Vanessa Hudgens Only Hopes For an Oscar One Day

Vanessa Hudgens Only Hopes For an Oscar One Day

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her stunning smile as she chats with Access Hollywood at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday night (March 7) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old actress dished about her upcoming movie, Sucker Punch, the wonder of Avatar and what it would be like to carry an Oscar off with her one day. Check it:

On Sucker Punch: “It’s coming out next year and I’m really excited about it. Everyone is finally going to see me kick some butt.”

On which Best Pic nominees she would love to be in: “I was almost going to say that [Avatar]! Now I’m feeling kind of generic. I think it’s incredible what they did with the new technology. Coming to set and not having to wear makeup everyday — amazing. I would’ve been so happy.”

On one day carrying a golden statuette from the Oscars: “One can only hope. The important thing is people doing what they are truly passionate about and putting their heart and soul into it. Once you have that, people acknowledge that and hopefully ends you up on that stage.”

Vanessa Hudgens Chats Movies
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  • LG

    I hope she wins an Oscar one day.

  • LG

    Yay! I was first!

  • Athena

    Yeah, maybe once her acting improves…she’ll have to wait on line like the other hopefuls.

  • gaby

    she looked gorgeous last night. :]
    hopefully she does win an oscar one day

  • peggy


    There is no line. Gabby went from Lit class in college to an oscar nomination it can happen for anyone at anytime with the right role.

    And since we haven’t seen Beastly or Sucker Punch we have no idea how good she has become and you obviously didn’t see Bandslam she was very good and a whole slew of critics agreed

  • .

    I could see it happening someday. She’s really talented and very good at choosing good roles. She has the passion for it.

  • carly

    I can’t wait for her movies, it’s going to be amazing!!!
    i also hope she wins an oscar soon =D

  • brie

    I used to love Vanessa Hudgens.. But she’s not very appreciative to her fans.. Soooo,, yeahh,, about that…

  • VhuddyRiSH

    ` she will definitely win!! if she was in a movie that Oscars would recognize .. ?? she’s my BEST ACTRESS!!! ♥•♥

  • Katty


    If it was disgusting, she would not keep landing roles, get over yourself and post in someone’s thread you actually like. Not only are you trying to stir up trouble, you’re wasting everyones time.
    Now, you can either throw out rude comments to everyone, like I said, go post in someone’s thread you like, or you can post again with evidence of your statement that makes you think she is ‘disgusting’

    I think V looks beautiful, and the dress suits her so well. It makes her look her age. I WISH JJ would add MORE pix of not only her, but Zac. But, I guess not. Love ya, V, and I can’t wait to see what your other future projects are gonna be!

  • Katty

    Oh, and I think her maybe-Oscar role would def. be Sucker Punch for supporting actress. Or, maybe even Beastly for female lead, you never know!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I hope she does win an Oscar one day. She has the potential and a bright future ahead of her. A movie coming out this year and another movie the next year and many more movies coming her way in the years to come. I think her acting is fine. She can go from sweet to emo.

  • Vanessa lover

    I hope that one day she receives her Oscar! @Katty: And you never know she maybe nominated for supporting actress in sucker punch. That’d be great! Beastly, I don’t think she will get nominated for an Oscar because it’s a teen movie and I really haven’t seen any teen movies nominated for an oscar, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for sucker punch!

  • em

    It’s strange people feel the can judge a young actress’s work and potential through kids films. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, Meryl Streep could not of played the role of Gabriella Montez bettter, there is hardly any substance or meat in that role. And outside of that she did basically only bandslam, in which critics gave her great reviews any bandslam review from any critic will basically tell you that she was pretty great in her role. She’s 21! She’s got alot more roles and films ahead of her and she seems to already be making great choices.
    So before you judge someone’s work, let them actually do work or atleast do your homework. If you just have a problem with her and just want to provoke a reaction, why waste your time? Do you seriously not have any thing better to do?

  • Jordan

    Oscars aren’t really about talent as much as they are about politics. Movie Companies spend millions campaigning for them. Vanessa was great in Bandslam and word is she is really good in Beastly as well. BUt if you go back farther she did a really good job in 13 and she was just a kid so she has proven herself already. Unfortunately, she will forever be known as Gabriella. I loved the HSM series but she will have to be in the truely epic movie playing a truely epic role to ever when an Oscar.

    @Sharon: She’s done more with her 21 years than you will do in your entire miserable life. So go back to trolling the net looking for people to trash so you can feed the illusion that you and your childish opinions are relevent to someone.

  • mike

    shes so hot and talented i know she is going to win an Oscar one day and she has a beautiful smile

  • Darius

    You’re going to have to work for one honey. Looks will get you in the door, talent and politics are needed for the rest.

  • sharon

    @Katty: jajaja, you make me laugh because 1. you are defending someone who you not even know 2. I’m not offending you or her 3. I can say whatever i wanna say and i can post in where I want.

  • jessica

    hopefully, if she gets in too good movies and her actings good.

  • kirreii

    Why are lots of people assuming that just because she said that she hopes she will one day get an Oscar that it’s going to be her NEXT goal? She’s still 21, she’s probably not going to get one for many years to come. That doesn’t mean she’s not gonna work for it. Just because she didn’t specifically say : I’m going to work my butt off for this, doesn’t mean that she’s not trying to work at it slowly.

    Even if she did, people would probably say that she is being fake to the media and so on. :P. Some people need to relax a little about this topic. For those who thinks her acting is horrible, she still has time to work on that. She’s been seen going to meetings lately so she’s obviously trying for different kinds of projects in the future.

  • Jess!

    She seems more mature! i love her!

  • sharon

    @Jordan: your not even know me to say I have not done anything in my life, maybe not go on television but I’m very proud for who I am. And I think you are really child for such comments

  • kirreii


    You make me laugh even harder because everything you just said goes for you too. 1. You’re bashing someone you don’t know personally over the internet. 2. Katty did not offend you. Quote: “Her acting is disgusting.” That’s not offending her? Ok, there…o_0 3. Katty can say whatever she wants to say and she can post where ever she wants to post.

    Don’t start bashing me because I’m not against you having your own opinion or anything (obviously not everyone’s gonna like her for their own reasons) and YES you can post where ever you want, however you want, but please make sure you’re not doing what you’re accusing someone else of doing. :) Thank you.

  • Jess!

    and i can’t wait for beastly and sucker punch

  • Katty


    How are you not offending you? What if I called you disgusting? Did I know say in my original post you would throw back mean comments to get attention? I am right with that one.

    However, if you had seen any of her movies other than HSM you would see how much potential she has. Watch Bandslam.

    I do realize I do not know Vanessa, I am not an idiot, however, I do know she has acting ability, she’s beautiful, and is truly a sweet girl from what everyone says about her, plus having followed her for the past few years. It is not hard to conclude such thoughts.

    You do have the right to say what you want, but I think your time would be better used if you posted on someone’s thread you actually liked. Or, you can find evidence supporting your claims of her acting being ‘disgusting’ and we can have a bit of discussion.

    For now, go do something productive with your life, and learn how to spell.

  • http://! fearless

    @Jess!: agreed

  • sharni

    shes amazing.
    she’ll win an oscar one day for sure!! :)

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    Ok people, one day doesn’t mean next means one day and that can be anytime..she is only 21..

    I hope she wins an Oscar one day.. I love her..I can’t wait for her new movies..She looks awesome and her and Zac looked like the most perfect couple which they are..

  • laura daniela

    I think she’s on the right path. She’s working for it slowly, taking little steps. She’s great at choosing roles, and I’m positive she will win an oscar maybe in a couple years or even sooner. Who knows? I just wish her all the best. She deserves it.

  • Unbelieveable

    Your goal at whatever u do is to be the best. I’d be more disappointed if she said she didn’t want to win an oscar one day. Her goal should be to win an Oscar for that is the goal of all actors. If your not trying to be the best at your chosen craft then why are u even doing it?

  • Tree

    I think she has great potential. She is heading down the right path. She is one beautiful young women.

  • sharon

    @kirreii: hi. responding to what you said. 1 i don’t need know her personally to know that she can’t act. 2. I never said I was offending by katty is just that she acted very defensive. 3 She can say whatever he wants but she upset first by expressing my opinion.

  • em

    Vanessa like kirreii said isn’t planning out her academy award role. She’s taking gradual steps to becoming a good actor.

    But these things, the academy awards and all, they’re very surprising. Look at Anna Kendrick, she has a minor role in the Twillight series, which lets face it if we are going to talk good acting isn’t your first choice movie. Point is, when Twillight first came out there was a poll of who was the most likely to get nominated for an Oscar. People voted Anna in last place with literally only 1%, look at her just over a year later.

  • sharon

    @Katty: I honestly don’t know why you so offended by what I said. I do not hate vanessa, I just think she is not very good actress, is a good singer and dancer but not an actress

  • Unbelieveable

    Someone really needs to teach u how to write. I haven’t understood a thing u have written all night. Can someone please interprut what sharon is saying for me?

  • lovezanessa

    I hopes so.. an oscar one day for Vanessa. Love her so muchhh. She’s always so cute, beautiful & style. Can’t wait Beastly & Sucker Punch!

  • lovezanessa

    I hope so.. an oscar one day for Vanessa. Love her so muchhh. She’s always so cute, beautiful & style. Can’t wait Beastly & Sucker Punch!

  • Jess!


  • Troy

    Jordan wrote:

    I loved the HSM series but she will have to be in the truely epic movie playing a truely epic role to ever when an Oscar.

    I have to respectfully say that’s not necessarily true. I know Mo’nique from “The Parkers” a mid-nineties WB sitcom where she played the single overweight overbearing (somemight say offensively stereotypical) mother of an equally overweight and overbearing teenaged girl.

    From that she went on to star in a film called “Phat Girlz” (I’ve never seen it I just know it exists from the TV listings LOL), appeared in a concert film with other female stand-ups and co-starred in the Martin Lawarence comedy “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” where she plays the overbearing sister of the title character who physically beats him up in the trailer.

    Then before landing her BET talk show she served one season as headmistress on VH-I’s “Charm School” or as I like to call it “Masterpiece Theatre of the new Millenium.” LOL

    Then along comes a role in a small-to-medimum-budget film with the ungainly title of “Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire,” by a first time director. (Lee Daniels is known as a producer most notably of films like “Monster’s Ball” which won Halle Berry her Oscar). This is by no means a “truly epic” movie but for Mo’nique it was simply the right role at the right time.

    Nothing on Mon’que’s previous resume even SUGGESTED she would be Oscar caliber. It was just the right role at the right time. That’s all Vanessa (or any other actor (needs as well whether or not she’ll find it (and I hope she will)) remains to be seen.

  • kirreii


    Ok, I can take that comment. True, you don’t need to know her to think that she can’t act, but then again, you also don’t have to know her personally to defend her. It’s what fans are inclined to do, that’s all.

    Ok, so you weren’t meaning to offend Katty, but she just got offended because you said something bad about someone she looks up to. That’s not wrong. That’s what many people do, in fact. However, I do think that some fans need to lay off a bit (not saying that it’s not right to defend someone you like) when somone says something bad. As long as they’re not using foul language and saying complete bs about that person, then it’s safe to let them state their own opinion. We’re on a public thread after all. I just think it’s better to leave them alone then to pour oil onto the fire. :D

    But I appreciate you being polite, Sharon.

  • terri

    Never gonna happen!!! Never!!!> Gotta learn to have more than one facial expression and know how to ct!

    And to you little preteens I really dont feel like arguing so dont even bother me. Im not about to argue with ppl who think HSM was a great film and Zac should be spider-man.

  • adam

    An OSCAR? In her dreams?

  • mykamicks

    I truly like this lady, simply she is not hypocrite being hopeful that one day she could have an Oscar award.. At least she is a person having a goal being an actress and towards her profession at her young age.

    I am awaiting for her new projects to come soon. To showcase another talent she had shown aside from singing & dancing in HSM’s. Vanessa improves a lot in her acting in Bandslam. And who knows, we the right projects & promotions, she could bring home the bacon out of her Talent. in the future. So NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE GIRL name GAbriella…

  • lalala

    whatever you can hate her or you can love her
    me, i LOVE her :) and i know shes not gonna win an oscar right away and she knows that. but sooner or later she will :) and when she does im gonna cheer for her <3 vanessa is the best

  • xxxxx

    Hahahhaa, she will never ever have a hope in hell of even being nominated. She sucks.

  • kami

    that’s the right attitude to have. you do roles you are passionate about and love doing and everything will fall into place. good for her.

  • tata

    If you really want something, there are no obstacles that can stop you! so, go Nessa!!!

  • vanessa

    As IF.

  • Bee

    She’s become so well-spoken && getting lovelier as the years go by.

  • suzy

    i want her to do good work that she enjoys.

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