Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop: Beach Besos

Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop: Beach Besos

Sarah Hyland steals a sweet kiss from boyfriend Matt Prokop as they enjoy the beaches of Hawaii on Thursday afternoon (March 11).

The 19-year-old actress finished up her scenes for the family vacation episode of Modern Family and went in search of a tranquil, pap-free beach — and she found one!

Sarah tweeted from lounging in the sun, “Done with modern family [sic] till august. Now time to enjoy. I’m sure I’ll be utterly bored n 2 weeks.”

Enjoy it, Sarah!

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Credit: Dave; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • amy

    Cute :)

  • gigi

    who are they?

  • listen to mayday parade

    they both look 12

  • listen to mayday parade

    ps. bathing suits like that give you stupid tan lines

  • Diana

    I don’t know them but they look soooo cute together :]

  • abby

    They both look like their 12. I know he’s 19 but how old is she? She could so pass for like a middle schooler. O_o

    Sad he hasn’t really moved on and done anything after HSM3.

    Still don’t understand why they cast him!!!!

  • abby

    Oh wait NVM just saw she’s also 19. Damn I looked older then her when I was like 13 lmfao.

  • ashytisdalefan

    aw how cute!
    and I don’t know Sarah but Matt Prokop is from High School Musical 3. :)

  • ANNA

    They’re like Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

  • tabia

    To me it seems like he is trying to be like zac efron

  • wasn’t she on lipstick jungle?

  • todd

    They are both young but if your posing for the cameras in a bathing suit why not work out?

  • http://justjared breanna

    @ ANNA: they’re not like zac an vanessa. they’re trying to be. hah.

  • Nicole

    What’s her twitter?

  • abby

    @ANNA: They are NOTTTTTTTTT anything like Zac & Vanessa. They just want to be (or atleast he does) no idea who she is.

  • Lu

    Yeah. I got that too. The Zanessa wannabe thing.

  • lili

    theyre chucking a zanessa!…hahaha…thats kinda funny!

    sorry but only zanessa can pull this off!

  • Lili

    oh and i guess like in the movie he wanted to be troy…i guess he wants to be zac too :P

  • Wow


    Yeah i so agree that theyre trying to pull a zac and vanessa here. But never gonna happen

  • ….

    so now every famous couple who goes to the beach is trying to be zac and vanessa? definitely not..

  • Monica

    LOL, yeah, this does seem like a Zanessa thing.
    They’re pretty cute but they can never be as awesome.

  • alyssa

    aww. so cute!

  • moviefanatic

    This definitely reminds me of the best couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens or how i like to call them zanessa. if you guys remember when we first saw zanessa in 2007 in Hawaii. Looks So Familiar, believe they are copy cats.

  • VhuddyRiSH

    ` yea, AGREE with some people up there .. they’re doing SO MUCH things like ZV .. but though the girl is not that familiar to me, they’re kinda cute ?? :))

  • Sarzie

    Seriously? They’re not trying to Zac and Vanessa. People are saying that cause Matt played a CHARACTER that followed Zac around in HSM 3. Besides, they’re up and coming stars, give them a chance to make their own name before comparing them to someone else.

    And fyi, when you go to the beach, you’re supposed to be in the water messing around with whoever you’re with. Now that Zac has carried Vanessa on his shoulders in the water, anyone else that does that is automatically trying to be them? I’ll remember that next time I go to the beach.

  • monica

    I reallty don’t like them. I don’t really know who the guy is but i find the girl to ne sooooooooo ANNoying. I watch her on modern family and her character is alright but i’ve seen interviews with her and i find her to be quite ditzy and annoying (Stupid). Sure i sound immature but that’s just how i feel about her.
    P.S That guy wants zac efrons abs and i don’t even like zac efron.

  • lovezanessa

    hahha, so funny, totally agree with all of us, It seems like they’re trying to be Zanessa but their kiss is so funny, not beautiful..definitely not. Zac & Vanessa are really the best couple, hot couple. I really don’t like this couple. Look at them..sorry..I see affected..

  • vh only

    Sarah Hyland is Matt Prokop’s girlfriend! HAHA!
    it’s nice, I never knew it. :))

  • bianca

    ok at first they were cute…but i mean they are not that famous to have paparazzi following them around. I mean she’s awesome in Modern Family but idk…this seems overrated.

  • bianca

    PS. I do too thought they were trying to be the new Zanessa.

  • Kate

    Oh my God you guys, they’re not trying to be like Zac and Vanessa. Just because they’re hanging out on a beach together? Please.

    They look happy, plus they’re cute together. You Zac and Vanessa fans need to get over yourselves.

  • Courtney

    They’re cute! But just because they’re hanging out on the beach does NOT make them Zac and Vanessa copycats. How ridiculous is that?! Tons of couples do this, not just Zac and Vanessa…

  • Shelby danes

    Omg no they arent sarah is frm modern family and leave her alone shes not trying to be zanessa shes enjoying herself the world doesnt revolve around zanessa if you can be nice dont comment omg you people are to zanessa happy my gosh they arent that great so leave sarah alone i happen to know her so chill out u all

  • Shelby danes

    @Kate: I agree with you theze vanessa fans beed to go to her post not be rude to sarah for hanging wit her bf and they arent tryin to be those other two zanessa is all there is to life god!!!!!

  • young Money

    urgh whatever, they’re trying to pull a zanessa.. mxm.. even took their asses to hawaii
    too bad they don’t look as hot….. but tis the life we live right?!


  • Shelby danes

    @young Money: Get over yourself your so sad they can go were ever they want u sad people zanessa isnt everything leave them alone my god u are so sad couples go to HA all the time zac and v werent the first ever in history so STOP IT Its kinda gross yall are scaryly obessesed wit Zac and Vanessa Yuck :0

  • Karen

    Yes, Matt and Sarah look rather reminiscent of Zac and Vanessa the first time they went to Hawaii. But then again, there are only so many ways a young couple can look like when they are splashing around in the water kissing. How do people want them to look differently? Heck last year I saw a picture of Amanda Seyfried and Dom Cooper at a tennis match and IT was a pose very reminiscent of Zac and Vanessa—where Amanda’s head was over on Dom’s shoulder as they sat and watched the match. It was very much like Vanessa having her head over on Zac’s shoulder at a Laker’s game.

    Also, Matt just did a movie with Brendan Frazier–the guy from Mummy and Extreme Measures—so he is moving on with his career. Sarah I don’t know but she obviously works too.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    Cute couple <3
    I would love to be in Hawaii right now because where I live the weather isn’t as gorgeous as it seems to be there *sigh* oh well

  • Sol

    lol, they arent like zac and vanessa, zac and van are waaay hotter than these two

  • Jess!


  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    ADORABLE !!!!!!!!

  • bianca

    Not really, is the obviousness with which they do it. I mean yeah every artist should go about their business…but these two seem like idk…stage to cause talk among people. Works for him cause she’s up and coming with Mordern Family and works for her cause he’s a Disney kid and let’s be honest that’s what people like…gossiping about celebrity couples and apparently it’s working. Now everybody knows her name and everybody knows his name…PR works…

  • 0emma

    Matt and Jemma should be together they are so much cuter together

  • go sox

    Cute couple! Too bad the paps have discovered them.

    I think Zac and Vanessa are special, but why is anyone comparing them? That’s just immature and silly. Z and V are not the first and only couple to go on holidays together, and every couple splashing in the surf is NOT trying to be them.

  • Ali

    Nobodies who have failed to pull off the same moves as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

  • rainbower

    Is it just me or does it look like they’re trying to be zanessa? they remind me of them. the younger version. they look like kids.

  • http://xomylove JayJay

    aww so cute! they make the cutest couple(:
    and who cares is theyre trying to be like zanessa?!!? honestly this reminded me of selena gomez and david henrie :P

  • Anonoymous

    @Sarzie: Thank you, Sarzie. Well said. People can be ridiculous sometimes. lol.

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