Demi Lovato: Voto Latino Bethind-The-Scenes!

Demi Lovato: Voto Latino Bethind-The-Scenes!

Demi Lovato listens to a crew member as she films the Voto Latino PSA “Celebrities Back Census” earlier this year.

The 17-year-old actress teamed up with Rosario Dawson, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ana Ortiz for the public service announcement.

The Voto Latino PSAs are a bit different than most; they form a series of dramatic verité-styled shorts featuring celebs who erupt into a heated discussion. Log onto for info on the census, free music downloads and a the pledge to get counted.

Stay tuned to JJJ for another exclusive video this week!

Demi Lovato — Behind The Scenes of Voto Latino
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Photos: Juan Luis Garcia/Voto Latino
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  • listen to mayday parade

    I question how Joe feels about her publically annoucing to the world their an item.. I mean he doesnt have the best track record.

    Not to mention Demi hates Selena and shes still dating Nick.

    Oh and lets not forget how Demi stabbed Taylor in the back by dating the boy who broke her heart. Demi is a sluuuu !

  • Bard

    @listen to mayday parade:

    A) According to some sources Joe was fine with it. He wanted to do it together but understands why Demi was so excited and let it slip.

    B) Demi and Selena Don’t hate each other they just aren’t as close as they use to be.

    C) Nelena broke up, or haven’t you heard?

    D) Taylor got dumped for being a talentless annoying clinging chick. Demi and Taylor were never close friends.

    E) Actually you’re the slut. Have a nice day

  • lalalalalala

    im glad demi’s mexican

  • Amber

    Oh snap #2!! Haha nice and to me, Joe and Demi are an adorable couple. I’ve always supported Jemi ahhh I’m so happy it’s real :)


    I Love her,, she´s so humble and beautiful
    she´s my role model
    You´re the best

  • Sofifreydel

    it´s that a possum?? , gross, Demi´s AWESOME, looking beautiful as usual, Wilmer is so cool too


  • pouty


  • bella

    demi lovato she is amazing
    demi she is the best
    demi I love forever
    super emocionada de verte en voto latino

  • Robyn

    Aww i love her <3

    Y’all should see the picture i drew of her –

    I wish she could see it..

  • kwaop00

    Latinos (especially Mexicans) are one of the growing race in Showbiz!!! From Raquel Welch to Demi Lovato!

    She might be either the next Raquel Welch, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz or Jessica Alba. Mexican singer Belinda still has the title as the Latina Britney.

  • listen to mayday parade

    @Bard: hahahahahah i love how defensive people get – and atleast im getting laid little girl

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @pouty: @listen to mayday parade: Get over yourself kid. If Demi and Selena aren’t friends anymore. That doesn’t give you the reason to call her a S!ut okay. I laff at the way some of u Selena fans logic things.
    If Selena wants to have more BFF’s, that’s perfectly fine,
    but if Demi wants to have a better friend, than it’s some how a crime for her?
    PS: Nelena is dunzo. Nick did what he’s good for. Using girls to get attention and publicity. And Nick was oviously flaunting around selena just so he can get promotion for his tour and CD. Which like his plan: FLOPPED AND FAIL.

  • jessica

    i didnt know she was latino. maybe a little italian. but oh well.

  • bella

    Jorge Garcia from Lost is awsome!!!



    Bard wow you told her *virtual high-5* that was kick ass but someone that stupid(#1) needs to be corrected !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Amy

    @listen to mayday parade:

    Actually, Taylor and Demi were never friends. Taylor was always closer with Selena and before that with Miley.

    Besides, Taylor is too busy organizing her million awards and dating hotter guys. Joe Jonas is on the downside, his career is going nowhere. His 15 minutes of fame are up. Everyone hated him for dumping Taylor, then he got dumped by Camilla…now that no one else will have him, he runs to the one girl who will still have him. LOL…nice going. Losers should stick together right?

  • http://me kiki

    i am glad that she is dating joe i was going to marrie him but thay are better

  • Skye

    Demi is completely amazing. I’m not a big fan of Joe Jonas but if Demi is happy I’m happy for her. :)

  • HnFE

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