Ashley Greene: Back From Berlin Breathtaking

Ashley Greene: Back From Berlin Breathtaking

Ashley Greene shows off her pearly whites as she joins a few gal pals for a lunch date at Mexicali restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (March 7).

The 23-year-old actress, toting a black crochet “Miss Sicily” handbag by Dolce & Gabbana, just returned from Berlin where she was filming The Apparition with Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton.

Ashley tweeted about unexpectedly being starstruck: “Ummm… Met lady gaga. She is an amazing woman. Can’t wait to see her live. I’m awestruck.”

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Credit: Matt Symons/Anthony; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • annasaurus

    What was the point of cutting your hair if you’re just going to put in hair extensions all the time? Ashley looked better without the fake hair. Now that she’s back, I guess she’s going to call the paps everyday. Good luck with that.

  • Luz

    Hmmm she cut it because she had to. It was thick and long and wouldn’t fit under the Alice wig. She said so. Another thing, it’s already bellow her shoulder. She cut it a year ago and guess what, hair grows. It’s in that middle stage where it’s neither long or short so her using extensions is completely understandable.

  • Zanessa94

    oh stop it!! i love ashley please stop saying these stupid things!!
    she’s just beautiful and talented i love her so much :D

  • good-one

    Why couldn’t one say the same thing about fake eyelashes, makeup, jewelry, clothes, etc.? What about fillings in people’s teeth? Should any dental work be considered “fake”? Is hair coloring ok? What about just lightening, or a few streaks? Do you find hairy legs, armpits and bikini area preferable because that is natural so somehow more “real”?

    Does it bother you that high heels make girls seem taller than they “really” are? What about the medium of film itself, where it is nearly all magic, and not actually real? Are stage plays better, because they are more “real”, or does the fact that the players are acting, make those of less value? How can we even know that our perceptions are real?

  • annasaurus

    @good-one: We must be living in the Matrix. I think Ashley Greene is so real that she calls the paps everywhere she goes. She’s about as real as Rachel Bilson.

  • annasaurus

    @Luz: False. She put in her extensions in October 2009. After 1 day being papped with her short hair and orange sweatpants, she goes and puts extensions in for the New Moon Premiere. Just go see the backentries on JustJaredJr.

  • Luz

    She actually put on the extentions first time one day after she cut her hair for the Twilight DVD release in Hot Topic back in March 2009. You’re seeing my point here? She HAD to cut her hair and if she isn’t comfortable with it being short but was professional enough to cut it she has all the right to put on extensions. What is your friggin problem with that ? Such a troll..

  • annasaurus

    @Luz: Yes, if I have a differing opinion, I must be a troll. Keep worshipping at her pap-calling altar.

  • good-one

    I seriously doubt that payola is involved

  • nathalia Braga

    she’s gorgeous. i love her!

  • qwert


    It looks like she may call the papps, but what about Ashley Tisdale. The girl must take her own pics and send them in should they not show up. Go on her page and start something.

  • todd

    everyone who can switches up their hair.

  • Brian

    Great actress!!! Love her in the Twilight flicks!!!

  • fran

    WHAT are you talking about.. i mean.. you are a papp and she called you????? how…. please… tell me, HOW do you know she calls the papps?? seriously………. did a pap tell you that? cuz those guys are hungry for some fame. you should know that ;)
    leave her alone…. get over it ;) i tinted my hair once and… WOW!!! omg now i’m totally fake for that? i don’t think so…
    i’m worried about something that u said…
    “What was the point of cutting your hair if you’re just going to put in hair extensions all the time?”
    if you were a celebrity.. an actress specifically… you’d have to do that… and it wouldn’t be weird at all… she HAD to do it… it’s called WORK.