Kevin Jonas Dishes on JONAS Season Two

Kevin Jonas Dishes on JONAS Season Two

Kevin Jonas has some secrets up his sleeve about JONAS season two.

The 22-year-old actor dished to TV Guide magazine about what’s happening in season two involving Nicole Anderson, Chelsea Staub and Joe. Check it:

On filming new music sequences: “That was incredible [filming with a helicopter on the rooftop of the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa] — out of control! We never did anything like that last season. It feels like a movie! It was very cool standing there and seeing the Hollywood sign behind us—very appropriate for what this season has to hold.”

On the theme of season two: “It’s a much different show—it’s on location, it will be all over the place. The big idea is we’re spending the summer away in Los Angeles and exploring what this city has to offer. It’s going to be pretty cool—new characters, new storylines…so many different things are going to happen with it. It’s so much more fun and it’s incredible to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun all day. You have this beautiful landscape around you—it’s awesome!”

On the love connections in the series: “I’m not able to say [on Macy and Kevin], but she’s [Macy] definitely a big part of this next season and I think fans will connect with her on a further level. [With Stella and Joe] something very interesting is going to happen with that whole situation. It’s pretty cool!”

ARE YOU EXCITED for JONAS season two?

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  • aya

    im definitely excited for the second season :)

  • Rosiie

    YES!! can’t wait for it!! hopefully there will be macy&kevin and joe&stella stay together!!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Im pretty excited!! I want to see it! I cant wait to see it hahaha greetings from Guatemala!!

  • angela

    I’m so excited for JONAS season two! :D

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Why do the Jonas Brothers thanked Hulk Hogan in their “Jonas Brothers” album??

    I know this question has nothing to do with JONAS but can somebody please answer me…

  • ms. a

    soooooooo excited :) cannot waittt :D ooo and i think Nick and macy cuz of the thing from the beach :)

  • sylvia sterling

    omg i hope macy and kevin or nick get together

  • jessica

    i’ll only watch this stupid show if there acting improved. i know this has nothing to do with the post but if either nick or joe wins the kca for favorite tv actor i will seriously be pissed off. i mean cole and dylan can act way better then them. but since stupid teenies are gonna vote for them over and over they are probably gonna win.

  • Bethany


    Jessica, I think the only actor on Jonas is Kevin. He should have been nominated fer sure. Cant wait for season2

  • maggie

    I don’t know what to expect in this season.. I mean I LOVE Jonas Brothers but I think their acting in this show is TOO MUCH.. slow down a lil bit guys.. it should be more realistic… I’m just saying.

  • m

    Can’t wait!:)

  • hagar

    yes Kevin is the best actor he should’ve been nominated

  • chinese girl

    kevin is awesome———–

    iam looking forward to watching secon season

    love jonas brothers

  • sarah

    i think so too. i was wondering why joe and nick got nominated cuz i really think that kevin is the best actor of them. i love the jonas brothers but they should keep sticking into their music thing.

  • Lo

    macy & nick! It has to happen! :]

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT SEASON OF “JONAS”! AHH!!!!!!! SEASON #2! I hope Joe and Stella goes out, they make a hot couple, JOELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOELLA! I hope Nick JONAS and Macy goes out on dates 2! NACY, NACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOELLA!!!!!!!!! JOELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JOELLA, JOELLA!!!!!!!!!!! NACY AND JOELLA!!!! I LOVE JOELLA BETTER!

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    I hope their will be more singing, more drama, more dancing, and more friends or new cast members!!!!!! I hope Joe and Stella will go out on every episode or make-up, break-up, friends, make-up, break-up, friends, and so on, and so on! But, I hope Joe and Stella will stay 2 gether as a couple! JOELLA!!!!!!!!! I hope there’s more singing and dancing! DUETS! SOLOS! and MUCH MUCH MORE! I LOVE “JONAS”! Hope it will be better than the others, My fav. episodes so far are, “DOUBLE DATE”, “Wrong Song”, and “Exam Jam”!!!!!!!!!!! Hope the other ones are like those 2! YEAH! I’M GONNA WATCH ALL OF THE “JONAS” EPISODES!!!!!

  • Christina Clark- Jonas