Lindsey Shaw: Kat is a Grown Up Moze

Lindsey Shaw: Kat is a Grown Up Moze

It’s getting closer!

The second season of 10 Things I Hate About You is just around the corner and JJJ was lucky enough to sit down and chat with some of the stars.

We caught up with Lindsey Shaw and Ethan Peck to chat about what’s coming up this season, constantly compared to the movie and how close Bianca and Kat get on-and-off screen. Check it:

JJJ: In the season premiere, Kat and Patrick get caught skipping school and are suspended. How do your characters deal with the suspension?

Ethan Peck: I’ll go first because I’ll be short. Patrick just doesn’t really care, so it’s like a day off for him. Do they both get suspended, Lindsey? Yes, of course they do.

Lindsey Shaw: Yes, sorry, they both do.

EP: It’s just like a vacation for him, and I guess I’ll let Lindsey speak for herself.

LS: Yes, Kat actually, believe it or not, gets a little frazzled, and she realizes she’s going to miss a really big test, and this forces her to do some dramatic things which she needs Patrick’s help for. She reacts in her normal crazy, over-reactive way.

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JJJ: Did you find your chemistry is something that came naturally or did it progress over the first season?

EP: What do you think, Lindsey?

LS: I definitely think that was a progression. I don’t know if any of you can tell, but Ethan is a man of few words, and when I first met him, he was true to his persona. He was just silent and observant with his backpack and his hi-tops, and so it was interesting getting to know him. I think the first time we actually had a chance to sit down and talk was episode seven of the first season when we were doing that rooftop scene. Remember when we were outside until midnight?

EP: Yes.

LS: That’s really the first time our characters actually talked on the show, so I guess that was okay, but it’s really kind of mirrored the communication up until that point.

JJJ: How has the relationship between Kat and Bianca evolving over this season?

LS: Actually, this season feels so much more sisterly between Kat and Bianca. I don’t know why. There’s either a deepening of our understanding of each other’s characters or just us being closer having known each other for this much longer. Yes, they really just take on this deeper sisterly vibe, and it gets more away from the banter and more into the fact that these are two sisters who can see what’s going on with the other and try to lend advice no matter how removed they feel. I really like that. I really enjoyed that. Meaghan [Martin] and I really get a chance to take that to another level, so it was great.

JJJ: Were you guys ever nervous that you weren’t going to get renewed?

EP: Yes.

LS: Yes, absolutely. The last scene that we shot of the first ten episodes, Meaghan and I had the last scene together, and I just kind of looked over at her when it was done, and I started crying and sort of lost it only because if that’s the end of that experience for you, that’s really emotional. Yes, it only became a hiatus like months into it.

JJJ: Ethan, what is one thing about the new season that you’re excited for the fans to see?

EP: I don’t know, lots of things. There’s a fight scene. That’s pretty exciting that I won’t tell you too much about.

LS: Yes, Ethan roughs a guy up.

EP: But we’ll let that scene surprise you when it comes along.

JJJ: Lindsey, a lot of people know you as Moze from Ned’s Declassified. Would you say you’re more like Moze or more like Kat?

LS: Well, I think Kat is just like a really grown-up version of Moze. Really, it’s like the next, I really feel like it’s Ned’s Declassified in high school, obviously, not as exaggerated, but I feel like when I was that age I could really relate to who I was playing then, and as I’ve grown up this is just a natural progression of that. I’m two different people when I’m playing them. I guess at this point in my life this feels the most right and who I am.

JJJ: Do you every get tired of the constant comparisons between the show and the original movie with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles?

LS: Yes, absolutely. People’s only version of what you’re putting out is the original really, and you tell them that you’re going to be redoing it. Naturally, they’re going to think to attach it to what they’re familiar with, with that concept. It’s that original piece of work, and I think that once you work to make it something on its own, something that no longer needs to be compared, it can stand on its own. I think that that’s when that stops, and I think that’s just kind of what you work towards. I think as a couple of you have said that we’ve done that. We’ve made it its own thing, and so it feels like we earned that. We earned the right to say that.

EP: Yes, and I don’t think it gets tiring to hear the question over and over because, as Lindsey said, it’s from a beloved movie, this show, and people are going to be suspicious and curious and want to know why they’re remaking something that was so successful because we’re not remaking it. It’s the same franchise, the same name, and that question is going to be asked and asked, and our answer will be the show. You’ll see this upcoming ten where we’ve taken it.


10 Things I Hate About You season two premieres Monday, March 29 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family. Check out a sneak peek below!

“10 Things I Hate About You” Sneak Peek
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