Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: After Oscars Party Pair

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth: After Oscars Party Pair

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth cozy up together as they attend the 2010 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party held at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (March 7).

The Last Song sweethearts were seen chatting it up with good pal Nicole Richie at the party.

Miley teamed up with Amanda Seyfried to present the Oscar for Best Original Song during the 2010 Oscars earlier tonight. The award went to T Bone Burnett for “The Weary Kind” from Crazy Heart.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • Lic_MerRy

    Miley AMAZING!!!


  • marilyn

    I’m not a big fan of hers. But lately I’ve been warming up to her. That boy is good for her. And I must say, she had my favorite overall look tonight. She looked gorgeous.

  • leticia

    So gorgeous

  • :)

    she look stunning :D
    love them together

  • so pretty

    for the first time i must say..she looked stunning!!

  • Marcus

    They look great together :D

  • lalala

    ive always liked miley cyrus, shes the same person she always was. i dont understand how people call her bad things and say shes talentless. shes family orientated, she can sing very well and dance and act and play the guitar, write songs, play the piano and shes naturally gorgeous. i totally look up to her. i dont believe shes anything like lindsey lohan or paris hilton. TEAM MILEY :) she worked hard to get where she is

  • lalala

    lol i just realized that both miley and amanda were in movies that were originally a nicholas sparks book :P cool
    and that was pretty awesome with zac efron and anna kendrick. love em both <3

  • tinky

    wow she looks so grown up! i hardly recognized her!

  • arrowhead


    LOVE LOVE miley AND liam. One hot stunning couple.

    I don’t see her being a disney star. Miley is too old for being associated with DISNEY. .

    thank you disney but Hello MOVIE STAR STATUS!!!

  • Amanda

    I’m starting to think they might just be publicity…

  • harley

    she looked really nice, but it would’ve been better if she would’ve stood up straight on the red carpet! she looked uncomfortable/like she couldn’t breathe properly hahah.

    her & liam look cute, though.

  • rare

    They look gorgeous. Miley looks gorgeous love love her eyes makeup she should always do her eyes like that everyday.

    she looks very beautiful and liam looks gorgeous in a suit. The are one amazing hot couple.

  • lulu

    i have to say she looks really pretty! x x x

  • alicia

    miley is amazing.

  • ytit


  • ytit


  • MileyBrazil

    Liam knows how to take advantage and enjoy the fame and success of others … appears in magazines, entertainment sites, going to parties to be “boyfriend” of Miley. Liam idiot!
    Love Miley :)
    Hate Liam

  • P-e-A-c-E miley

    I LOVE IT!

  • P-e-A-c-E miley



  • heather

    She looks like an aliena hahahahaha
    Not cute – at all

  • babybiebz


    You’re okay?

    Her singing is terrible she sounds like a dying duck and her acting is VERY bad and her dancing well she should loose some weight and then she should try ‘sexy’ moves!

    I think Miley fans are to obsessed with her and Hannah Montana but her it’s only 3 years fame…sorry miley fans but it’s the truth

    By the way her eye make up is AMAZING but she is not!

  • jessica

    wow shes so pretty. and i love her dress.

  • swiftfan

    They look great!…Miley is amazing!

  • yourmomsuckaa

    I like miley i really do.
    But when i saw this i was like : what tha hell?!
    is that miley.
    See looks way too old!
    She looks beautifull she really does.
    but she just doesn’t look at her age.
    Then i think Vanessa Hudgens looked way better
    at the oscars.
    But I like miley more.
    But Vanessa is Def. the winner.

  • tinsky

    is that dress too tight that she can’t even pull her shoulders back? amanda is what, 24 years old but she could be miley’s younger sister in those pics….

  • heidi

    she looks so stunning! (:

  • VanessaMileyZacFanEVER

    She looks absolutely STUNNING! but she’s way to thin!! she lost a few pounds I think.. Look at her shoulders and her face got thinner!
    Give her something to eat!
    But anyway sooo BEAUTIFUL!
    my ranking for the Oscars 2010:
    1. Vanessa Hudgens (she’s the most beautiful girl ever)
    2. Miley Cyrus (very stunning)
    3. Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick (both looked absolutely fabulous)

    1. Zac Efron (HOOOOOOOOT)
    2. Zac Efron (even HOOOOOTTER)

  • Sketch

    What do you mean Vanessa looked better? Are you blind? She looked like a hooker. This whole double stranded thing you got going on is stupid. Miley looks stunning. I usually hate her her, but gotta give her credit when its due.

  • lol


    I’ve thought it all along.

  • cam


    I Agree!

  • dayen

    sooooooo prettyyyyy

  • jenna

    she looks beautiful so did amanda.

  • rachel

    mileys amazing!
    liam is ugly !

  • lucy

    that dress is too tight

  • MileyBrazil

    I keep my comment:
    Liam sabe como aproveitar e desfrutar da fama e do sucesso dos outros … aparece em revistas, tablóides, sites de entretenimento, ir a festas que não costumam frequentar (para controlar o braço de confusão, que ele deve fazer muito bem sabe, desde que se prove o ato de selvageria, que ele estrelou, é inegável!) .. .
    Liam, você não faz a Miley estes atos de brutalidade e vadiagem. Dizem que o amor é cego, e provavelmente é. Eu não sei o que Miley te vi, mas se ele diz que você é tão maravilhoso, espero que ela está certa e que a felicidade ela diz que sente o seu lado é verdade. Às vezes me pergunto: o que os demônios * * que está fazendo Miley!? Get real!, Eu amo a Miley e insuportável para mim é a idéia de que existe um cara fingindo ser um “santo”, uma graça, uma bondade, mas apenas para tirar proveito dela. Eu espero que você realmente gosta dela (Miley) e não o “sucesso” do mesmo. I love Miley e eu não quero que ela se machucar!
    PS: Mesmo se você está gostando, ninguém pode negar que Liam é um idiota e otário tentando limpar a imagem de: arrogante e bruto!

  • LoveLeeR


  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    she looks beautiful <3 .
    didn’t recognise her at first though!
    She’s so cute with Liam Hemsworth :’)

  • http://! fearless

    @Amanda:yeah is so obvious

  • Darren

    All I gotta say is…Her teeth have been fixed (Braces, finally)..And she looks gorgeous in the dress..C’mon people, she’s becoming a woman…

  • cassidy

    Oh my gosh people. Theyre not for publicity. Its obvious that they are really dating. God.

  • cassidy

    @babybiebz: Shut up. Her singing IS NOT terrible. You must be deaf and her acting is fine. I know shes no Meryl Streep, but still. Shes not that bad or she wouldnt be an actress idiot.

  • jessica

    i love miley cyrus but i think she’d be better with nick jonas