Justin Bieber is a Billboard Boy

Justin Bieber is a Billboard Boy

Justin Bieber holds a boombox high above his head as he covers the latest issue of Billboard magazine.

The 16-year-old signer opened up about not wanting to be the next Hannah Montana, playing MSG and the comments he hears about himself from peers. Check it:

On the things he hears about being just a teen pop fad: “There’s more people that like me than there are who hate me, so I kind of brush it off,” he says. “People say, ‘Oh, people just like him because he’s pretty.’ Or the funniest one: ‘When he goes through puberty, he’s not going to be a good singer anymore. How does that make sense when we’ve seen people like Michael Jackson and Usher and Justin Timberlake and all these famous singers do it?”

On not wanting to try acting: “I don’t want to do the Hannah Montana thing.”

On playing Madison Square Garden: “I just think that I have enough fans, so I could pull in the people. I don’t really get nervous anymore. I’ve already performed at Madison Square Garden, and I’ve performed for an hour before. What’s the difference?”

Bigger cover inside…

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  • Rosiie

    awww he looks so cute!!! love him!!

  • angela

    Kind of full of himself isnt he?

  • jessica

    he looks like such a little boy in that pic. but hes still cute.

  • http://www.bridgitmendleronline.org CLICKonME

    Can”t stand this LITTLE GIRL

  • Whoa

    Huh…kind of cocky, isn’t he? Don’t let success get to your head, kid…. and one way of doing that is by not bashing on other teen stars, especially not ones that have been around for so long and have such a strong fan base, like Miley Cyrus. Yes, she did “the Hannah Montana thing”, but she’s more than proved that she can have a very successful career without it.

  • rock_chick_chic

    michael jackson, usher and justin timberlake have talent, that is why they still had fans after puberty, this little twit has no talent.

    also how does he know more people like him than hate him? has he asked everyone on the planet, or has he just asked girls under the age of 16.

  • ashley

    @angela: hes getting to that point=/

  • M

    I agree Angela, kinda getting a bit cocky isn’t it. He hasn’t accomplished anything yet, so he needs to stay humble.

  • Bieber Obsessed

    I love him!!
    And hate haters!
    Whoo, Go Justin!
    He looks sexy ;)

  • angeliz

    w3ell hes an amazing singer ….and he desrves the best of the world..welll and i prettysure the he can great thing with his talent…..I justin and hes musik!!!! I really hope one day he can win a billboard..ohh an please dont do acting …..be a real singer !!m pleaseeeeeeeeee!

  • good-one

    What makes Justin Bieber a class act is his thoughtful acts toward his fans. He gives flowers and sweets and generous meet ‘n’ greet photo ops with fans, etc.

    So what if he wears his hair soft and doesn’t yet display chiseled features like say, Dolph Lundgren? He is true to himself. That is authenticity.

    Justin Bieber is right about the traps like Hannah Montana posed for Miley Cyrus. More specifically, that trap was stereotyping. Movies and television have a long history of stereotyping groups in society. Blacks endured decades of racially stereotyped roles in the movies patterned after the aw shucks Amos ‘n’ Andy roles of early television. The Simple South stereotype was evident in Hannah Montana, although Miley’s character was not without wealth. But The Beverly Hillbillies represents another such similar stereotype.

    Less obvious to young people is that kids are regularly stereotyped in the media, although few realize it enough to object..

    Kudos to Miley for figuring it out and props to Justin for realizing that something is not quite right with such roles.

  • bst

    @good-one: Stop trying to sound smart, all that stereotype bs has nothing to do with it -.-

    I like justin’s music and i would probably go to one of his concerts , but i’m starting to dislike him more and more. Just because he’s getting a bit to arrogant…

  • Lu

    @angela: Finally someone else notices it.

  • lulu

    how did I know before I scrolled down he would have that stupid look on his face? “I have more lovers than haters!” pshh yeah! Urgh, he’s so full of himself! Can’t stand him!

  • kennedy

    i mean hes hot ,wonderful singer but a little to early
    yo say some things.but he is right


  • Lisa

    whats wrong with you people,hes speaking the truth.there are more lovers than haters.usher & mj was famous when they were little & now they are soo old.they are still a success.hes doing nothing wrong & hes not full of himself at all.he always puts his fans first so stfu

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com viviana

    well of course hes gonna get a little cocky…if u got that many gurls freakin tryna do idk wat of course thats gonna effect u!! dont get me wrong i love love love justin! (im defending him duhh..)

  • me.

    is the Hannah Montana comment really neccessary? i agree with him, but he shouldn’t have said that. he’s not a huge star yet. if he keeps being like this, wait one year and no one will remember him anymore. btw, i like him…but his attitude makes me kinda, ehhhh…

    @viviana: WTF?! just look at zac efron or robpat or even taylor lautner (whom i don’t like). they’re HUUUUUGE stars but still really humble.

  • Zac

    Does this mean he admits to not having gone through puberty yet?! And he is what 16?! HAHAHA

  • lucy

    a bit cocky there. i think he needs to come back down to earth where he is a teen singer who isnt as big as beyoncey (cant spell it sorry!) or even miley cyrus for that well! atleast her interviews arent this bad. but girl will still like him because hes ‘pretty’ im a 16 year old girl and cant stand him! his musics alright but him as a person seems big headed!

  • blu

    exactly what i thought. kik needs to grow up.

  • blu

    huhauhauhuahuahuah. i can only laugh at this

  • blu

    lmao. thank you!

  • kennedy

    @Lisa: your so right give him a break

  • alex

    who does he think he is, Miley Cyrus is way more famous than him. He crazy.

  • Alex

    Rock_chick_chic is right. Michael Jackson, Usher, and Justin Timberlake actually had talent to begin with; this guy has zip. And he does sound rather cocky, doesn’t he? But I have to say, the Hannah Montana crack made me laugh.

  • halle

    his voice is too high, he sucks, he is not an artist he is a singer. he will fade away

  • nikki

    He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!! I just can’t wait till I get his cd soon!!!!!!!!! This is for the people who thinks he’s a girl: YOU ARE SOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!!! he’s not a girl and i think that is offencive though….. and I have lots of pics of him on my cell phone…… my friend at school thinks he’s a babe! LOL

    nikki Peace Out peeps peace+smile+love=4eva=)(=

  • http://myspace lucillenguyenn@l.

    poor miley but i think that he is right

  • http://facebook taylah

    ur rite rosiie he isz cute and i luv him 2!

  • http://facebook taylah

    @halle: he does not suck and hes voice isz not too high, i luv it th way it isz! u go suck a duck

  • Agata

    Justin is so sweet and sexy !! I love him < 3 ;) he has a perfect voice and he look very well ( he is beautyful) !! Bieber 4- ever !! < 3 ( i’m from Poland ;D and Justin in my country has tousen’s fan’s ;D ) Justin please ! You must go to Poland!! ;D

  • the hater bieber’s haters

    oh, come on,, why you all said that he suck, oh come on guys,, look at ur self.. maybe u all kind suck..!!!
    why u have to hate him???

    @ taylah : u rite,

    go suck a duck..!!!


  • Manuela

    i dont wanna offend anyone im just going to speak my mind .. he has talent , he has the face , he had the voice . Yes it may be high but if you wre a true fan you wouldnt stop listening to it cause his voice changed you care about the music , lyrics , emotions .. if you knew me you would know that not all boys voices are the same ,some may be deeper than other thers people whos voice slittly changes but its still the same may be jb has gone threw pprdy. for boys puperty means voice deepens ‘ not neccessarly ‘ it means it gets deeper but it can be alil or alot , basically its a process threw voice chanfe thats all & what if he wont be that tall. Think about it have you seen someone whos really – short for there age..? If yes , see . Everyones bodys different. I think that when he stared the ‘ hannah montana thing ‘ it soundef offensive but i mean he can say what he wants to say . He probobly ment something along the lines of he dsnt want to act, and sing then go back and forth, he wants to stick with one.’ The I have more fans then haters ‘ i know that if you wre a singer in this case you would know if you had more followers then haters . my answer i think he has more followers. thank you for your time . no offense to anyone .

  • Vanessa

    Losers!! Get a life!

  • Misa

    Really You guys , Im starting to LIKE him now. :P He’s a Teenage Boy. You expect him to giggle, wipe his snot with a cloth and bake cookies?!

  • ryan

    lol. love how he admits he hasn’t been through puberty yet at the age of 16!!

  • melissa

    ahh yes no talent. I’d like to see you haters sing like he does. I’d like to see you TEACH yourself how to play the guitar, drums, piano and trumpet, be good at sports, get straight A’s and be able to dance like he does. So check your facts before you hate on him. Just because he has a high voice does not mean it isnt a good voice, and just because hes small and looks ‘pretty’ does not mean hes a girl -.-
    I love JB, but i have to admit he does sound slightly cocky in this interview. Also, he’s said he wants to pursue some acting, as he has done a bit in the past (True Jackson, SchoolGyrls) so i think this quote was misinterpreted. He doesnt want to be classed as a ‘disney star’ which is understandable.

  • ari

    i honestly cant stand the kid. but i really dont care for his style of music.
    #1. who does he think he is with the boom box, John Cusack? [sorry, i had to point that out, first thing i noticed] i know its a prop and all, but he wasnt even alive when Say Anything came out and doubt he even knows the movie. and by the time he was listening to music, they probably wernt making them like that anymore.
    #2. with all the new artists popping up, how does he know he wont be replaced by some other 16 year old baby faced kid? it happens all the time. you have a hit, maybe a few, then next thing you know your on VH1′s one hit wonders of the 80s, 90s, or in his case 00s.

    and he does sound cocky, and thats never a good thing. your 16, grow up a bit, dont be saying rude things about your peers. sure they may do it, but does that make them look good? no.

  • matt

    I love you justin <3

  • Justinbieberbaby1234 (nikki)

    ok here is one thing :

    I LOVE HIM HE IS A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haters lay off


  • Justinbieberbaby1234 (nikki)

    @Vanessa: Ok this is for u u Vanessa U ARE A WEIRDO YOU DON”T TELLS OME THAT THEY ARE A LOSER THAT MAY OFFEND THEM OK?and if u did listen to him u would know. I am not going to blow up like I did when I was yelling at Lindsey.so yeah I am not going to yell or anything.

>>>>>>> staging1