Miley Cyrus: Inside Look at The Last Song

Miley Cyrus: Inside Look at The Last Song

Greg Kinnear gladly gives his on-screen daughter Miley Cyrus a bit of cash for a new dress in this new inside look to their upcoming movie, The Last Song.

Miley, 17, caught up with JJJ recently and told us how she related to her character, Ronnie. She shared, “I was glad I got to have some part in music in the film. It wasn’t necessarily singing, which is what everyone always wants to put me into. ‘Lets give her a singing role;’ I didn’t necessarily want to do that. I don’t want that to always be the thing that I lean on. But I definitely relate to the music. Again, the animals was really cool. Just things that were a little bit of me within the character but also really different. But I think the music was probably the main thing that I related to.”

The Last Song, also starring Liam Hemsworth and Bobby Coleman, opens in theaters on Wednesday, March 31.

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    im so exited i can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want to see this movie because it is Nicholas Sparks & usually his books & the movie made from them are good. I hope it is not all Miley & Liam making out because that would ruin the story. If they want to put on film their “love” so to speak, then they should just do a reality show & get it over with. I hope Miley’s next movies are with different leading men, so that I can see the movie as movie and not a biography of Miley & Liam. I hate when people feel they need to have public displays of affection, like Miley’s & Liam’s make out sessions in Paris on the public streets. I don’t care if it is a celebrity or a private person it is in poor taste.

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    Can’t wait for the movie, I’m sure it’s going to be great =D

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    where do youu get that dress thing shes wearing in this picture?

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