Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin' U Music Video!

Miranda Cosgrove - Kissin' U Music Video!

Check out Miranda Cosgrove‘s new music video for “Kissin’ U!”

The 16-year-old filmed the music video on the beach in Santa Monica earlier this month.

According to THR, Miranda just inked a new deal with Nickelodeon to film an extra 26 episodes for iCarly.

iCarly‘s most recent one-hour special, “iSaved Your Life” pulled in 12.4 million viewers, the network’s highest-rated and most-watched live-action telecast ever.

Congrats, Miranda!

Miranda Cosgrove – “Kissin’ U” Music Video
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  • Anna

    this girl needs to um..not sing. im serious, i don’t think anyone can look more awkward than she does in a music video. also in that raining sunshine video. *cringe*

  • Sam

    The video is adorable, she looks gorgeous and her voice sounds really good (it usually sounds too computerized) oh and the guy is super hot.

  • 2bedatcool

    so pretty and i love it cant wait for her cd

  • stupidfans

    @anna she does look really awkward performing in her music videos. kinda ehhh

  • Benjamin

    I think this music video is totally miranda, and I agree about how all of her other songs are too computerized. It is a totally different sound. She deserves the best. Way to go miranda.

  • monica

    She looks really cute and so does the guy. I like his hair, flippy approval.

  • jessica

    what kind of a video is this. its so corny and just plain retarded. it sucks. well what do you expect. the song sucks so of course the video is gonna suck too.

  • jessica

    and she is soo awkward in her music videos. it just makes the video so hard to watch.

  • nessa

    I love her. I also love her style she one of my favorite actress.

  • http://icalry allison.pfeifer

    ke your yiedo now and the mazeazon tooo

    i like your smling

    cal me at


  • brenna

    don’t like her clothes at all but miranda sounds better than most stars her age that try singing. i like this song and a bunch of her others as well. good job miranda!

  • james

    Miranda looks so hawt!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this song. This video is so cool. Miranda has the best voice of any of these teen girls.

  • Samantha

    she should go and find another job, Acting & singing- not her thing.

  • angeliz

    ohh i lov her nnew musik video….is totally different from waht she hv done bfore and is just more mature.. and it haas a good messege !!! I lov the way she sings and i cant defenitely wait for her to come on tour sooo i can go see her !!

    Way to miranda !! ur the best !!
    ……ohhh and plezzz dont waste ur time readin haters comments….u rgreat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keN

    .. .. .. .. ?Still break’n records on ICarly,
    new (first) album coming soon, Congratz..!
    Luv the vid and your song, U R have’n a blast.!
    . . . . . . . . . “keepitoniCarly” . . . . . . . . .

  • melanie

    She looks so beautiful and I love her clothes! Miranda has the best style out of all the other young girls out there.

  • demilover

    really cool…totally original! loveee it! great job miranda! keep it up!

  • http://www.aol.com ashley tisdale fannnnn

    whos the guy?? hes hottt

  • Alex

    It sounds like every other pop song in the world, to be honest. And no Miranda Cosgrove fans, I’m not insulting her; I’m just saying that her music isn’t anything special. If that’s offensive to you then so be it, but I really can’t stand it when I read the comments about how we shouldn’t insult these girls who have no vocal range at all. The comments usually go something like this: “u shouldn’t make fun of herr! shes trying her best!”
    Just to be clear, it shouldn’t matter whether or not she’s trying her best; if she doesn’t have the voice for singing then she should stick to something else she is good at. Maybe my opinion would be different if her lyrics had been so contrived and hackneyed. Again, I’m just stating my opinion and before someone asks why I listened to the video if I don’t like Miranda, no, I don’t dislike her. I clicked on the song with an open mind and decided I didn’t like it listening.

  • Alex

    *after listening

  • mikae

    she sings better then taylor swift…and we all know she cant sing so anything is possible

  • Estefanía

    I love it, i just can’t stop listening to this song
    i think miranda is getting more mature and professional, she has a beautiful voice and she is beauty so i think she is going to go far on her career :)

  • nikki

    umm… MIRANDA U ROCK!!!!! I like the dress u wear during the video.AND SHE IS NOT BETTER THAN TAYLOR SWIFT GUYS!!!!!! THEY ARE EQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t see why you guys don’t like her. And miranda is pretty and sings and acts really well. Miranda is one of the prettiest girls too. I like this song and it’s raining sunshine!!!!! WHOOO Go miranda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nikki PEACE OUT PEEPS!!!!! peace+smile+love=4eva =)(=

  • http://dancestarsblog.blogspot.com Dance_Stars

    I love the video. She has a great voice. and she is so pretty!
    :) You go Miranda. Love it

  • Not_a_fan

    Kinda funny how they can get away with depicting a 16 year old girl having a love affair with some 25 year old guy she meets on a beach.

  • http://mirandacosgrovenewmusicvideokissingu uzma hussain

    i love you miranda cosgrove and i love her soooo much

  • cassy


    god you’re annoying.

  • pauli

    take notes selena this is a music video shot in the real world with actors and location shoots and wardrobe changes not a single camera and green scene.

  • pauli

    P.S. selena, miranda is on a real record label(Columbia) not a record label owned by the network she works for.

  • http://www.metroflog.com/jennette_m_mccurdy jocelin

    me vale caca Miranda Cosgrove Jennette es el mejor le gana jajajajaja odio una Miranda Es una mierda me vale ok me vale

  • sunny_girl

    ummmm….. miranda looks really pretty in the vid!!!! i usually dislike her songs but i really like this one!!! OMG and the GUY LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!! I LOVE HIS HAIR!!! but yeah he looks much older than miranda

  • http://aol.com sunny_girl

    LOVE THE VID!!!!! she looks really pretty. ummm…. i usually dont like her songs they kinda seem fake but i like this one cuz it sounds like her actual voice. i also think the GUY LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! HE IS SO HOT!!!!!!! AND LOVE HIS HAIR!!!! but yeah he seems much older than miranda. but still she deserves the best!!! ROCK ON !!!!

  • http://aol.com sunny_girl

    sorry that one was an accident cuz i thought it wasnt on the thing well anyway people get on with ur lives dont mind this but definetly read the 1st sunny_girl one or instead u can read the second your choice!!!

  • http://icalry allison.pfeifer

    i like your new vieo today

    how are you today

    you are so funny and wied today

    do you have a boy freand


  • Drew

    shut up, she’s awesome. let’s see YOU sing. Then we’ll all comment on how YOU you shouldn’t sing

  • http://VioletSoalno violet

    Who in the world would listen to that painful thing that she calls music

  • http://VioletSoalno violet

    I sing perfectly

  • http://VioletSoalno violet


  • Aviv

    I really like this song! I know all the lyrics and I think Miranda’s style is great, but it only matters if she likes it. She is pretty, even without makeup. Miranda can sing in my opinion, but I do agree that the guy looks way to old for her. So once again, this is my favorite song and you just have to keep listening to it to get to like it. I also like Raining Sunshine and Icarly. Go Miranda! Don’t listen to haters!
    ps… Drew Roy (Griffin in Idate a bad boy) is 23 years old! eek!

  • http://twitter April D.

    miranda’s song was AWSOME . loved the clothes and the hair.

  • http://www.buzznet.com abaybay
  • http://www.buzznet.com abaybay

    the guy on the video is so hot and she looks awsome!!!

  • http://www.buzznet.com abaybay

    the guy is hot and she sings great!!!

  • Betty

    I think the music video kissing you with Miranda Cosgrove and Josh Oliver is awesome! She’s a wonderful singer and actor. He’s really cute and they go so well together in the music video. I love listening and watching that music video.

  • maria alejandra

    miranda eres la mejor de la tierra me gusta tu show icarly eres sorprendente