Ariana Grande Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Ariana Grande Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

There is just two weeks until the premiere of Victorious and JJJ is catching up with star Ariana Grande very, very soon!

While we’re going to be asking her about her new show, we still need your questions!

From her days on Broadway and her music, to working with Dan Schneider and Victoria Justice. You ask, we’ll ask her!

Leave your questions below for Ariana!

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  • Emily

    Do you still keep in touch with your friends from 13?

  • http://facebook.comzoeklion Zoe klion

    Hi Ariana,
    You are an amazing role model for every young girl!! How did you get started with your career?

  • Carly

    Hi Ariana!
    I know that you’re a huge fashionista (lol did I really just say fashionista? I just hit a new level of cool). Anyways, I was just curious: who is your favourite designer, and why? :]
    You’re fabulous! xoxo

  • Emily johnston

    If you could choose another profession that didn’t center around singing and acting, what would you want to pursue?

  • Elyssa

    Do you still talk to your 13 friends?
    Do you ever listen to 13 music?
    I think you should sing Lamest Place/What it Means… I thinky our fan would really really love that.

  • mir

    Did you like dying your hair for the show? Was it worth it?

  • Ann

    Are you dating Graham Phillips? :)

  • Makayla

    if you could be any fictional character for a day, who would it be?

  • ZainR

    What’s your favorite Nickelodeon show?

    How did you get discovered?

    How did you get discovered by Dan Schneider?

  • lauren

    How is a typical day at Victorious different from a typical day at 13? :)

  • Sophie

    Do you think your ever going to go back to Broadway musicals?

  • Hallie

    I loved 13! I have a program, tickets, bracelet, & card you sent April still in the original Fed-Ex envelope:]
    Anchiways, what’s the biggest difference between Broadway & T.V acting?

  • 01daydreamer

    Are you dating Graham Phillips?

  • Lillian

    Which do you like better: stage or screen?

  • hris

    Which do you like more; singing or acting?

  • chris

    Which do like more; singing or acting?

  • Soyer

    Are you going to have an single or EP on iTunes?

    Are you a fan of Miley?

    Who is your favorite celeb?

    What music do you listen to?

    What are your favorite words/lingo to say?

  • Sami

    If you were to be a lego piece, what color would you be and how many pegs would you have?

  • ruby

    who are you?
    (not to b mean but havent heard of her?)

  • stephanie

    Who is her closest friends from 13?
    is she single?
    Did she originally auditon for cat?
    Any autograph signings coming up?
    What has been your favoite autograph to shoot?
    When did you record stick around? I LOVED it
    What are your favorite tv shows?

  • ruby

    what nationality/ race are you?

  • Jade

    Does she watch the good wife with graham phillips?
    do you ever get recognized?

  • Ana

    Will you be singing on Victorious?
    Do you and the victorious cast hang out a lot?
    What’s he cast like?
    How did you get into acting and music?

  • Laura glascock

    why are you so amazing? :)

  • ziggy stardust

    do you like your red hair? i love it! :]
    how are you and cat similar? different?
    do you have a boyfriend? (i heard you were dating graham philips, but that could be a rumor)

  • stephanie

    how often do you see people from 13 (besides liz) ?

    how is living in california different than living in new york or florida?

    would you ever go on broadway again?

  • melissa

    why are you so pretty? :}

  • Aminah

    u r very pretty . r u going to have an album possibly ? cause i like victoria and i am planning to like u !

  • jessica

    what do you like to do in your free time?

    how excited were you when you heard that you got a role in victorious?

  • Lillian

    which do you prefer: acting in front of an audience or acting on tv?

  • hannah

    What is your favorite tacky dance move?

  • laura

    If you could take back being famous, would you?

  • Erick

    Do you like work with Dan? and how is the experience??

  • lainie

    Hey Ariana, you must have very supportive parents to pick up and move to LA with you! Did you parents have to quit their job/ make a lot of sacrifices? LOVE YOU AND UR STYLE

    xoxo Lanie

  • Gloria

    Hi Ariana I Was Wondering How You Got The Part To Play Cat In Victorious ? Btw I LOVE YOUR RED HAIR

  • Christie

    Are there many similarities between the character you play on Victorious and your real life?

  • becky

    who is your role model??
    three things that people don’t know about you

  • Anna Doherty

    Do you still hang out with people from 13?

  • ad

    She is the reason I will watch that show! HOT

  • Xenia

    When does her Album come out?

    I <3 her songs!

  • Muller


  • Muller


  • Muller


  • Ashley Sanders

    What was it like to work with Victoria Justice?

  • Ashley Sanders

    Who is your role model?

  • Ashley Sanders

    If you were trapped on an island what 3 things would you have to have with you?

  • Zeeni

    what would you like to tell your fans who want to become an actresss like you or even bigger they dream of that??? please answer

  • Ashley Sanders

    What celebrity do you hope to model your career after?

  • http://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/HHORN1995 hannah


  • Natt

    Are you dating graham phillips?
    argg why am I so cliche