Victoria Justice Wants To Be Sandra Bullock

Victoria Justice Wants To Be Sandra Bullock

Who doesn’t?

Victoria Justice looks flawless on the spring/summer 2010 cover of LaTeen.

The 17-year-old Victorious star chatted with the mag about her upcoming show, her music and loving every part of Sandra Bullock. Check it:

On what to except in every episode: “We’ll have a big performance every couple of episodes. My character will perform a lot of pop-rock songs, and I really love that style of music too. It’s a lot of fun and high energy.”

On who she aspires to be like one day: “I’d like to be a Sandra Bullock. She’s hilarious. She can do romantic comedies and dramas easily.”

On her music contract with Sony: “I also got a music contract with Sony, so that’s a double whammy. It’s amazing! We’re going to focus on the show first and then work on my solo album. I’m also looking to go on tour for my music in the future. Once the soundtrack for the show is out, if that’s successful, I’ll go on tour between [seasons].”

Victorious premieres Sunday, March 27 — right after the 2010 Kids Choice Awards. Bigger cover inside…

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  • annie ryan

    she is sooooooooo beautiful,pretty oh and ya VICTORIOUS cant wait ;) <3 xxxxxxxooo

  • Jacqui

    Ur gorg Victoria!!! I love you and can’t wait for ur new show in a cpl of weeks!

  • annasaurus

    It’s a shame she looks so much like Nina Dobrev. She needs a more unique look.

  • Lisa

    I don’t think it was fair 2 have the lead role in victorious cuz here costar ariana grande is a much better singer. And I think they gave the show 2 her cuz she was part of nickelodeon be4 and she guessed stared in many if the shows2 promote her new show. Shez ok but she isn’t get much fame out of victorious ariana is. I <3 ariana =) victoria is not gunna be the next big thing. Trust me. I’ can tell the future. Lolz =)

  • jessica

    oh great another nick/disney star trying out for singing. ugh none of them can sing.

  • Jacqui

    uh…who is ariana grandness???

  • Lynn

    Victoria has the best voice!! Can’t wait for Victorious to premiere!

  • Robsten lovin

    @jessica, you must not have heard her sing. She is a VERY good singer!

  • monica

    Okay, first of all Victoria Justice is beautiful. She seems very nice and talented. Same goes for all the other Disney stars. I respect them for following their dreams but it bothers me how so many of them are becoming singers and actors. I mean some of them are really good at both , like Demi Lovato. She’s always wanted to be a singer and actress and worked on that since she was very small. But when I see actresses and actors that are coming out with these albums just because they want to and they haven’t even studied the art of singing nor have been doing it most of their life, it makes me feel like they’re just there to sell a product. Good singers that deserve an album work on their music for a long time and don’t come out to the industry until they’re ready.

  • Lisa

    arianagrande isher costar on heup on youtube and hear tha girl sing. She is great. =)

  • Brian

    Looks great!!! I don’t know who she is though… never heard of her until now.

  • Alex

    @ Lisa:

    I totally agree, Ariana would completely steal the show though, so they probably needed to give her a smaller part. It wouldn’t do for her to outshine the star of the show, right? Her voice is gorgeous, but I really wish she would stay on Broadway and not get sucked into the whole Nick/Disney franchise… oh well. And no Victoria, you will never be a Sandra Bullock.

  • Art

    Why does everyone have to hate?!?! Vic has earned her right to get a spot and a chance to make it shine. Don’t worry, Ari will get her chance one day too. But first EVERYONE has to pay their dues before that can happen! All you haters will continue to hate becuz you got nothing in yours but to hate….

  • emmaline


    I agree with you about how its so stupid about how disney/nick tries to make more by marketing there bland, semi-talented actors as completely generic, watered-down, semi-talented singers, but if you are listening to victoria sing, she has a voice at the same low-ness – or lower, deeper – as her speaking voice. It’s also mature, whereas others sound childish. If you listen to her working with her vocal coach, she has a technically good voice, and could be good if she does the right thing with her. Be careful before you just lump all stars together, it’s degrading to those who actually have a raw talent and potential.

    also, i agree that ariana is VERY pretty, a good singer, and a fair actress, but its kind of silly to just say that she would overshadow someone else. Maybe the creators created the part FOR victoria, maybe they liked her look better for her, maybe they thought ariana would do best as the role of Cat, maybe ariana WANTED the role of Cat. Either way, it shouldn’t be that big a deal. It’s not how large your part is, it’s what you do with the part you have. Ariana does a good job with her part.

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