Ashley Greene Will Never Nix Nudity

Ashley Greene Will Never Nix Nudity

Ashley Greene recently caught up with MTV at the 2010 SXSW Festival in Austin earlier this week. Check out what the 23-year-old actress had to say:

On choosing her future roles: “It’s a very different world for me to be thrown into, being able to pick roles and say, ‘Is that good for me?’ What we’re trying to do is build longevity and to showcase what I can do. It’s a little frightening, but it’s a lot of fun to be able to pick and choose. My biggest criteria is to be able to read a script and really care about the characters and be affected by them and want to know what they’re doing and what happens to them next.”

On never saying no to nudity: “I will say, at this moment, nudity in a film is something that does turn me off because of the context that it’s put in in most of the films. It exploits women, and it’s not artistic at all. I won’t say that, down the years, if I find a character and it’s absolutely necessary and it tells a story, I wouldn’t nix it because of that.”

On meeting Lady Gaga: “There’s not too many people I get starstruck by, but I think she’s such an incredible woman, and everything she touches turns to gold. So, I was starstruck. I said, ‘Oh my God, thanks so much for letting me [meet you].’ She actually said to me, ‘I wanted to meet you, and I know who you are.’ Maybe we have a Twilight fan on our hands!”

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  • jbr

    Love ashley ! she is so great !

  • Anna

    now how come when vanessa said she wouldn’t mind going nude in a film some time in the future..she got a bunch of shxt for it?!

  • peggy


    THank you Anna and Ashley had her own picture scandal. Sounds like a race issue to me or people still unable to deal with the fact that Vanessa dates Zac Efron. I actually think both.

    People are alwaye mentioning Vanessa’s but have conveniently forgotten Ashley’s.

  • jessica

    @Anna: because at one point she was a disney star. and alot of people just think of her as that girl in high school musical which is a disney film. so whenever a disney person ever says anything like that they get shit for it. even though she is not with disney anymore.


    @peggy: Sounds like a race issue to me or people still unable to deal with the fact that Vanessa dates Zac Efron. I actually think both.

    It’s not a race issue at all! It is the teen fan syndrome, where they are jealous of Zac’s girlfriend and also her popularity. She is more popular than Ashley G. She was a lead in the HSM series, where as Ashley only plays a minor character. Also, another round of Vanessa’s photos were leaked again from the same time she took the 1st ones. IT IS SAD, because Vanessa was a stupid teen when she did that, like half of the american teens. AND, a lot of kids, fans of disney, were appalled because her character that she portrays, which is nothing like the twilight characters, was a goody goody character.

  • annasaurus

    @Anna: It’s because VHud had 2 sets of leaked photos and her career was built on wholesome Disney goodness. It just seemed to others very hypocritical.

    Ashley Greene on the other hand had really boring photos and the scandal wasn’t really a scandal because she’s a C list celeb. Plus, her photos looked like they were for an anatomy class.

  • Jessy


  • http://! fearless

    @annasaurus: exactly…

    and her paintbody photos are nudity

  • good-one

    Repress sex and nudity in the movies and those will be supplanted with ever more violence. “Make Love Not War” was the anthem of an entire generation. With a diet of movies with ever-escalating violence, what will the current or next generation’s anthem be?

    Ashley Greene displays heroism along with her nudity, in the face of psyops-manufactured hysteria over her display of skin.

    As far as her parroting the mind control-mantra that nudity in the movies exploits women, the mass psychopathy resulting from the shift to violence probably exploits humanity more.

  • jake

    says the girl who leaked nude photos of herself, then posed nude for sports illustrated in barely ANY body paint and is half naked in EVERY photo shoot she does…we’ve seen it all Ashley, no one cares.

  • alicefan

    i love ashley.
    and vanessa isn`t more popular then ashley.
    vanessa is just a disney girl. ashley is a great actress. and a amazing model.
    ashley hot, vanessa not.