Miranda Cosgrove Debuts 'Kissin' U'

Miranda Cosgrove Debuts 'Kissin' U'

Check out the full version of Miranda Cosgrove‘s new single, “Kissin’ U!”

The 16-year-old actress tweeted her reaction to the single premiering on 102.7 KIIS FM, “AHHH?!? I’m so excited that Ryan Seacrest premiered my song ” Kissin U!” 102.7 is my favorite radio station :)”

Miranda‘s “Kissin’ U” will hit iTunes on Tuesday, March 23rd. Yay!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miranda’s new single?

Miranda Cosgrove – “Kissin’ U”
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  • http://@MirandaCBrazil Jefferson

    OMG! Miranda Rocks! This Single is So Awesome ! I Love You Miranda *-*

  • bruno


  • http://www.twitter.com/@MirandaCBrazil Jefferson

    OMG! Miranda ROcks! This Single Is Awesome iLove YOu Miranda *-*

  • http://www.twitter.com/@MirandaCBrazil Jefferson


  • angeliz

    well her song is truly amazing.. i cant wauit for her cd to come out !!! I lov the song !!

  • jessica

    eh the song is kinda bad. its so corny.

  • Pam Archuleta

    i think this song is about David Archuleta!!!<3

  • Lilly

    LOVE IT! Can’t wait to hear the rest of her album! She’s so pretty and spunky! beautiful voice! You go girl!

  • jesse

    I could not love the new song more KISSIN U love it so much!

  • Lisa

    @Pam Archuleta: haha lolz. I like the song a lot. I’m already addicted.

  • brenna

    its ok… hopefully the others will be better. i like her voice better than selena tho. actually I like any singer better than selena lol

  • Sam

    Cute pop song, not bad but nothing special.

  • http://justjaredjr. Jessica Lewis

    I love this song, just a big fan!!

  • Sam

    what do i think? i like her, the song is fine.

    what do i KNOW? she wrote it for her boyfriend Nat Wolff.

  • my

    @brenna: Shut up and stop bringing up selena.

  • http://www.selena-fan.org Adam J

    has songs on her debut cd from kesha, avril lavigne and has worked with dr.luke, pharrell along with co-writing two or more songs on her cd thats more then selena blomez can say about her cd LMFAO

  • liz

    Good song. She’s a pretty good singer.

  • Courtney

    She has great voice!

  • Dyl106

    cool song! not great just cool! =)

  • ddddd

    better than what i expected…. :)

  • http://mirandahq.com/ Chantal

    I love it ! Miranda Rocks!

  • my

    @Adam J: At least people buy selena CD .Miranda is ugly.

  • Peoplepeople!!!!!

    @my: Learn to write and selena Blows! and have you seen yourself in the mirror?!

  • dayen

    how big that mouth can be? he look like an alien

  • Jess!


  • archie4life96

    her boyfriend is David Archuleta and she wrote this song for him!!!<3

  • raquel ashkenazi

    i love this song so much! it rox!

  • http://www.mirandarules.com Adam J

    @my miranda can hit high notes while selena cant hit a single note live and cant sing with out autotune. thats why selena had to sell her cd for @2.99 to get it to sell better.

  • my

    @Peoplepeople!!!!!: Shut the fuck up loser.

  • my

    @peoplepeople!!! im ugly so i hate on girls who are prettier then me. and miranda is wow i wish i looked as beautiful as her! :)

  • jessica

    @Adam J: ok wtf? i dont think anyone has ever heard miranda cosgrove sing live and even if she has you cant tell because she just started and selena is getting better so stfu. i doubt that its gonna sell more than 40,000 copies. i mean she is barely that popular. her only fans are from her stupid show icarly. and trust me her acting in icarly is so cringe worthy.

  • Peoplepeople!!!!!

    @my: Wow Im really scared, last time I heard you had the right to speak your mind, I only pointed out the obvious of how ignorant you are and p.s. Selena still blows listen to real singers like Johnette Napolitano, Kim Deal, Lacey Mosley, Brody Dalle, Dawn Richardson the list goes on of great female musicians! Miranda has every right to jump on the bandwagon like every other Disney brat has, Go Miranda make your “Millions”. Selena still blows!

  • http://www.myspace.com/twilightie04 Twilightie

    im not a fan of hers or anything, but she has a good voice… i can see her doing good in her singer career

  • Monet

    @ my lol her cd is not even out yet, you dumb nut. And she sings much much better than selena, and i like selena.

  • http://www.selenagetssexed.com Adam J

    @jessica why dont you STFU who.re i can tell you she will sell more then 40,000 copys and wont have to sell her cd for $2.99 to boost sales like selena flomez. selena aint getting better at anything other then using autotune she can not sing live or even hit high notes sad but it is true every song selena sings in her concerts where there is a high note she skips it or strains herself even trying to hit it. just because your deluded about her singing doesnt mean i am.

  • http://www.selenagetssexed.com Adam J

    Lets see miranda had “the matrix” “dr.luke” “pharell” as producers for her tracks song writers including Leah Haywood and Daniel James AND had kesha & avril lavigne write songs for her and miranda has co-written 2 or more songs on her cd.

    Now what about selena who did she have produce her cd and who wrote songs for her?

  • ad

    wow, i think she has definitely found the sound that works for her. her vocals on this track remind me quite a bit of a Michelle Branch song. I like it!

  • my

    @Adam J: Miranda never sing live before and if she did I know that it would be terrible.GET A LIFE AND STOP HATING ON SELENA .

  • Donna

    Nickelodeon is now nothing but a Disney Channel clone. It seems that every one of their actresses or actors these days has to be a “actor(ess)/singer anymore.

    Miranda’s new song is not very good and you can again very much tell that she is relying on the autotune function that the fat cats at the studio like to use on so many “singers” these days….besides Miranda, Taylor Swift also being one of them.

    However, Miranda’s co-star on iCarly, Jennette McCurdy, sings country music and has been signed to Capitol Records Nashville. Now there is a girl with talent! Go to her official YouTube channel and see what I mean. She sings beautifully acapella (without ANY help from the studio). McCurdy also has more fans following her on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter than Cosgrove does and being that McCurdy sings better and is signed to a bigger label, I’d expect her debut CD to sell far more than Cosgrove’s. As an added benefit, country music is one of the most popular genres of music right now, so in my view, McCurdy took the right route musically!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com Mirandalover1

    OMG!!! I LOVED IT!!!! I AM YOUR #1 FAN!!!!

  • http://yahoo Haley

    I love this song :) It is one of my new favorites!

  • http://yahoo.com ANGEL
  • Jessicav3

    Does anyone know where to get thta shirt she is wearing in that picture? Please help I’m really desprite!!! :(

  • billy

    they are sexy girls

>>>>>>> staging1