Victoria Justice: Big Time Rebel Rebel Rush

Victoria Justice: Big Time Rebel Rebel Rush

Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush guys hang out at the Rebel Rebel record store on Bleecker Street in NYC over the weekend.

James, Kendall, Carlos, Logan and Victoria stopped to shop for their favorite records, which included The Black Eyed Peas, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble and The Clash to spin.

Afterward, the group went to U2 Karaoke in East Village for a little sing-off fun.

The group were in NYC to promote their new shows on Nickelodeon.

20+ pics inside of Victoria Justice and Big Time Rush

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Photos: Albert Michael/startraksphoto
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  • carly

    jo bro wannabes they all wish they were on disney

  • ZainR

    They are no where similar to Disney. Just because they’re a boy band, doesn’t mean they’re trying to be like the Jonas Brothers. I’m sure ten years ago when Backstreet Boys were popular and N’Sync was made, everyone thought they were wannabees too.

    And the difference between both the Jonas Brothers’ shows and Big Time Rush is that Big Time Rush aren’t even famous yet AND most importantly, they’re not doing that ridiculous “I’m famous now but I want to keep it real or hide from the spotlight because I’m afraid I’ll only be treated as a star”.

  • jessica

    @carly: oh please the nick stars are way better, not to mention there shows are also way better. i mean the only show that is worth watching on disney is wizards of waverly place. and icarly is the most viewed and highest rated show of any disney/nick show. so nice try. and the jonas brothers suck.

  • carly

    chill out gurl, nickelodeon sucks and ever since disney has come out with hannah montana nickelodeon has just tried to be like it. lets face it NICKELODEON SUCKS!

  • carly

    disney came out with high school musical and camp rock, nickelodeon had to come out with spectacular which was the worst movie i have ever seen, icarly came on after hannah montana, and now that disney has jonas nickelodeon has to have a show about a boy band called “Big time rush” more like BIG TIME CRAP.

  • lilian

    are you guys insane!? nickelodeon is horrible, the only reason they still make it is because of spongebob squarepants. by the way HANNAH MONTANA IS WAY BETTER THAN ICARLY. the acting on icarly is horrible, true jackson vp is a knockoff of thats so raven, and big time rush is trying way too hard. lets face it nickelodeon will NEVER live up to the success of disney. they should just give up everyone knows nickolodeon sucks.

  • jackson

    @carly, you’re so stupid. Nickelodeon is way better, and Big Time Rush has more talent than those lambasted Jonas Brothers. The current Nickelodeon shows are a LOT better than the crap on Disney.

  • robsten lovin

    I like Big Time Rush better than the Jonases.

  • jessica

    @robsten lovin: i know they are way hotter. the only one that is really cute in the jonas brothers is nick. the other two are kind of ugly, no offense.

  • carly

    whatever i should not have even commented on this stupid thing cause now everyone is ganging up on me over the stupid big time crap people

  • athena

    yeah i agree with @carly.
    the Big Time Rush boys are wannabes they cant even fucken sing and DISNEY IS WAY BETTER THAN NICK ! It always has being and its way way popular. and im just speaking the TRUTH. NICK SHOW so shit. and the JBROS ARE COOOOOOOOOL .

  • athena

    and icarly IS SUCH A BORING SHOW. i mean seiously a show about webcaming and all those shit show, pfffft yeah how gay. Jonas are better then the All time what eff its called and Diseny is WAY X32465456341653465465465653463416531453631 BETTER THEN NICK. and everyone @carly has a POINT. I LOVE YOU hahaha i had to say it ;)

  • robsten lovin

    athena, you are such a hater. I don’t care what you say because talent speaks, and they’re talent speaks bigger than you’re worthless bark.

    Big Time Rush>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jonas Brothers

    And once again, the current Nick stars are more talented and better looking than the current Disney stars.

  • jackson

    @robsten lovin, I agree wholeheartedly. :)

  • Gabi

    Victoria is SO cute!!! I can’t wait 4 her new show to be on T.V. BTR, I didn’t think I was going to like but I do. Go NICK Go!!!! U Rock NICK

  • ali

    Victoria is so pretty! She must have good genes.

  • marlo

    i like big time rush more than jo bros but i still like the jo bros and hannah montana. big time rush hits me like a torpedo… they got that certain thing disney doesn’t have i don’t know what it is but big time rush is so awesome

  • carly

    thanks athena nice to have some DISNEY support bahahahha

  • ali

    @carly, Nickelodeon for the win! The network with TALENTED stars!

  • tammy

    I LUV BTR (Big Time Rush)!!!!

  • carly

    nickelodeon? talented? are you kidding me? nickelodeon is retarded, the acting SUCKS, and victoria justice looks like shes pissed all the time. whatever you can like jennette mccrudhead and miranda cockroach all you want but i like miley cyrus and demi lovato

  • Danielle

    I love both disney and nick. The guys from Big Time Rush have something that the disney singers din’t have.. THe Jonas Brothers are just as talented as BTR. BTR are really really cute. :) Keep up the good work guys! =)

  • robsten lovin

    @carly, LMAO! The Nickelodeon girls are much prettier and more talented than the Disney stars. The end.

    My favorite show on Nick is “The Troop” but BTR is still good and I can’t wait for “Victorious”.

  • emily

    All the haters who are bashing on the nick stars should seriously get out of this page. You have a right to state an opinion, but nobody really cares. All the people who write on this page actually support them and really don’t want to hear your negativity. Before anyone says that disney is better than nick, you should get your facts straight. Nick used to be VERY successful and had the funniest shows on earth and they still do. Most of my time, I barely watched disney. i found about disney when i was 10 or 13 years old because in those years, NICK had shows that would actually make people laugh like the show ALL THAT and The Amanda Show. DISNEY never had shows that were extremely funny like the amanda show or all that.
    None of the shows that DISNEY created could top the shows that NICK made.
    There were shows on Nick that you could actually relate to that were never on Disney.
    So next time, people should keep their mouths shut before they say things. Plus, I bet you if DISNEY didn’t create Hannah Montana or Jonas, NICK will still be on top.
    First of all, iCarly isn’t retarded. So what if it’s a show about kids making a web show at least it’s entertaining. Plus, Disney kind of copied Nick by making Sonny With A Chance. A show within a show just like iCarly. And if you didn’t notice NICK and Disney COPY each other.
    At least Big Time Rush is talented and so is Victoria and their doing what they love so cut them some slack. They are not the who create the shows, they are just the ACTORS. And ACTORS can’t cantrol what part they get. They only act. So stop bashing on them. They are only doing their job and acting is something they love to do.

  • xb132

    Yeah, Big Time Rush is really bad. I couldn’t even get through the first episode without facepalming about the lack of comedy. The four members of the group are just… not funny.

    The difference between JONAS and Big Time Rush, to me, is the music. From what I’ve heard of Big Time Rush, it sounds WAY too boy-bandish whereas with JONAS, there’s some rock influence into it. Also, JONAS is actually… funny.

    iCarly is the show that I have the biggest beef with. It used to be really good and now.. it’s really bad. It’s nowhere near as funny as it used to be (plus, Jeanette McCurdy’s character is a complete moron and very annoying to me). The ONLY redeeming thing about this show still is Jerry Trainor’s character.

    Sonny With A Chance, like JONAS, is actually funny. I can tolerate all of the main characters without a problem (and for the record, Sonny With A Chance is nothing like iCarly. It’s more like The Amanda Show).

    The only shows worth watching on Nickelodeon are Spongebob Squarepants (which is still the best show on Nick) and iCarly (which somehow sucks and remains the second best show). I somewhat refuse to watch Victorious because of the atrocious acting job that Victoria Justice did in ‘i Fight Shelby Marx’ but maybe someday I will.

    As for Disney, the shows worth watching, to me, are Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny With A Chance, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life on Deck, Good Luck Charlie (which I’ve already seen).

    To put it in simple terms, Disney is funny and Nickelodeon is not. That’s just my opinion, plain and simple.

    PS: For the fact that iCarly is that high in ratings, it means nothing. Just because more people watch it doesn’t make it better. More people watched both Twilight movies than The Dark Night, but did it make it better? Just something to think about. Something called.. an opinion.

  • robsten lovin

    Nickelodeon shows are way better.

    iCarly, True Jackson VP, The Troop, Big Time Rush, and Victorious are all actually watchable and Spongebob is okay. The only good shows on Disney today are Good Luck Charlie and Wizards of Waverly Place.

    the guys of Big Time Rush are actually talented and they’re show is watchable. I can’t the same for JONAS. That show is horrible, and the Jonas Bros. should be disappointed in themselves for even agreeing to star in that crap. Doesn’t matter though cause Big Time Rush is taking over, as well as the rest of current Nick.

    So in short: Big Time Rush>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jonas Brothers

  • xb132

    If that is what’s taking over (whatever in the hell you mean by that), then I feel sorry for the current and future generation of kids.

  • Victoria

    Uhmm. Yeah I’ve got to admit

  • Kam

    The Jonas Bros aren’t that bad they got pretty good music. Icarly is probably the worst show ever, Miranda cosgrove did better acting in drake and Josh. Hannah Montana is ok but most of the music isn’t all that Big Time Rush the shoe is good and I really like the music and I agree with robsten lovin the Troop is a really good show on Nick it has action instead of comedy like all the other shows

  • hpf2594

    Big Time Rush is amazing.
    in no way does it copy JONAS. first of all, it actually has good acting. second, good songs!
    hate to break it to you, but JONAS is crap. their only running gag is that girl’s obsession with them.
    don’t hate on me just because this is my own opinion. we all have this thing called freedom of speech and we are all entitled to our opinions.
    love you BTR :)

  • cHRIS

    Oh and to xb132, (dont take this the wrong way) but yes it does. A movie/show is only as good as its ratings. So if Twilight gets watched more it makes it better. Yes, everybody has an opinion, but like most things, majority rules.

  • lucy

    I LOVE BTR and all of u that say it sucks well then screw u and ur all GAY and the jonas brothers are gay 2

  • lucy


  • Chloe star

    Victoria Justice show is a knock-off of i-carly and sesame street. I don’t get the dude with the dummy nor the corny story lines like the guy with braids begging to be stung by a bee! AND Victoria looks too mature for her silly role. ANY and EVERYBODY can sing with the help of technology or a/k/a AUTO TUNES. I will give Jonas Brothers credit they can carry a tune whereas B.T.R. boys sounds like screeching cats on a window sill with bad HAIRCUTS and way too much hair gel. Yeah I also agree True Jackson V.P definitely stole its story line from That’s So Raven. Unfortunately for True Jackson Raven was a better actress and an overall better show. In defense of both Disney and Nick, if people didn’t watch and money was NOT being made these shows would be history.

  • heather


    well at least you don’t hear of EVERY SINGLE nickelodeon star slutting around or going to rehab. nick is funny disney is crap.

  • victoria-justice_

    Eu amo big time rush é i carly ai isso é demais eles são legais eu que queria ser a carly e eunão se esqueso da Sem é o Freed kkkk eles são unas grasas. beijão me comvida pra apareser no programa i carly.

  • anonymous

    Just STOP everyone who is just hating on people for having opinions and if you are one them then you must hate love, peace, happiness, and compassion. Remember one of the best things people ever taught you: If you don’t have anything nice to say, just keep it to yourself!!!!



  • anonymous

    reasons why disney is BETTER than nick:
    -it only relies on looks
    -if disney copied nick then why is disney older?
    -they make movies based on books while nick makes mockbusters of the DCOMs
    -if nick is better than why can disney get commercials on the network

  • Lilo

    Nickelodeon and Disney Channel sucks. They were better in the 90′s.


    Victoria Justice sucks big fat cock. She can’t act or sing.