t reveal yourself as complete, ultimately jealous moron. Your message has been reported.

  • Ellen

    Kristen is stunning. Flawless skin, flawless dress. To all her haters – just shut up, she doesn’t give a d a m n what you your little one-cell brain generates on this board.

  • Nicole

    So beautiful!

  • jackson

    She is freaking HOTT! But why didn’t Robert attend and go with her as her date?

  • robsten lovin

    I wonder why Rob wasn’t there with her either. Aw well, it’s great to see her and she looks lovely. TEAM ROBSTEN!

  • lalala

    @chloe: i dislike kristen as well, but i do have to agree with everyone else that your comment was pretty rude. you shouldnt judge her on how she looks, because she’s just being herself. but its not like im a huge fan of hers, i actually hate twilight and i am so relieved its not up for an oscar. all i can say about kristen is that she should smile and stop trying to be that “edgy, deep” actress, after all she was in Adventureland



  • Lol

    @Chloe: Why do you hate Kriten so much? I keep seeing your negative comments on Kristen everywhere. Do you know that hate and jealousy is not good for you. Kristen is pretty tonight!

  • Natalie

    @chloe: pffff. your SOOOO jealous.

  • steve

    She is effing gorgeous.

  • Susan

    Very pretty! I wish she would smile more.

  • annasaurus

    @Twilight Diaries Girl: She was wearing Burberry lace pants, not ‘streetwalker pants’ If she showed up in this custom designed dress for that sidewalk premiere, ppl would have laughed at her, because nobody dressed in a floorlength gown at that premiere. Please contain your score and your lame attempts to sound like Gossip Girl.

  • annasaurus

    @chloe: You must work at Mcdonalds because I always see you advertise for them. Please try to contain your bitterness and go worship Miley Cyrus.

  • jessemosslover

    Did anyone see her on stage at the oscars? No personality what so ever. She looked like she was bored and didnt even want to be there. Or is that how she looks in everyday life?

  • sillyppls

    Yooo, Chloe you are just a straight up hater. Kristen looks so stunning and yes she is soo different compare to the other actresses but that’s what makes her a great actress. At least she is NOT fake. I’m sure she is herself 24/7 no matter where she is. And she is soo talented. I can’t wait to see The Runaways, and if her performance is really good, (highly think it is because of the trailer) I hope she’ll be nominated next year. She is that good of an actress.

  • sillyppls

    Oh yeah and Taylor looked sooo handsome.

  • Maria

    she was horrible at the stage… seriously, she and Taylor looked VERY awkward…
    finally she brushed her hair :P

  • deanna

    well it sounds like chloe is a little jealous, just sayin! I think Kristen looks totally stunning and yes she is beautiful she has a very pretty heart shaped face and almost flawless skin I don’t understand why anyone would think she’s not beautiful. She is growing into quite a beautiful, majorlie talented young woman. She seems to get prettier the older she gets. And boy did she pick out the exact right gown and hairdo to go to the Oscars. And gee it’s dark blue just like Edward likes LOL, I wonder if that is Rob’s favorite color on her also. Way to go Kristen knock all their socks off!!!!

  • KristenRULEs

    damn Kristen looks so good it hurts!