Taylor Lautner is Shirtless Again!

Taylor Lautner is Shirtless Again!

Taylor Lautner may not like shedding his clothes all that much, but the fans won’t be complaining.

The 18-year-old actor, who plays Nathan in the upcoming Abduction, will again be going shirtless.

According to Life & Style mag, in the script Nathan undresses so his love interest, Karen, can remove shards of glass from his skin after he’s wounded in an explosion.

Taylor gushed, “It’s weird. It’s kind of embarrassing.”

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  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    am I in heaven???

  • Chii

    we have no problem with that at all.

  • amy

    kid needs to start wearing clothes, i mean come on really?

  • clara

    who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? uh

  • Wow

    i think i just died nd went to heaven :P

  • annasaurus

    Oh I’m sure he gushed to that rag. I feel bad for him. You go shirtless and promote it once and you’ll end up having to talk about it for a long long time.

  • nikki

    really? cuz he knows if he isnt shirtless noone will watch it… he doesnt have a good lookin face… thats PERIOD!

  • carrie

    I am a huge fan and I can’t wait for the third installment over the summer. You are so cute.

  • M

    Well they have to get them to watch somehow because it sure as hell won’t be for his acting which sucks, and he isn’t good looking.

  • nathalia Braga

    hello mr lautner! ahahha (:

  • Mimi

    rlly. just put ur shirt on already like rlly taking ur shirt off wont make that many ppl watch the movie

  • jessica

    hes very hot :)

  • overated.

    its like their only using him for his body..

  • rock_chick_chic

    i feel sorry for him, people care more about his body than his talent. if he wants to have a lasting career he needs to keep his clothes on and do some serious roles.

  • jackson

    I think he’ll have a more successful career than Efron.

  • taylor v.

    I hope his next few movies does well.

  • Robsten lovin

    I wonder how many people are gonna have racing hearts after seeing this.

  • zeek

    I think he’ll have a good career, as long as he gives good performances.

  • mika


    So True.

  • jessica

    @rock_chick_chic: um you do not know that. alot of people think he is talented.

  • ginna

    I wonder who’s playing Karen, cuz she’s one lucky girl!!!

  • yeeuh

    if he keeps taking his shirt off in movies, he’ll never be taken seriously. i mean, jeez kid, pick some decent movies that doesnt rely on your body. try using your acting skills, if you got any, for once.

  • abcmissme

    I do not think HIS CAREER WILL not be more successful than Zac Efron’s. There’s no way or chance for Taylor to compare to Zac Efron.

  • http://www.thecelebritycafe.com Brian

    haha… at least he is very humble about it. I know the ladies eat this stuff up ;)

  • Georgia

    i think your a nice guy and you are cute. i mean you look like you don’t let your job get the best of you as in thinking everyone should bow down at you lol. but don’t you ever feel like when ever you go somewhere no matter where it is your always treated famous but for once you wanted to be treated like an ordinary normal guy? you know someone who will just treat you the same as everybody else?

  • georgia

    i think taylor is a nice guy.

  • http://kefche.com bubeto

    please come in bulgariq

  • http://kefche.com bubeto

    taylor please come in bulgariq please please please please

  • http://natlia natalia montserrat hurtado rey

    ola ka ces estas super sexi

  • http://natlia natalia montserrat hurtado rey

    ola ka ces

  • Robsten lovin

    @abcmissme, Taylor is already more successful than Zac. Talyor has more movies lined up, as well as more press and more awards. You Zac fans can continue living in 2007 all you want, but Taylor and Rob are the Kings of Young Hollywood right now, with Kristen as the Queen.

  • taylor v.

    @Robsten lovin, I agree, Taylor is much more successful than Zac is currently.

  • jason

    I have to agree with Robsten lovin. Especially since Zac’s last movie (Me and Orson Welles) bombed big time at the box office.

    The girls in my school are in LOVE with Taylor. He has a pretty big fanbase now. He and Robert.

  • http://justjaredjr Yesse ale matute =)

    OMG!!!!!!!! I almost died when I saw this awesome hot guy!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr Yesse ale matute =)

    OMG!!!!! When I saw this image I was almost died!!!!!!!! TL looks hotter than ever I saw him!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    Zac who?

  • sam

    As long as he’s not playing a werewolf in his other movies, he’ll be fine.

  • jamie

    I know someone that saw him at the premiere of “The Runaways” yesterday night! They say he’s smaller in person though and that he was nice.

  • jamie

    I say Lautner is the biggest star in Young Hollywood right now.

  • robsten lovin

    @georgia, Taylor is not going to read this page.

  • rockinrose

    have u even seen him with his clothes on!!! he looks dashing! with or without shirt!

  • Jasmine

    taylor is really cute with his shirt on, he’s gorgous
    he’s hot without his shirt
    but he’s only doing it for the movie, werewolves chothes dont just vanish when they become wolves they rip into shreds
    so they were little chothing, thats why the whole wolf pack doesnt have shirts on

  • http://aaaa Anonymous


  • Lauren

    No, he doesnt he is SO damn fine. you should get a life instead of looking at somebody you dont like i mean really?and ists also like hes nice so that permits him to have is shirt off whenever he wants

  • Alex

    I think he should try to find roles where he doesn’t go shirtless, but he’s got a good chance at really getting somewhere. A lot of people say he’s the only descent actor in Twilight and a lot of girls love him (I personally think they’re all boy crazy but I’m just one girl, so whatever…) and since a lot of people like him, he has a good start.

    If he could get into movies that didn’t abuse his body, it would help the rest of the world take him more seriously as an actor. But judging from this, it’s just one scene, so it might really expose if he’s a good actor or not right?

    I mean after all, it’s so not fair to judge an actor off of what they did in TWILIGHT. I mean come on, it’s a movie with sparkly gay vampires who live in the woods, have no fangs, and don’t even kill people. You really think it’s fair to judge him on THAT?

    I say he has a shot at this. Let’s hope he doesn’t screw up…

  • Ryan (i am a girl)

    he is great the way he is !! (love ya)

  • Jimenaaaahh

    @M: Taylor is HOT. Robin is NOT

  • Jimenaaaahh

    @yeeuh: Not trying to sound like a b atch or anything but Taylor has heaps of good acting skills. He’s just got an overly amazing body.

  • WOAH :)


  • jessicah

    It doesnt matter if his shirt is off or on. He’s HOT! (hotter with shirt off though)

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