Selena Gomez & Joey King: Ramona & Beezus Trailer!

Selena Gomez & Joey King: Ramona & Beezus Trailer!

Selena Gomez, Joey King and Hutch Dano get their dance on in the new trailer for their upcoming film, Ramona and Beezus.

The movie follows the misadventures of young grade schooler Ramona Quimby (King), based on Beverly Cleary’s popular children’s book series.

The flick even features a new song by Selena called “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK — Will you go see Ramona & Beezus?

“Ramona & Beezus” Official Trailer
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  • listen to mayday parade

    Josh Drumal <3 <3 <3

    And Sandra Oh is Canadian and form Greys. I love Selena but in all reality i wont see this movie.

  • Liz N


  • Maila

    It looks so cute.

  • hagar

    I love her but i wanted to see her in more teen more than kiddy movie
    but she is great anyway love her..

  • koolkat

    @listen to mayday parade: Then you SUCK, because this movie is gonna be amazing! :D

    Love Selena!!

  • blaireb

    @hagar: um, it’s called a FAMILY movie. and family movies are incredible, like the parent trap, matilda, the little rascals, home alone, etc.

  • Sarah

    The trailer looks amazing, can’t wait for it to premiere!

  • jessica

    wow this trailer looks amazing. i will definitly see this. shes such an amazing actress.

  • ashley

    @listen to mayday parade: it duhmal lol

  • ashley

    @listen to mayday parade: i lied to you, not on purpose hehe. its duhamel

  • teo

    Of course I am going to see this movie :) Selena and Joey look so cute… they seem real sisters <3 I am sure this movie is gonna be a success like everything selena does.

  • mikiimol

    love selena! i want so bad see that movie

  • listen to mayday parade

    @ashley: haha its cool either way he is smokin hot! :)

  • pauli

    yayyy im so excited for this movie…. gonna be amazing…

  • rumi


  • cheesecakefortaylorandselena

    @Liz N:

    Then go and die :/

    This movie is gonna be a SMAH HIT!

  • taylena

    Wow it looks cool much better than The Last Song actually I’m not going to see TLS because Miley is in it and she’s a bad actress and Selena is an amazing actress and this movie don’t look boring
    looooove my seleeena:D

  • hayley


    Teen movies are kinda family movies and this is one!
    Selena rox!

  • freezy

    Wonderful can’t wait!!!

  • p.diddy

    Joey is a little cutie but nothing compare to my Selena ;)

  • angel


  • bfes

    cant wait to see it,love selena

  • ParisLovesSelena

    When will it come out in Paris?
    So excited I love Selena she’s already a superstar here in France

  • Selbetterthanmiley

    aaawww amazing! I love Selena her upcoming movies are gonna be hits so happy for her!!!

  • zara

    Why I love her so much? Everything she does I love! She’s just so amazing!

  • RamonaAndBeezusSupport


  • neelmani

    looks really cute…..definitely will watch because of josh duhamel and selena gomez

  • albertina

    yes i will!! i think the movie is so cute and funny, and all selena’s projects end up being really well done, she’s amazing! so my answer is yes i’m going to see it!

  • ashley

    @listen to mayday parade: HECK YEAAAAAAAAH !

  • Hmm..

    Well, I think it looks like a cute movie. But i dont think that it is one that interests me. Im NOT saying its a bad movie just that it is not my type . I think they chose good actors and actresses for it though !

  • none

    The movie looks promising but I have watched these kind of family friendly movies before. I will with hold my oppions until I’ve watched it.

  • jessica

    Joey King <3

  • swiftfan

    Hope it is a good movie…i love selena!

  • bebrinet

    I love you selena !

  • my

    This movie is awesome.

  • Cassie

    Of course I will go see the movie. Selena is an awesome actress. I love her laughs. Cant wait

  • Jasmin

    OMG! I’ve been waiting for this trailer for like EVER!
    It looks AWESOME and FUNNY/
    Selena and Joey are the BEST!
    I’m totally going to watch this movie!

  • itsmeagain

    I hate to sound rude, but ,There’s no story line in this at all….
    Good thing Selena is there, other wise this movie looks like a FLOP. Hopefully her future movies are not as cheesy as this.

  • V

    this movie’s based on a famous book, it’s a classic, so I’m pretty sure there’s a plot. :D

  • Emma

    Arr Yang’s in it from Grey’s [Sandra Oh], good cast, the film looks cute, but i doubt i’ll go to the cinema to watch it, maybe when it’s on the TV

  • casezy

    vote for selena for kid choice award :)…

  • claire

    looks really good!!!! theres a lot of “famous” people in this!!

  • pauli

    definitely this movie gonna be a huge hit…. i really cant wait for july23

  • Serena

    I’m so excited for this movie! Both Selena and Joey are such great actresses, and I’ve always loved the book series. :)

  • blaireb

    @itsmeagain: there IS a plot to this movie, you idiot. there’s gonna be another trailer that will tell us more about the characters and storyline.

  • maria

    i adore josh duhamel! i will definitely see it, it seems good
    i have a good feeling that it´ll be worth my time
    and besides, the cast is great!

  • Elizabeth

    Love the song ‘Live Like There’s No Tomorrow’ by Selena G. :D Cant wait to get it off of iTunes!! Also I’m definitely watching the movie more than once .. :)))

  • jenna

    probably not going 2 see it but it does look ok and selena’s song sounds good.

  • anonymous

    love the girl! she is such a great actress!

    and for all those that want her to do “mature” roles, just be patient. after all this is her first feature film, theres more to come!

  • Cassandra

    @taylena: Do you really have to bring Miley into this?

>>>>>>> staging1