Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Piggyback Pair

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Piggyback Pair

Scott Speer is all too happy to give Ashley Tisdale a lift on his back as they spend some time together on Tuesday afternoon (March 9) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The playful twosome strolled around the neighborhood before heading back to her parent’s home.

Ashley was most recently spotted out at Planet Blue in Beverly Hills after working out on Monday morning.

10+ pics inside of Ashley and Scott being piggyback playful…

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ashley tisdale scott speer piggyback 01
ashley tisdale scott speer piggyback 02
ashley tisdale scott speer piggyback 03
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Credit: Nathanael Jones / Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Kaitlin


    Too cutee!! <3

  • Anna

    lol cute.

  • Megan

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! ash and scott are really becoming one of my fave couples. theyre deff in my top 3 with zanessa and miley & liam!! wow. theyre adorablee<3

  • taylor

    they are so cute <3

  • Jess

    what happened to jarred?

  • VhuddyRiSH

    ` haha !! as always, AAAAASHHH MIIICCCHHH is CRAZiEE!! haha x)) she got to spread the virus of her crazieness to Scott! lawls )) CUUTE!

  • gabby

    soo cute (LLLLLLLLLL)

  • gabby

    goo tizzie!!

  • chloek

    this is a little bit too heidi and spencer staged photo op for me…but still love me some ash news!

  • .

    They’re so getting married. Watch her get engaged this year =P

  • angie

    SO CUTE.

  • haley

    that’s so childish…grow up, Ash! You’re 25! Get a movie role!

  • http://! fearless

    photo op ( speidi style)

  • ashleigh.

    #11 just because she’s in her 20s doesnt mean shes not allowed to have fun, she doesnt have to grow up, retard. (:

  • lucia jonas

    hey people who don´t like Ashley, please get a life cuz´ Ash don´t need your stupid comments!

  • Just Interested

    are they doing this for the cameras?


  • lucia jonas

    they look so adorable!!
    love them so much!

  • taylor

    @haley: She has at least 3 movie roles coming up…

  • Avril

    I love Ashley!!!!
    but Scott isn’t cute lol… just my opinion!!!!
    Can’t wait to see her in her next movies!!!!

  • Joochi

    @lucia jonas: Comes with the territory of being a celeb. you’ll have people that don’t like your idol that’s called stating your opinion and you can’t stop it so save your hot air and read and have fun while doing it.

  • adcgordon

    What great pix of them together! Love to see smiling, fun-loving couples and they look very comfortable and cute together!

  • uh.uh

    What else to do, to try to get our attention?

  • AshBigfaan

    I think ashley was not to want to draw attention, the so speer, not to my liking, but ashley decide, but I think that this couple wants to be unique, but did not succeed well, be unique, I love this couple big.

  • ZJ207

    omg sooo cute <33 :D
    love them both so much!!!
    they’re sooo adorable!!!
    they look like they’re having lots of fun!!! Scott seems to be the perfect guy for Ashley! haha

  • Grace

    Thats really cool! she looks so naturally happy. :)

  • qwert

    Getting a needy feeling from these two. Does she not leave the house unless there are cameras? Annoying!

  • Taya



  • Jannii

    Love her =)

  • J

    So Fake

  • zafede

    so sweet

  • nnn

    hey are so nice nice! nice!! ı love ashcott

  • ZJ207

    @qwert: WTF? unless you’re a stalker and you’re always at her house and see when there are cameras and when not, and know that she doesn’t leave her house unless there are cameras, then you certainly have absolutely not a single right to say what you said. You have no idea whether she goes out when there are no cameras or not. You don’t even know if the paps actually leave her house…

  • erin

    Obviously people on this site have never been in a relationship or seen a “real” one. This is what couples do. Walk down a street and you’ll see at least one couple doing the exact same things Ashley and Scott do, except they don’t have cameras following them.

  • http://deleted Van


  • Tiffany

    What a cute couple! Piggy back ahhhhhhh

    Get all of Ashley’s clothes at

  • amy

    Not gonna lie they seem to love the attention. But whatever there adorable still :)

  • Marine

    That’s crazy how people can be stupid sometimes…
    Even if she tries to get attention (I REALLY doubt of that, she doesn’t need that, paparazzi come to her by themselves) so what? She can do what she wants for God’s sake… What do you think? She’ll stop to live her life because you…She’s annoying? You know that your not oblige to follow her, follow your favorite celebrity and shut up!
    Oh yes I forgot, most of you like to critize her, that’s so easy right!!

    Sorry but I really can’t stand all the negative comments about her anymore… She looks great (not the outfit) because she’s smiling and happy whit Scott, what’s the matter then?

  • silvy

    they are sooo cute !!!! I loove so much this couple !!
    ash is so fanny and scoot soo romantic !

  • Soulla

    Ashley is 25 -26 yrs old right? i thought its inappropriate for her to do that. Ah well photo ops am sure. Nonetheless you are an OK gal!.

  • kami

    i’m sure the paps wait outside her house a lot. nothing wrong with rehearsing how you’re going to act in front of them. otherwise the paps will make you angry. gotta keep your cool.

  • Fish

    They look sooooo lovely together! Its to cute! bless haha and is she wearing one of his shirts??? xxx love Ashley!

    Kat x

  • Alfredo

    it reallly is sooo cute!

  • carrie

    They are so cute.

  • helina x3

    AWW ! they’re so cute ! they are perfect for eachother ! <3

  • gossip-girlssx

    @Jess: they broke up AGES ago!

  • b

    She looks so much better and happier when she’s with him.

  • kae

    really cute couple, simply adorables =) <3
    love in the air

  • Alesha

    so cute <3
    i love ashley :]

  • sunni

    aw i love then
    so like a teenage couple
    haha cute
    i love miss tisdale

  • Alesha

    she looks so naturally happy :D