Demi Lovato: Joe Jonas is My Best Friend

Demi Lovato: Joe Jonas is My Best Friend

Demi Lovato is taking over media outlets, promoting the premiere of Sonny With A Chance second season.

The 17-year-old actress/singer dished on what’s to come, Camp Rock and the ultimate BFFs the Jonas Brothers. Check it:

On Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam: “It’s more of a musical this time around. There’s more drama and it’s so much bigger. Instead of 10 dancers, like last time, there are 50 dancers.”

On going from Rodeo casual to Oscar glamorous: “I was with Kevin, Nick and Joe and of course, Danielle. We were literally, all getting our hair, makeup, and changing on the plane [back from Houston]. We had like 15 minutes to get to the plane after the rodeo and within that we were at the barker.”

On Joe being amazing: “Yea, he’s my best friend. He’s always been my best friend, always will be…he’s amazing. I have several best friends, but he’s just…amazing.”

Check out the rest of Demi‘s interview @ Sonny With A Chance premieres THIS Sunday, March 14 on Disney Channel.

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  • andrea


    I love Demi….she is so amazing!!!!!!

  • Bia

    amazing, uhmmm
    for me that “amazing” has another meaning

  • andrea

    Ohh good so I’m not the only one :)
    *cough*jemi*cough <3

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    love you demi you are my idol<3333333333333

  • fan1234

    i smell love!

  • maggie

    Awww I love that.. but I prefer to see them as friends rather than a ”couple”.. I LOVE THEM<3

  • anabelle

    Demi how obivious can you be?! I’m not a Jemi crazed fan but I’m even am starting to see it!

  • Mary

    I do believe in them, I dont think they are dating. They dont have any picture where you can see that, that means they are not a couple.
    I have a best friend, and I’m sick of people asking me if we are dating!



    She´s gorgeous, can´t wait for second season of SWAC
    Love her dress


  • Andrea

    Demi´s awesome, and i admire her friendship with Joe
    she needs true frieds around her

  • Robyn

    Love them <3

    Y’all should see the picture i drew of Demi

    She’s way too pretty

    I think i’ll draw Joe next <3

  • jessica

    i just cant picture them being like a couple. its just so awkward.

  • Amy

    She’s your typical ugly skank. Miley-wannabe trying to be “sexy”. Looks like garbage.

  • jb

    @Amy: I agree. I dont like her much either.

    Fuck all you Jemi fuckers. Hop off Joe’s dick. i’m sure joe wont like some dickhead like her anyways. They can be friends like whatever. Couple would be WTF.

    After the Sel thing i lost all due respect for her

  • Another anonymous


    I bet you guys dont even know what happened between her and Selena. Am I right? Yeah, I know I’m right. It’s cool if you don’t like her but don’t act like you guys know what happened when nothing has been said about it.

    Selena has said that they are still BFF’s in a recent interview.

    So since you guys clearly don’t like her, why you even here wasting your time posting in the Demi Lovato section? I know! Cuz you want to get people’s reactions, well there you go, I’m the first to respond

  • http://me kiki

    i relly think that thay should go out thay speed a lot of time to togeother!

  • Christine

    Demi’s awesome, but I really don’t think there is more between Joe and her than friendship. Honestly, I can’t see them together as a couple. They just give off this brother/sister vibe that it would be kinda weird to see them date. For the sake of their friendship, I hope they don’t start dating.

    Anyways, I’m so stocked for season 2 of SWAC. It looks awesome! And I cannot wait for her to start singing again. I absolutely adored Here We Go Again, and I am so ready to hear some new material from her!

  • leanne

    you people commenting need a twitter asap pls.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    HA I told you that they were just friends… This goes to the commenters and that is it.

    I love Demi though. She’s cool, but that guy in that pic with her is simply sexy hot. Wait, that’s Joe Jonas. Of course he’s gonna be sexy hot. :)

  • Ryan

    Demi looks gorgeous as always, her style & beauty has matured beautifully. I think we’ve seen the transformation from girl to young woman as of this year, to see how far she’s come & all she’s accomplished is nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t even seem like the same girl we saw 2 years ago as

    Dem & Joe look great together, they def. make a very cute couple. It’s great to see she has such a strong friendship, a bond w/ Joe. He’s somebody she can trust & go to for advice or for a shoulder to cry on. As well, I think it’s your friends & those closest to you that you need the most in your life. I’m glad D has people like Joe in her life that she can rely on for support.

  • http://demilovato katie

    i luv them a lot!!!!! BT I’M NOT DEMI’S OR JOE’S CRAZE FAN

  • Ella

    Lucky I’m in love with my BESTFRIEND.. <3

  • Anna

    i hope disney doesn’t make them start dating…
    i think it’s cute that these 2 costars that play each others love interests are FRIENDS, not actually dating for once.

  • http://yahoo Samantha ryan

    men they lo0ok great

  • Joy_joy

    jemiiii!!! :) is so cute!!!

  • carla

    fake! jemi is fake!


    ahhhhh jemi!!!! FINALLY… they r finally dating!!!:bz

  • ^_^

    @jb: LOL calm down dude… you don’t know what really happened, plus they are already dating! HA-HA! one more thing, if you like Joe? then you should be happy for him.. if you’re not, then you’re no fan at all! :p

>>>>>>> staging1