Selena Gomez & Cameron Quiseng: Bowling Buddies

Selena Gomez & Cameron Quiseng: Bowling Buddies

Selena Gomez gives pal Cameron Quiseng a hug after beating him in a friendly game of bowling at Pinz Bowling Alley in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening (March 16).

The 17-year-old starlet wrote on her Twitter after the game, “I won… @CameronAllStar Just sayin. Lol. Oh and we made new friends tonight, they joined us.”

Also joining the group were Gregg Sulkin, Selena‘s cousin Brandon and Jennifer Stone.

Cameron is the bass player of AllStar Weekend, who are currently touring with Emily Osment. Check out their official website for more tour dates!

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Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • lulu

    aw, selena looks really happy! I don’t think I’ve seen her like this for a long time actually! And is there a bit of i-really-want-to-hold-your-hand look here? x x x

  • sellythebest

    selena is so gorgeous, looks so pretty, well as always…. i love her…

  • pauli

    yayyy i love when i see my baby girl smile, shes sooo adorable…..

  • pauli

    and as always sel looks so pretty, shes definitely the best…..

  • pauli

    @lulu hahaha youre right… so true!

  • jenny

    Let me guess she is now going to be “rumoured” to be going out with him then…………. WOW all the gossips sites follow this boring pattern … so predictable

  • mika

    I’m starting to realize that she wears a lot of revealing things. Very subtle, but you can see it in the low cut and see through shirts.

  • nena

    Does she have on 2 purses?

  • wow


    If you call that revealing you must not have seen one of her contemporaries (I won’t mention her name) in her very very very reavealing clothing. Selena is a normal teen & dresses just fine – don’t start drama.

  • hagar

    ok i was going to say look how great she looks and all but really you got on my nerve
    she is indeed wears aloooooooot low cuts and see through shirts ( and thats ok coz thats what girls do at her age ) but if your ok with it why are you criticizing (that girl you wont mention her name) be fair
    I love them both they are great

  • jessica

    shes so pretty.

  • pauli

    @wow hahaha im so agrre with you, seriosuly haters are so funny they has so much jelous of gorgeous selena and shes so perfect and amazing that nothing wrong with her, sooo haters says such stupid things, revealing things? seriouly? hahahaha i just wondering what mika think about fat and horrible miley who always dresses so trashy and looks like a crao trying to be sexy but looks ridiculuos shes so ordinary…. hahahahahaha haters made my day are soooo funny!!!

  • qayla


    There’s a video of them leaving the bowling alley and you can see that they are holding hands.

    At first I couldn’t see it but people were posting about it (diff site) and I went back and checked.

    Don’t matter if she is dating him, she is happy and that is all that matters.

  • chastity

    YES! Go Selena!

    oh my gosh. this girl deserves a guy who will treat her like a princess. thank GOD she is not with Nick J anymore. he is horrible. yes, he’s cute and smart and charming, but in relationships, he’d be vain, insecure, and maybe even controlling.

    honestly, i’ve never heard of this Cameron guy. but she seems to be happy with him so IF they want to be more than just friends… i’m a supporter of Sameron or whatever their couple name would be. say, how do you guys come up with the couple names?! haha

  • yoyo

    She’s so pretty…She should date a hot rapper :D Like Bow Wow no she’s too gorgeous for this world :D
    Love that girl

  • Tyra

    She deserves a guy who treat her like a princess not lika that ugly nick …She was perfect with Taylor Lautner I heard that they’re back I hope so she can kick Miley’s a$$ Taylor is the hottest guy on planet

  • cheesecakefortaylor


    What are you talking about? She dresses normal unlike other slµtty Disney stars ;)
    I love her style can’t wait ofr her clothing line !!!

    And she looks so happy love her smile it makes me smile she’s so beautiful God gave her so much

  • p.diddy

    I realize that the paparazzis now started to follow her like they do it with Miley LET HER LIVE MAN!
    But still she looks hot only good disney star

  • freezy


    agree!!!Nick is just horrible I hate him she deserves a much better guy like Taylor :D I’m forever for Taylena no couple can top this no zanessa no Miam maybe Brangelina but in yound hollywood TAYLENA IS DA BEST!

  • bebe


    hahahahah bow wow I don’t think so he’s a player but yeah he’s hot :)
    Any one know what bow wow is doing right now? so long I don’t heard from him I miss him :( Next album? Is he still very famous?

    By the way selena is looking lovely as always i love her

  • jessica

    @pauli: why do you always have to bash miley? why did you even mention her at all. this is a selena post, in case you forgot. so please keep miley out of this.

  • my

    @mika: Shut up and stop hating at least she doesn’t wear shorts even when its cold like miley.

  • Alexandra

    Why don’t you mention Michael Martinez? He was there too and he is the drummer for Allstar Weekend! BTW i really don’t think Selena and Cameron are dating :)

  • lulu

    @mika: it’s not revealing at all! she’s just wearing a vest top with a cardigan, loads of girls wear them! she’s anything but a slut! just leave her alone!

  • alexandra

    @Lixxy_B: shut up Cameron is actully really sweet :) Me sister I talked to Cameron one time on the phone and he was extremly nice! I don’t want him to date Selena Gomez though because Cameron and my sister seriously belong together she is so in love with him ♥

  • hello Ppl were saying that they were holding hands and they were!!!! so cute its really fast because they saw the paps so they let go but its only few secons around 0:14 so cute i love her . now shes a good role

  • teo

    Sel looks really happy and its awesome. She has a lot of success and its good that she has some free time to hang out with her “real” friends. :)

  • http://deleted lalaloo


    I want Logan Lerman and Selena Gomez!!!

  • wow

    ok i was going to say look how great she looks and all but really you got on my nerve
    she is indeed wears aloooooooot low cuts and see through shirts ( and thats ok coz thats what girls do at her age ) but if your ok with it why are you criticizing (that girl you wont mention her name) be fair
    I love them both they are great
    to answer your question – it is because Selena dresses like a lady and not a sl-t & yet the other girl gets praised for her sl-ty behavior & clothes or whatever you call those ripped rags she wears & Selena gets picked on because those worshipers of the other girl think she is dating Nick. I hope Selena dates someone who really loves her and treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

  • pauli

    @wow just ignore all the stupid haters everybody knows selena is gorgeous, amazing and extremly talented, haters are just extremly jelous cause her idol is a L….. hahahaha

  • Athena

    selena gomez is just an amzaing person. i love her to death even though i havent meet her or know her but i know she would be and AWESOMEEEE PERSON. SHE IS AN AWESOME AND AMAZING ROLE MODEL ;D

  • Athena

    SELENA GOMEZ IS AWESOME, she does deserve a goood guy that treats her well :)
    and i agree with you @wow

  • qayla


    You heard that Taylor Lautner and Selena are back together???

    OMG! Really?!!! YYaaaaaaaaaay :)

    They were so cute together! <3 TAYLENA

  • Taylena

    & @Tyra

    Reaallyyyyy?? Aaaahh that would be amazing :D Because all other guys are ugly haha except Logan but Taylor is way hotter


  • hagar

    I’m not a hater. I actually love selena and her show but i also love miley very much and i said that they are both great.
    so don’t hate on my i’m just stating facts.

  • Jasmin

    Selena is THY Best.
    Such a fun and talented young woman!

  • Elizabeth

    They are so darn adorable, cute together. But seriously, Who doesn’t look good with Selena by their side..? Nick doesn’t deserve a girl like Selena .. in my opinion she deserves someone much, much better.!!!!

  • Belu!!

    i love you selena!!
    you’re the one and the best

  • mEL

    Sel is ADORABLE. I love her…but she can do a lot better, lol. She’s out of his league. He’s not very attractive at all. Got a little acne goin’ on to o_O Hello, there are ways to treat that!

    About the Miley-Selena argument in the comments…Selena is anything but revealing, hahah. She’s almost 18 anyway! She can do what she wants. But thankfully, she doesn’t do anything like Miley. Miley is a little younger too! And she started to dress inappropriately since she was 14.

  • Kim

    Cameron’s the right guy XD Just kidding, but who knows? He’s really down to earth.

  • dIINA

    Oooh Soo cute ,they can form a beautiful couple !! (l)
    I love Cameron !!

  • Katie

    THIS is exactly why she’s afraid to tell us when she’s dating someone. Poor Sel… she can’t just date and have fun and be a normal 17 year old girl like the rest of us. Leave her alone.

  • chaingangsuperstar

    yea selena duz look a lot happier than she used 2. she iz so pretty. but i still dnt think dat her and cameron would make the best couple. tha only reason she iz so happy iz cuz cameron iz hysterical and goofy. he could make any girl laugh. i still think dat her taylor make tha cutest couple. cameron iz way hot but i dnt think he should get w/ her.

  • Dara

    I love that boy. I remember seeing this a year ago and being SO jealous of her. Selena is my role model and I respect her so much, but Cameron is my man. (: I’ve met him twice and he is such a genuinely sweet guy, such a gentleman. HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY CAMERON! Love you! (: <3

  • ally

    In a way I think Cameron deserves a way better girlfriend, my opinion. Personally. Cameron maybe happy but honestly hes way to hot to have a girl like Selena. ( Love ya, Cameron! )

  • brooke


  • brooke