Ashley Tisdale is Very Vancouver

Ashley Tisdale is Very Vancouver

Ashley Tisdale carries pup Maui in her carrier as she arrives at Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver on Monday afternoon (March 15).

Along with mom Lisa, the 24-year-old actress tweeted earlier today, “Off to vancouver!!!! Woke up way too early this morning.” We wonder what she’s doing in Vancity, hmm….

Ashley was recently spotted in Key West, Florida, at the Victoria’s Secret Beauty fragrance collection Life is PINK launch.

FYI: Ashley is wearing a sweater over her floral Free People dress.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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  • clara

    love you ash x

  • mandojbfan

    she is probably gonna start filming a movie :)

  • hotmess

    wonder what she is up too

  • http://none Elle

    She looks so cute i love her outfit. Hmm wonder whats shes doing in Vancouver?

  • taylor

    Hopefully she’s filming something.

  • courtney

    so much for not having exstenions in the new year!

  • lucia jonas

    she looks so beautiful!!
    love her SO much

  • carly

    that’s the same dress vanessa wore last summer……

  • anna

    I hate when she tweets where she’s going…
    I makes her look like she wants the paps to follow her. I:
    she does it A LOT.

  • taylor

    @anna: They would have got her picture even if she hadn’t twittered it. Paparazzi sit outside airports all day no matter what since there’s such a good chance of seeing celebs there.

  • kae

    wow, beautiful

  • ashytisdalefan

    gorgeous! I love Ashley :D

  • ashytisdalefan

    Oh and it is the same dress Vah wore but Ashley actually wore this when she had brown hair. Out to lunch with her momma or something. I love it better on her when shes blonde. I love it when celebrities wear the same thing more than once :P

  • ashytisdalefan

    what would she want the paps there? Ashley hates the paparazzi and shes not an attention seeking star. She just lets her fans know what shes up to. Point of twittering.

  • abby

    Hmm wonder what she’s doing in Vancouver? O_o She had that movie she was rumored to be in…..maybe she’s going to start filming it now? Don’t know, just a guess.

  • Jo

    I think louis vitton threw up on them jeez, we know your loaded but come on 2 handbags, a dog carrier and a huge suitcase OTT

    However i do still lover her dress and Maui is so cute :)

  • Prettigurls

    Omg I love ash tisdale she so freakin gorgeous! And her puppy Maui is so cute<3

  • Carrie

    She is really pretty. Her dog is really cutie.

  • sunni

    she’s pretty (: thats all i care about
    i hate when people bring vee into this
    who cares if she wore it too, uh not me

  • krystelle

    ahh beautiful, i love her (:

    @sunni: i kinda agree , sorry

  • wuzz


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    WHAT, WHAT, WHAT !?!?!? Ashley Tisdale !?!?! In VAN-CITY !?!? Why ? Movie ? Oh my, I’m excited. I’ll try and look out for her !!! :D I would love to see Maui.

  • Ashley

    That’s not true only high-traffic Airports always have paps. She definitly encourages it. There’s this great tmz video of Brad Pitt arriving at an airpot and there being like one pap there and then one of the mtv reality guys arriving and there’slike 30 because they called ahead. Ashley tweets because she wAnts attention. If she didn’t she could tweet lessor try to avoid it. And she’s not going to Vancouver to work because she would have announced it like she does everything else. I used to like her But it’s gotten pathetic.

  • ashley*mileyfan

    great to see ash again. hope she starts filming a movie not more just cartoon voices only.

  • Samantha

    Paparazzi are gonna follow Ashley anyways, so she might as well post it to tell her fans. If she didn’t they’d probably wonder why she hadn’t been seen for a while, or whatever.
    I hope she’s filming that movie, or whatever she’s going to be filming. It’s taken her forever to do it she dyed her hair back in September!

  • itsme(:

    @Ashley: oh so ashley is pathetic just as its your life? :) and she tweets to keep us fans informed, not for the papz, she doesnt need the attention ;)

    anyway, she looks hott <3 and like Jo said louis vuitton threw up on ashley hahahaha lmfao

  • anonymous

    There are NO paparazzi in Vancouver Airport!! (I know I live there). If they took pictures of her it is because they knew she was going to be there. Or it is some fan’s picture that was posted on the web.

  • jUJU

    Why does Ashley’s mother always look like a clown? She needs to dress more appropriate for her age.

  • MsCfAITH


    She’s not trying to get attention, d****e! She’s just tweeting to let her fans wonder what she’s gonna do in Vancity. She could be shooting a new music video, movie or whatever it is that she’s gonna do. You’re too negative about celebrities Tweeting. Jeez! It’s not your account, it’s theirs.

    And why are you telling us that you used to like Ashley? We don’t care! Cut Ashley and us Ashley fans some slack and leave, will you? You’re not contributing, anyway.

  • ZJ207

    @Ashley: She tweets once every two days or more!! come on! She shares those info with her fans, not the paps! It’s not like she’s a nobody eventhough you want her to be that. Paps are following her everywhere, it’s a fact!

  • ZJ207

    she looks hot, cute, gorgeous and happy!!!! <3
    I’m really getting my hopes high for it to be a new movie! :D

  • kelly

    yay im soo excited i hope she’s doing a new movie

  • Jannii

    Cute as always.
    Hope we will know what she is up to in Vancity soon

  • rayana

    She is ALWAYS posing to get attention!

    Go Vanessa!

  • Marine

    @Ashley or @rayana …hmm! Guys she tweets what she wants, whenever she wants; gosh she’s an human being like us. What’s the matter with that? And FYI she doesn’t tweets ALL the time -_- (unless you spend your time on the internet to spy her).
    The Tizz wants attention? She doesn’t ask for it, she’s known and in America your paparazzi don’t have any respect because there is any law against them that’s why there photos;BTW YOU ARE THE ONLY COUNTRY WHERE WE SEE HOW MUCH PAPARAZZI ARE DISRESPECTFUL! WHAT A SHAME! Why do you keep posting mean comment, if you don’t care about someone, nobody obllige you to follow her

  • Marine

    @rayana: I forgot to tell you…. you are a very immature person

    “She is ALWAYS posing to get attention!

    Go Vanessa!

    What is that? If you love Vanessa that much then leave some comment about her on her thread and stop bashing Ashley… you would be nice :d.

  • m0udybasha

    she look AMAZING!!! hope it’s a new movie

  • rayana


    i go on ashley’s thread so i see how ugly she is and see if something bad happened to her

  • liri92

    i hope she gonna start a movie.. i think she gonna start .. because thats the only reason for her to go to vancouver.. (= i love her!!!!!! && mauiii to<3 so sweet

  • ZJ207

    @rayana: I wasn’t really gonna reply to you, but you are SERIOUSLY immature, I mean it! and enough said

  • güş

    again free people

  • güş


  • güş

    so so so sweety

  • güş


  • güş


  • güş

    victoria secret

  • güş

    ı love youu

  • nhn

    love she

  • güş

    ı dont love nessy

  • güş


>>>>>>> staging1