Demi Lovato Confirms She's Dating Joe Jonas?

Demi Lovato Confirms She's Dating Joe Jonas?

Are they or aren’t they?

While doing press for Sonny with a Chance season two, Demi Lovato might have slipped out that she was dating best friend Joe Jonas.

The 17-year-old actress/singer told Access Hollywood (via People) that she may have dated one of the Jonas Brothers.

When asked whether it was Joe, 20, Demi replied, “Yeah. He’s actually… he’s my best friend. No kind of the opposite [we went from best friends to dating]. Umm, yeah he is my best friend and he is incredible, a complete gentleman. He’s perfect.”

Hmmm…we can only wonder.

Do you think Demi and Joe are an item?
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  • Dianaa

    FINALLY! It’s been 3 years.. YES!!!!!!

  • :)

    god i hate her

  • Kyra

    Idk…She sounded really confused. But if they’re together, well, I’m happy for them.

  • emma

    dont think they’re dating

  • aya

    no. i dont believe this.
    she obviously seems confused.
    the interviewer was trying to confuse her.

  • sarah

    idk if its true. but if so…<3 i love them together. couldnt be more perfect.

  • Stacy

    If they are it’s cool I like them both and the haters need to get a life and find a boyfriend of their own lol it’s creepy to be that up in arms over this it’s their life not your and you don’t know either of them.

    I think it’s sweet that they were bff’s for a long time before they dated if they are dating ,the article doesn’t really confirm it too much.

  • Lllllla

    Yes. Completely obvious now.

  • JJ

    omg omg, finally, i so think they’re together anyway. it sounds like they are eek

  • Megan

    OMG. this would be amazingg! i reallly hope theyre together. theyre adorablee<3

  • demiisthebest

    This is a big rumor !!!
    tell me where’s the proooooooove :s
    No interview or blog or anything up !!
    i belive they’re not dating and they’re just friends
    Demi said it many times that the JB’S her BROTHERS
    well true fans will be happy whatever they did
    so i’m happy if they’re happy :D
    but i want a prove

  • Cris

    where is the interview?!?
    Demi is AMAZING. Joe is AWESOME.
    and I love their friendship, I just hope if they are daiting… doesnt get ruined their friendship… just becuz they dated :(
    the thing is… Joe isnt a player (or watever) but everytime he has a gf and broke up with her… it turns quite bad. soo lets keep our fingers cross.

    Im a really huge Jemi fan, and I know they are meant to be (just like Niley)
    but with Jemi im not fully sure if they are meant to be as a couple.
    For now im really happy they are best friends. and no more. Lets see what happens. Im no one to juge or anything.

  • demiisthebest

    how about that demi said a while ago she wouldnt date any of the jonas brothers cause there like her brothers ?

  • madz

    I think she was confused… and even if it is true I’m happy for them both.

  • clara

    hmmm AAAAAH yes finally!

  • sarah

    you’re so right this just another big fat rumor, demi said again and again that they’re just friends
    it’s just that people doesn’t know what to say anymore

  • Josephine

    hmmm I don’t know if it’s true or not but if so good for them if their happy than i’m happy I am a fan of both and nothing will change that so if it’s true i’ll support them ,i’m in love with jOE jONAS LOL but I would not hate Demi if she is dating him because it’s stupid and childish and I love her music .

  • ashytisdalefan

    She seems a bit confused. They are real cute together though :)

  • Alexa_r

    Jemi Finally !!! =)

  • Idk

    Jemi DATING!!!!!!!
    OMG!!! that’s make my life!!!!!
    They R so CUTE together!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lindsey

    @sarah: @sarah: I not sure I believe it yet either but sometimes when you ‘ve been in other bad relationships and your guy bff is always there for you things happen and you fall for each other idk if that’s the case for them but it’s possible my sister didn’t think of her bff that way for 7 years and now their married with 4 kids so idk.But she seemed confused lol and if they are dating it’s by me as long as they are happy it’s their lives.

  • jemifan

    @demiisthebest:there you go, (read his tweets)

  • Andrea

    They aren’t dating! They are just good friends! People magazine confused Demi & that’s why she say all that, If you read what she says is all messy.
    That’s it. Peace :)

  • Melissa

    This a very big bad rumors don’t fall for it people….It is made up by people bored at twitter just because they did a video together for Friends for change…..The rumors have been going on since November I stopped tweeting for weeks at twitter and this silly rumor still going on its ridiculous….It is a rumor the two are not dating.

  • mariela

    om gosh! how could they ! they´were cool like friends this is gonna be bad! they shouldn´t be together!

  • demilovatoisthebest


  • none

    OK First off People run this then Access Hollywood and then OceanUp and now Just Jared Jr. Is this a real thing or another drama stunt? I haven’t heard this interview and as for Demi. If memory serves me right she said on her twitter that they were just friends and they weren’t dating. So someone is lying here. Either Demi is lying or the news media. I am waiting to hear it from Demi’s lips. If she is dating then I am heart broken cause she said that this guy was just a friend. We need to get the facts before we can say if this is a good or bad thing.

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    really hope this is trueee!<3333333

  • Cody

    They look so cute together

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Andrea. Demi has ALWAYS said that she is BEST FRIENDS with the Jonas boys and couldn’t ever date one because they’re like her brothers. Yes, it’s apparent through Twitter that Demi has some sort of boyfriend, judging from her tweets. But Joe’s tweets aren’t matching up to hers. Listen to what Demi has said and we have proof of.

    Media will make stuff up for attention, keep that in mind. Also keep in mind the fact their new song comes out on iTunes soon.

    They aren’t dating.

  • NWLzzz

    what ever they both do i totaly support them

  • Annie

    Well I’m not sure if that means that she’s actually dating Joe, but if they are really dating… well good luck Demi and Joe :) and I hope Demi always make Joe happy :) ‘cuz he’s a perfect guy :) I don’t like and I don’t dislike Jemi but if they’re 2gether well congratz :)

  • Unbelieveable

    If they are wouldn’t that be strange that Demi is with Joe and Selena might be with Nick and Demi and Selena aren’t really getting along right now. I just got one word for tha Awkward

  • demilovatoisthebest
  • demilovatoisthebest

    ur soo right!!! i think thats whats happening here…they are both trying to like get one of them….u know what i mean? i like cause they used to be bffs!! and now they are like competting..idkk
    i just hope selena and demi become friends again!

  • Ella

    I still need a straight confirmation from the two though. ^^

  • Anna

    Why am I not surprised..joe dates everyone.

  • I love jobros and demi lovato


    I’M SO HAPPY!!

    I’M SHAKING!!!





    My twitter!

  • chloe

    man i hope it’s true…. i mean im not sure at all, because even though we have some websites that have confirmed it, i don’t know …. BUT OMG PLEASE BE TRUE! JEMI FTW :)

  • anonymous

    WHO GIVES A SHIT!? Let them live heir lives. Why’s it a big deal. Geez. They HATE IT when people assume who they are dating. So everyone should just stfu.

  • annie ryan

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im not really sure can DEMI DECIDE YES OR NO CLEARLY!!! THIS IS GIVING ME A HEADAKE LOL AHAHA (BEST FRIEND BOYFREIND OR WHAT>>???? :/

  • Robyn

    Awwww, they are beautiful. I <3 Jemi whether or not this is true :)

    Ya’ll should see my drawing of Demi –

    I’m thinking about drawing Joe next, what do you think ?


  • Sugar

    No sign of any interview on Access Hollywood’s or Billy Bush’s websites. I smell a publicity stunt.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Did you know that of the 100% of this, the 50% is the half of it… hahaha this two are good friends…

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    @Sugar: I I can’t believe I’m gonna say this….. I think I believe Sugar here and everyone who says what sugar said here.

  • JoeJonasGirl0676

    I also believe that people should just wait until they actually say yes we are dating instead of saying they are their best friend. I don’t think she admitted anything here. I think she was saying that they are actually best friends. That’s all.

  • lindsey

    @JoeJonasGirl0676: I think so too ,I mean I wouldn’t mind if they were I like both and as long as their happy im happy but the article doesn’t really admit anything and until I hear something i’ll go with bff’s for now lol.

  • coolio

    I dont know if i believe it, but i do know this is not a publicity stunt. These two have been best friends for more then a couple of years. This topic of Jemi has been going on for quite sometime now and grew more due to how close they have become in the last couple of months. If they do date it wont be a surprise people, even to us who have been saying they are not happening.

  • jonaslove

    Who wouldn’t want to date him!??? I mean look at him and he has one of the best prsonality I’ve seen, but I think they’re just friends and I hate these rumors cause honestly these two have one of the best friendship I’ve ever seen, they’re so comfortable around each other and they make the other laugh so stop trying to destroy a perfect good friendship by spreading lies.
    they may look cute together but they are definitely better of friends cause after the breakup I wouldn’t want to imagine a life without the Jb and Demi together

  • Laura

    GUYS iTS TRUEE!!!! :D suck on that, jemi haters :) (no offence!)

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