Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Church-Going Couple

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: Church-Going Couple

Newly-announced couple Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas walk side-by-side with a gal pal as they attend a church service in Los Angeles on Sunday morning (March 14).

Demi, 17, recently admitted to dating her BFF/Camp Rock costar during Billy Bush‘s radio show. You can hear the whole interview below!

Later in the day, Joe was spotted hitting the gym before heading home.

FYI: Joe is wearing TOMS Black Burlap Classic Shoes.

10+ pics inside…

Demi Lovato Admits “Jemi”

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  • Sofifreydel


  • Sabrii

    OMG…!! Jemi is real..!!

  • ummm

    They are NOT cute

  • Emma

    Aww! loook at them being all sweet and innocent…JEMI FTW!

  • ms. a

    first! love joe :)

  • dai

    omg they r so darn cute

  • andrea

    I love ‘em! <3

  • sammie


  • Andrea

    They´re so cute together, love them so much
    Demi you´re gorgeous
    Joe take care of Demi

  • NWLzzz

    they’re so cute i still can’t get over it.

  • mattie

    Love them and cAN i say FINALLY !!!!

  • Um

    they look so happy….?

  • Caterina

    Omg I luv Demi

  • Laura

    they might be the cutest couple EVER even cuter than zanessa <3

  • jemistry

    dang it! joes got a sexay gf! Hope they last for a long time…

  • Pietra

    demi cow x.x

  • hellohello

    jemi till the end

  • diana

    wow they look so HOTT, demi´s so beautiful
    and joe really hot, so beautiful + hot = BEST COUPLE

  • tadaa

    publicity stunt. sonny new season premieres today.

  • Lauren

    I’m crying here!
    thank you, God be so perfect!!
    waited so long for this moment! wooow <3

  • Alexandra

    Jemi is reaal :D

  • maggie

    They really look cute.. just hope Joe takes good care of Demi.. I love Demi!!!!<3

  • Leah

    I think It might be for publicity. They’ve None each other since 2007 but they’ve only decided to date now, around the same time their duet comes out? Hmmm….

  • lovebug

    Yeah, sorry Demi. I’m not falling for this PR stunt. Still won’t watch your crappy Disney show tonite.

  • plainxsimple

    aww come on. only one picture?

  • plainxsimple

    come on, she sounded so nervous and happy during the interview.
    this can’t be for publicity. oh and joe having straight-face during their private date. yeah, this is totally ~publicity.

  • cassie

    oh, im sad. I wanted joe to be mine. Buuuuuut i like them together ^^
    demi is great, and he is so hot ♥ love him

  • jayy

    i think theyre adorable together<3

    i know people thinking its a publicity stunt since theyve known eachother for so long, but what i think is now that theyre spending much more time together on their own because of the music video and camp rock 2 that they realized their feelings for eachother :)

    this is just my opinion, so dont go crazy on me!

  • loverducky

    Oh people and your PR accusations haha..some people are som cynical!

  • jonaslover988979


  • ashytisdalefan

    omg. ONE STUPID PICTURE PEOPLE. They are just friends I’m sure.
    Demi was sooo confused in that interview. That is what good interviewers do, they mix up questions to spill up lies. Get over it!

  • angel

    Sorry Demi, not even this can get me to watch your crappy show. lol, she looks like my friend george, soon to be gina.

  • Krista

    yesss i am so happy for her! they are perfect for each other. and NO its not a publicity stunt. that’s the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

  • screw-the-public!

    screw what everyone else says! they are amazing together! definitely not for publicity, just a coincidence they deicided to get together arouund the same time their duet came out! maybe they even were a couple before this and wanted to keep it away from the public for this reason exactly.

  • grant

    going to church together?
    it sounds so serious.

  • cheerdontjeer

    i’m a big big big jemi fan but this sounds so… fake.

  • Minh

    I love it. Jemi forever :D

  • stupidfans

    I just hate how some just dont accept the fact that Joe and Demi are dating. And also they find stupid excuses that they don’t belong with each other. For example, this situation being a “publicity stunt” like what is being together then? Do you want them to be single their whole lives? I mean they’ve known each other long enough to realize that they do have feelings for each other; and i just hate that people and going against it. I guess spending a whole entire day with Joe made her finally realize that she does like Joe and that they should give a shot. Well I just hope they will last and if not, I hope they dont end up like Jaylor or Jamilla. Love and support Jemi<3

  • wootwoot

    YAY!!!!!!!! I love them as a couple and I am SO happy they FINALLY are together. YAY JEMI! They deserve eachother :)

  • http://! fearless


  • http://! fearless

    they are a couple now that: camprock2 is out, sonny’s new season, jobros series… seriously im not buying it

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    one of the hottest couples ive ever seeen!<3333 love them together!

  • m

    They are seriously the most adorable couple ever!! Just look at them! What’s not to like?! <3<3

  • m

    I agree;))

  • ashytisdalefan

    It may not be a publicity stunt but I honestly doubt they are dating. I think they are super adorable but this rumor has gone on forever now.

  • http://deleted romina

    cute couple!!!!!!!!!! i love jemi!!!!!! haters you sucks!

  • monica

    They’re super cute. Cuter than zanessa beacuse they aren’t all up on each other like them.

  • Ella

    for all of u who thinks it’s a publicity thing they have been dating since before Christmas they were keeping it a secret

  • V

    she should’ve gone with Sterling Knight if it’s for SWAC. I prefer her with him anyways. but if they’re happy, then I guess it’s ok.

  • qayla

    It does seem like a publicity stunt for the movie. The “rumours” of them taking it slow started to surface after they completed cr2 and now that they premiere is nearing they have ‘decided to come forth” about their relationship?

    Sorry but this just screams PUBLICITY STUNT, especially since they do not seem to be into each other or should I say that Joe does not seem to be really into her.

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