Demi Lovato is Billboard Bright

Demi Lovato is Billboard Bright

Check out the brand new Sonny With A Chance billboard!

Starring Demi Lovato, Tiffany Thornton and Sterling Knight, the new season premieres THIS Sunday, March 14th!

In the premiere episode “Walk A Mile In My Pants,” Sonny (Lovato) rallies everyone together for a “Walk-A-Thon For Books” and gets Tawni (Thornton) to donate her ‘Tawni Hart’s Extreme Skinny Jeans’ for all of the participants to wear. When Chad (Knight) finds out, he follows suit and organizes a “Walk-A-Thon Against Books” with participants also wearing Tawni’s pants. Eventually everyone starts dropping like flies as a result of SPS (Skinny Pants Syndrome).

Brandon Smith, Doug Brochu and Allisyn Arm also star. Check out the teaser sketches and tune in THIS Sunday, March 4 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

The Real Princesses of New Jersey – ‘So Random’ Sketch

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  • aMBER

    Hahaha omg that sketch is great…ahhh Sonny with a Chance is my favorite show, so excited for the 2nd season! Demi is mad awesome :)

  • Darius

    Tiffany and Demi look delicious as princesses :)


    This is the only sketch I like so far. I`ll probably watch this season for Sterling Knight though! :)

  • emmy

    It’s always kinda weird when the youngest kid in the cast starts growing up. I remember there was an episode last season when the girl who plays Zora’s voice started to change.

  • lalala

    i really like demi, but as a singer. she’d make a good actress, but the people who write the scripts for this show should be replaced. when i watch shows like Wizards or hannah montana, i can actually watch it and not feel like its such a stupid show, even though im not a fan of selena gomez at all. demi could do darker roles, its just who she is as a person. hopefully she releases a third album!

  • jessica

    wow im so excited for this 2nd season. it looks far better from the first one. i love this show.

  • huh

    i love that they did a spoof of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

  • Robyn

    Y’all should see the picture i drew of Demi :) I’m drawing Joe next :D :D

    She’s way too pretty ;)


  • alicia

    i just got season 1 on dvd, i love demi. and sterling’s eyes make me week at the knees!

  • freezy


  • bebe

    Eeeeewwww I hate her smile it seems so fake :S
    Sonny with a Chance is stupid no one watch it it’s not so populaire like HM or WOWP and Demi is not famous like Miley or Selena

  • Sofifreydel

    haha,, Hilarious, LOVE DEMI, and Swac it´s my fave show
    they all are really talented, i´m so excited for season 2

  • Andrea

    I love this show so much, can´t wait for second season
    Demi´s so good, she´s AWESOME


  • diana dlf

    So cool, i hope This show wins at the kids choice awards, they deserve it, it´s a really good show with great actors

  • jaskoe

    @alicia: where did you get the first season dvd or is it sonnys big break with the 5 episodes ive been looking for it??

  • Sketch

    The best cast by a margin, they are stupid and silly and are totally hilarious. SWAC is my fav Disney show. Demi’s laugh cracks me up and her love interest Chad is stunning. His little “suckas” remakes are epic. Cnt wait for this episode.

  • Shaunette

    LMAO.. That was hilarious Love the voices… ;)

  • http://none sj

    demi u rock and i can’t wait and why don’t the jonas brothers do a guest apperence


  • Ariannah Coronado

    AHHH! I can’t wait for the new season of SWAC! Itz gonna be so awesome! I love the show itz my favorite show!It’s so funny and I love the CHANNY parts! I can’t wait for Chad and Sonny to be together! And Tiffany,Brandon,Allisyn,and Doug are so funny!But I love Demi and Sterling is so HOT!!!!EEEEPPPP I can’t wait! “I’m so excited,I’m even excited about how excited I am!”~Sonny.In the words of CDC “Peace out suckahs!”

    CHANNYlover4life & Team Demi all the way! ;) love ya mauh

  • Rain

    oh that so just made my day! even better so funny!

  • Brian

    Hope this season does great! Love this show :)

  • http://JustJaredjr Channyforlife


    I seriously don’t get why you come on here if you hate the show… I hope you realize that it came in 2nd as the most popular kids show. People love it as do I so stfu and get lost

  • Cameron bee

    i like the show

>>>>>>> staging1