Miley Cyrus is Parade Pretty

Miley Cyrus is Parade Pretty

Miley Cyrus smiles sweetly on the newest cover of Parade magazine.

The 17-year-old actress opened up to the mag about falling in love, showing her devotion and saying farewell to Hannah Montana. Check it:

On going to church for herself: “I don’t necessarily define my faith by going to church every Sunday. Because now when I go to church, I feel like it’s a show. There are always cameras outside. I am very spiritual in my own way. Let me make it clear, though”I am a Christian. Jesus is who saved me. He’s what keeps me full and whole. But everyone is entitled to what they believe and what keeps them full. Hopefully, I can influence people and help them follow the same path I am on, but it is not my job to tell people what they are doing wrong.”

On finding love with Liam Hemsworth: “Nick [Jonas] and I were so young. We really did have a genuine love, but it wasn’t like this. We met when I was 12. I didn’t know who I was. I know who I am now and am so content and full of purpose. He [Justin Gaston] was a good person, so carefree. All I know is that I am so happy right now. I wasn’t last summer after I called it off with Justin and went away to film The Last Song. I cried all the way there. The last thing I was expecting to do was to fall in love. I went there thinking the summer was about me and getting focused on my career. But I guess God was like, ‘Girl, here is this amazing guy.’”

On her television guilty pleasure: “I am screwed up in the mind a little bit because I’m not like other 16- or 17-year-old girls. I have no perspective of who exactly my fans are, to tell you the truth. Teenage girls in general are hard for me. I’m not a girl’s girl. And I don’t really watch television at all. But there is one show I’m addicted to: RuPaul’s Drag Race. I love me some RuPaul. I love RuPaul’s motto. It goes something like, ‘A real lady is never bitchy, a real lady is sassy.’”

On saying farewell to Hannah: “What I am sure about is I’m going to rejoice and be happy to finally not have to be…well, to not be somebody I’m not exactly. As I’ve grown into it, I’ve grown out of it. Does that make sense? When I was 12, I thought, ‘I want to be famous all the time! I want everybody to recognize me!’ When they’re putting me in sparkles and in pink this final season, I have to grit my teeth. I can’t breathe looking like that anymore. A friend came by the set one day and said, ‘You don’t look very happy.’ I said, ‘I’m feeling claustrophobic in all these frills.’”

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Miley Cyrus – Parade Photo Shoot

FYI: Miley is wearing a Joan Hornig Trimmings Cuff.

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Photos: Brian Bowen Smith/Parade
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  • leticia


  • sav.

    haha, she said bitchy. that’s cute.

  • hagar

    she looks amazing
    i love the hair color

  • chastity

    Like her hair like this!
    Umm wow.
    “I know who I am now.”
    “I have no perspective of who exactly my fans are”? Riiiight. Okay Miley.

  • leesha


  • alex

    i think i’m going to like her someday.

  • Ashley

    I’m actually starting to like her. She finally sounds normal.

  • yoyo

    OMG i hate that girl but this interview sounds so real maybe I will like her someday but I still think that she’s untalented :D

  • jenny

    @Ashley: I have been a fan of Miley for a long time but I can see that ppl are coming around to like her now, I think Miley has got out of a difficult phase in her life and now their is nothing to stop her from suceeding, it feels like she mow knows what she wants for the future

  • amanda

    There is a lot of photoshop!!!!

  • amy

    i don’t know why she always says she’s been on the show since she was 11 or 12. the show started in march 2006, and say production started about six months beforehand… she still would’ve been 13.

  • m

    She did start really early. She went to audition like every day and by the time she got the role she filmed the pilot episode then about a year later started filming the rest.

  • none

    I am not sure what to think. I have heard people proclaim there faith before and there was nothing Christian about them. To me actions speak louder than words. I would love to sit down with her and find out if she is truely saved or if this is just another P.R. stunt by a hollywood celeb.

  • swiftfan

    I’m glad to hear that she is happy with what she is doing now and I’m sure that as she grows older she will only become better and more confindent. =D

  • amy

    @m: fair enough. i guess personally i wouldn’t consider myself to be (insert whatever role here) until the episodes aired or i had to promote it or something or actually filmed and not just while i was going through auditions. i get her reasoning though, especially when people identify you with a role so strongly it can feel like that.

    i sincerely hope she is successful post hannah though. more shia labeouf, not hilary duff

  • nathalia Braga

    looooooove miley! she’s gorgeous!

  • angeliz

    wow i finally becomin a maley fan !!!!! Shes so mature now … and shes soo real that i really like her …welll i wish her the best after hannah and i hope she keeps being the same person that shes becoming right now……i really hope the best for her ..shes amazing !!!!

    lov & peace !!

  • britt

    I love miam !!!!

  • jenny

    Nice to see people are starting to give miley some support

  • meg

    omg. this girl is such a contradiction. one minute she loves the paps it comes with the territory the next shes scared.! she hates the internet then she post a video on miley world. she was in love with nick, now she was never in love. like omg. she needs to shut up and go away. oh and i forgot in her free time she likes to practice buddism, and pole dance. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF SHE DOSENT LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC? WTF SHE USED TO SING IT

  • victoria

    i love miley and i have since march of 2006 <3

  • zamir

    really now, was the naval (spelling?) Really necessary?
    She looks pretty in some of the pics though

  • none

    @meg: When did she ever say she was into buddism?

  • vanessa


  • meg

    at read the full article or read

  • none

    @meg: I read it. she is fake and no christian.

  • Joochi

    This poor girl is so confused in her head right now that I can see that she’ll be a rebel in her older years. The only good thing she has going for her is her mom is a producer of some sort and she’ll always have connections with getting films as with Kristen Stewart.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @none: Go pLAY IN TRAFFIC KID! U don’t know her or what her religion is so do urself a favor and SHUT THE HELL UP

  • kym

    i wonder if nick feels the same way about them not really knowing wat love is but i guess thats kinda tru wen ur twelve u dont know shit and i shud know i was that two years ago and i still dont know shit.
    and lmfaoo i luvvv ru paul’s drag race fo real everyone who reads this comments needs to go look this up that show is hilarious and awesome.
    i never thought i wud have anything in common with miley cyrus other than our zodiac signs but i guess i was wrong lol

  • none

    @mrsdestinyhope: Yeah I do she calls herself a Christian and she isn’t. She is fake and so is her beliefs.

  • isma

    this girl absolutely DOESN’T know who she is, she says a different thing every minute-make up your mind! and one more thing she’s soooooooooo untalented.!!!!

  • hmm

    you know , i like miley ,until her fans bashes on selena gomez ,i really love selena gomez :) ,but i have to admit ,miley is real ,she’s not some sort of disney robot maniac ,she’s actually a geniune ,pure and honest girl , guess i’m on both team now ,

    GOMEZ&CYRUS all the way :D

  • itsmeagain

    @isma: and what talent do u have besides being a hater? If she were not talented, she would not being show biz hun.

  • DCStarinthemaking

    ugh, so she finally realizes she a hoar? good for her. THANK GOD HANNAH MONTANA IS ENDING, she needs to go too. just away for a while..

  • Meghan

    her hair looks ridiculous. she is a pretty girl but if she took out that fake hair she would look so much better.

  • cassy

    so, she’s completely changed. how is anyone supposed to like her now? i keep trying but what she does and says sometimes >:O

  • olivia

    hi mily love your show it is so halares and i love your songs

  • Jaj

    uuuuuuugh. shutup miley. actions do speak louder than words and so far, your actions are still whispering, not screaming!

>>>>>>> staging1