Jonas Brothers Live Chat Today!

Jonas Brothers Live Chat Today!

The Jonas Brothers are hitting the couch and booting up their laptops to chat with their fans this afternoon.

The musical trio — Nick , Joe and Kevin — will be answering questions about their new short series, Jonas Brothers: Living The Dream 2.

The series, which premieres THIS Sunday @ 8:55PM ET/PT on Disney Channel, follow the brothers as they head into the first leg of their European tour and into their other passions including favorite charities and how they stay fit and healthy.

The live webchat will start @ 3PM PT/6PM ET on Ustream, or you can plant yourself right here on JJJ and watch below!

Jonas Brothers Live Chat
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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    AHHHHH im soooo excited for the live chat today!!!
    uk time 10pm :) Love them

  • mishel

    I can not wait

    I am very excited for this


  • JJ

    can’t wait

  • ally

    Can’t Waaaaaaaaaiiit :D

  • marilyn

    Woohoo I love seeing them all come together. Sadly I’ll just be watching it when people put it up on youtube, because my computer likes to freeze and be slow. :/

  • lulu

    that’s 10 uk time, at least it’s not midnight this time! x x x

  • rachel :)

    Wow Hoew fun!!
    Hiya people i would just like to ask does it actualy work??? x

  • http://msn amy besley

    hey howdo u acterally speak to tem

  • maggie

    Typical of the JoBros.. they only do a freaking webcast when an album comes out.. a movie.. and now only cuz a new series is coming out.. why not doing a web-cast I don’t know every month or so.. to see what your fans are up to?? I used to get excited about this web-cast but I just realize why they make one.. FOR MORE AND MORE PUBLICITY.. with means more money!

  • christy

    So happy about this webcast. They are so good to their fans.

  • Yo.

    Can someone please post it on YouTube please.
    It will be greatly appreciated!

  • susu

    they are so hot !!!!!!!! i love u nick !!!!!!!!!!! cant wait and congrats kevin

  • xJonasGurl27

    :) yeaah; love the joans bros.
    but how do you actually talk to them?
    i would just DIE if they said my name;; [Bailey}

  • Jordan loves nick!

    can u plz say hi jordan!

  • Gabby

    he is going to marry me one day(:
    just watch.

  • jessica

    who gives a damn.

  • Sonia

    @maggie: They have busy lives, they can’t make every fan happy…deal with it

  • yanitzalee

    Well I’m here for friends. so u want to know who I am check my photos and write to me when u can.

  • miaka

    I love joe he is the hottest man alive, I wanna marry him

  • http://gmail Angie goroyia

    The guys barely have enough time to breathe, they are so busy.
    We should really be saying thank you for trying to make a live
    chat for us to enjoy.

  • http://gmail Angie

    The guys barely have enough time to breathe, they are so busy.
    We should really be thanking them for making the time for a
    live chat for us to enjoy.

  • Isabella

    omg when are the jonas brothers coming to Australia make sure it soon .. cant wait

  • Isabella

    it is like 9:00pm is Australia not 3:40am seriously boys you have to come to Australia .. make sure you come to Adelaide and Sydney and Canberra .. then i will love yous even more


    i love these boys!!!

  • (L)mider & joSEPH (L)

    JOE you are my live and you are the best in my world.


  • Maria

    They really will sacrifice for their fans. They can stil do a live chat when they are on set.That is pretty amazing.I watched it and it was okay but i would have been more fun with joe in it.HA HA

  • faranak

    thx for ur program they r so good

  • Grace simmons

    I cant believed i missed you guys!!!!! you guys are the best and i love elvis your dog nick!!!!! so cute and i also have a golden retriever but hes called rupert!!!!! You Guys were amazing at wembley and did you guys enjoy it????? xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • queensy

    i a biggest fan in the world i love you jonas and my best frind too

  • queensy

    i was a biggest fan in the world i love you and my best friend too

  • 1 fan of the jonas brothers

    ‘re a perfect guy for my fun, romantic, cute, sweet and kind who would not want to tell someone like you I love you !!!!! adam jonas josep i kid you perfect daddy !!!!!!

  • kelsea1987

    if u had a dream girl who would it be
    if u had a frist date where would it be at

  • kelsea1987

    if u had a dream date who would it be

  • mikayla$

    joe is so hot

  • http://jonas chantelle

    y u guys get2 be stars and not other country ppl im africans and never listened 2 maybe this msg wont even deliver 2 im just trying and u ppl dont even try im 14 and ust want 2 act and sing but neva gets a chance and o nick is hot and tell him that 2 mwah love chantelle

  • Jordan

    Omg i met Nick that day in that button down shirt. He is so amazing and talented. I love you Nick!

  • Margo

    i ♥ the jonas brothers

  • Margo

    i ♥ the jonas brothers !!
    Joe , Nick , Kevin & Frankie !! ♥

  • Christina

    Hi! jonas congradulation look can you come in curacao its a isla everybody is waiting for you gus my mom says that i have a graet voise but i dont know if she is talking the truthcan you help me??? everybody is counting on you

  • Christina

    Hi congradulation im happy for you
    you must be proud look ive been kidnap by tree man oops i gotta go helppppppppppppppppppppp

  • sarah szabo

    i love ya

  • Ana silva

    i never know when the nonas brothers have a live chat, can you send me an email please :)

  • MariaElena

    Hey guys!!

  • nick lover

    nick are u mileys boy friend and had a child wit her?

  • http://http//;helenawoman helena

    hi jonas brothers i love you nick joe and kevin .how are you doing

  • http://http//;helenawoman helena


  • http://http//;helenawoman lipozaki

    hi jonas i love nick

  • http://http//;helenawoman lipozaki

    hi jonas brothers hoe are you doing ??????????? i am from greece i love you nick joe and kevin jonas i love you joe is hot bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    hello guys I love good for me are the best I found out that it will come to mexico and I’m Mexican and I hope that my parents would take me well know I never genealogical and land ‘to a concert but I hope to go on this occasion your music guys is mega genealogical me all his songs are I like to congratulate you kevin burnin up k is a k Luela we are aiga jonas married but if you’re happy we’ll be the joantikas keremos you like nick and kevin joe k I love you’re the best and I hope you are well guys are my favorite artists and I hope to meet kuidan bye and children kiero mucho bye att: ale hernandez aviles your number 1 fan love you bye

  • diana

    hi joe u are really really really really really hot. i love u joe

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