Debby Ryan & Selena Gomez Sing on Disneymania 7

Debby Ryan & Selena Gomez Sing on Disneymania 7
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  • annie ryan

    i have just bought it and i love debby ryan’s version song 4 Hakuna Matata <3 i wish she takes out her album in which there her songs and a bonus track of the theme song of TSLOD/country girl <3xxxx and i said all to my tweeples that make #HakunaMatata a TT but sadly debby dident reply to me oh well!heheheeheh im happy that shes happy cauz shes my role model! DEBBYFOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *CAILEY**CEBBY*<3

  • jenny

    I have to say “When she Loved Me” “Bella Notte” and “Little Wonders” were the best songs in the album Debby and Selena are amazing actresses but Selena sounded freaky and we ddint really get to hear Debby’s voice so :S but generally I loved the album

  • brad

    great song debby just loved it and we watch every suite life that you are on we love you.

  • lulu

    i have to say i didn’t really like Selena, but now I’m starting to love her! I live in the UK and her song “Naturally” came on the radio which is very unusual for a Disney star, and although she doesn’t have the best voice, her song is amazing! And I love her clothes. I used to really hate her because she seemed annoying, but she seems like a really sweet, down to earth girl and I wish her all the best in life

    GO SELENA! :D x x x

  • Selenafan#1

    I love Selena.”Trust In Me”is awsome.Selena is the BEST!!!Go Selena.You Rock!!!!!!

  • Brian

    Love Selena! I have not heard Debby sing yet. How is she compared to say Gomez and Lovato?

  • MileyBrazil

    Debby Ryan, indifferent, it is not so famous, so I can not give an opinion … but should not be much.
    Selena Gomez: I do not hate her. Seriously, I do not hate her. I like her in wizards, but singing it is much weaker … creature without faith …!

  • bubeto

    Selena come in bulgariq please please please

  • bubeto

    Selena welcome in bulgariq please please please

  • P-e-A-c-E miley


  • lolo

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE DEBBY RYAN’S VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 LOVE YOU DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lolo


  • sofi

    genial, pero no sabia q debby sabia cantar!

  • aidiya

    i love debby!!


    OH I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!! not so much Debby But Selena does not have the soulful voice like Debby

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