Logan Lerman Crushes on Rachel McAdams

Logan Lerman Crushes on Rachel McAdams

Logan Lerman joins the ranks of many in admitting his crush on the lovely Rachel McAdams.

The 18-year-old Percy Jackson star shared, “My dream girl is Rachel McAdams. I saw her in a restaurant once and it was the first time I’ve actually frozen up around a girl. I couldn’t even look in the direction of where she was sitting! I’m a huge fan of hers.”

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  • andrea

    nick jonas!

  • alexandra

    Cameron Quiseng! He saw this video I made for him and he commented! check it out:

  • vanessa

    Ha, aaw Logan is so cute.

  • Jessica

    joe jonas

  • CamTeeM

    haha oh logan…

  • Pam Archuleta

    David Archuleta!!!!<3 He’s the most amazing guy ever!

  • http://twitter.com/hi_itsmelissa Melissa

    He’s SOO cutee and hott. :D :D *dreamy sighh*

  • nikki

    Zac Efron is mine :)

  • albertina

    rachel mc adams is really gorgeous definitely, and my celebrity crush is, ed westwick =P jaja

  • jessica

    i really dont have one. i mean i may think they are hot but definitely not a crush. i mean some girls go crazy over a guy, its ridiculous. for example justin bieber.

  • Lu

    my celebrity crush is defenitly joe jonas he is so funny, cute, talented, hot, etc haha

  • kia

    im not surprise, selena gomez luvs rachel mcadams too.

  • beatriz

    my celebrity crush is LOGAN LERMAN!

  • just me

    @kia: haha they should totally be together….j/k

  • Sara

    Logan is my celebrity crush xD

  • Kay

    Rachel McAdams is beyond gorgeous. At least he didn’t say Megan Fox.
    My celebrity crush? Logan Lerman. <3 He’s adorable, haha. (;

  • http://deleted lalaloo

    Logan and Selena both have something in common!

    Selena admires Rachel and is her favorite actress

  • arie

    Logan Lerman is my celebrity crush!! haha along with Ian somerhalder! aren’t theyyy almost the same? they look-a-like soooooooooooo much! :A

  • kelsey

    awhhh, haha. that’s so adorable. selena gomez’s role model/inspiration is also rachel mcadams too… (;
    logan and selena should go out and discuss rachel’s awesomeness together.
    just kidding.
    hahah, logan is so so cute.
    selena and him would be good friends, i think, not in a romantic way, but that’d be cute too.

  • gaby

    Ryan Reynolds

  • CamTeeM

    i would say logan, but he really isn’t a “celebrity” to me. and uhm he’s kinda too young for me…. so i’ll go with hayden christensen. haha

  • helen

    funny enough, i’m not a fan of his but he’s my celebrity crush.

  • izzy

    Logan Lerman. Definitely. Can anyone say SMOKIN’??

  • vh only

    celebrity crushes?


  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2010/01/08/american-idol-judge-joe-jonas-first-look/ suchacrap

    celebrity crush? I’ve a lot to say in here. more than 10, lol

  • Ruby

    Logan Lerman forever!


    yes yes yes! Rachel McAdams is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    Ohmy~ Logan Lerman is sooo cute sooo adorable~ ^_^
    He’s definitely my celebrity crush! <3<3<3~

  • Danielle

    Logan Lerman
    Nick Jonas
    Taylor Lautner
    Chace Crawford
    Johnny Depp

  • chickenrules

    sterling knight
    logan lerman
    channing tatum
    james maslow

  • Chii

    noooooo!!! T_T

    oh well……

  • Sharday

    Logan Lerman.

  • karina

    LOGAN is my celebrity crush! hahaha LOOOVE him

  • heyjessie

    Celebrity crush?

    I don’t have one.

    Logan Lerman is more than a celebrity crush. He’s part of my life.

  • laura

    Logan is mine :)

  • 123

    Alex Pettyfer is HOT

  • Rachel

    wow great, i luv rachel mcadams!

  • http://www.thecelebritycafe.com Brian

    Haha… doesn’t everyone have these?

  • lalalovinit

    Zach Porter is so adorable!

  • Danielle

    Logan Lerman:]<3

  • savannah elizabeth

    Back it up ladies this one is so mine! Logan Lerman if your looking at your fan sites and see this know that we will be seeing each other soon i am going to be in the sea of monsters as artemis the goddess of the hunt.you are my celeb crush for real cant wait to work with you.

  • http://justjaredjr savannah elizabeth

    Back off ladies this one is mine ! logan is not only my celeb crush but my co worker in the sea of monsters . i am going to be artemis goddess of the hunt. cant wait to work with ya logan see ya soon!!!

  • mel

    Logan Lerman is definitely my celebrity crush!!! I fell for him rigth after I saw the trailer of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The lightning thief, He really is the cutest guy ever!! I’ve never had a bigger crush, I LOVE YOU LOGAN and your smile :) I hope I meet him one day, because if I don’t, I’ll die!!!

  • ilovelogan121


  • rachfan

    definitely rachel mcadams is my crush :)

  • joan kolh i dali

    Rachel McAdams. buena pareja. Saludos desde España.

  • http://facebook mna

    i love logan lerman …XD

  • http://twitter.com/JadeChuahiong Jade

    Logan Lerman and David Henrie.

  • http://verbiage07 mrssimonsilverton

    Logan Lerman—amazing guy. He’s awesome, and of course, gorgeous…who could resist him? <3

  • Madison

    haha welll Logan Lerman of course haha

  • http://buzznet.com erinb

    My celebirty crush is Logan Lerman. Just thinking about him takes my breath away. If he wasn’t famous, I’d still think he’s cute. Can’t say love, because unless I talked and see how funny he was, then yeah. I could possibly say love.