Meaghan Martin: So Happy For Joe and Demi!

Meaghan Martin: So Happy For Joe and Demi!

Meaghan Martin may star as Demi Lovato‘s rival in Camp Rock, but in reality could not be happier for her.

The 18-year-old actress shared with JJJ about the newfound relationship between her costar pals Demi and Joe Jonas.

Meaghan said, “Honestly, no [I wasn't surprised] (laughs), not at all. I’ve known them both for two years and watched them. They’re both great people and I’m so happy for both of them.”

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  • florencia

    i wasn`t surprised too … but i was shoked !!!! :O

  • gigi

    i love jemi but i think if they break up its gonna be demi who breaks up. she looks great with joe but i think she wants the bad boy type of guy like miley’s brother. i dont see them lasting like zanessa

  • lindsey

    I wasn’t surprised either their good together and I think they’ll last a while though I find it irrating putting stamps on how long a relationship is gonna last lol.

  • Giovanna

    I wasnt surprised but i was shocked that it was actually real! after years of waiting for their brains to click it just was unbelievable. best couple ever

  • Gabrielle

    i love jemi<3 i hope they never break up, but they are starting to remind me of zanessa


    True that Meaghan

  • http://! fearless

    publicity for camp rock 2. after that they’re donde

  • http://! fearless


  • lovebug

    Wow. Cant believe you’re making a post about this made -up couple. They are one word – publicity.

  • mc

    I always thought they were going to get together one day, i mean it was kinda obvious and inevitable. By the way joe always looked at demi make me believe that he loves her since they met and demi always loved him as a brother but i think her feelings changed when they were filming camp rock 2, if you compare their performances before and after CR2 you will see her attitude changed…BUT I still think they are too young and immature for a serious relationship, demi is only 17 and joe likes to “date” around. I dont know if they will last or not but if they break up i hope they stay friends because it is obvious that they mean a lot to each other… and one day when they are older and mature may get together again. i seriously believe these two were born to be together.

  • Bard

    @fearless: Yeah because Disney Movies which appear on the Disney Channel and made for Disney Audiences need publicity. You fail in commenting just like Taylor Swift fails at singing. Her album was called Fearless cause she isn’t afraid to sing, even with that horrible voice of hers.

  • RACH

    when I look at jemi the first word that comes to my mind is HOT

  • jessica

    @gigi: agreed.

  • Kali

    haha, even she saw it!! I think that it’s funny that Joe and Demi were the last to figure out that they belong together. :)

  • Taylor

    haha who would be surprised?? Chemistry is shown everytime they are with each other :) so happy foe demi and joe!!!!! JEMI JEMI JEMI JEMI <3

  • Mitchelle

    awwww see everyone saw that they were ment to be.. even their co-stars! <3

  • m

    lol I know.:D

  • harvey

    Saw much more chemistry with Camilla!!

  • lulu

    i like them together but it won’t last unfortunately. They’re just both so young, especially Demi, she’s only 17 and he’s 20, plus he’s so sweet and Demi’s into bad boys, and I can really see Joe getting hurt, not that I don’t think she’ll cheat on him or anything! But you catch my drift? x x x

  • http://yahoo freineicious

    i always love seeing jemi & zannessa together & their movies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonaslove

    I swear, if she hurts Joe I am gonna make her “accidently” disappear xD
    But I don’t thinkey would date for publicity cause if it were true they would’ve dated the first time, yeah sure they gotta promote the movie and do some publicity stuff but I doubt they’d go as far as DATING for publicity. I mean Jonas, Demi and CR already have fans!!

  • http://justjared reem

    i love thoes guys alot

  • Sketch

    LMAO. You my friend have made my day. Thats was totally hilarious. I was gonna comment too but afta your response i dont feel that theres a need.

  • Moonlight_

    I don´t feel they love each other :S

  • lulu

    @jonaslove: haha like your style ;D x x x

  • ashytisdalefan

    I seriously don’t think they are dating for publicity. That’s stupid. I saw pictures of them holding hands and kissing and how does that make people wanna watch camp rock 2 more? It just doesn’t make sense, at all. Oh and they do seem cute and in love but I honestly doubt they will last that long like zanessa. Only because Joe has had a couple girlfriends in the past year and hasn’t really dated them for that long. And Demi does like the bad boy type. Deny it if you want but she was with Miley’s brother. I love Demi and Joe together. Too cute. But unfortunately I see this ending in the next year. I don’t get how they suddenly can be dating after working together for so long and Demi said he was like a brother. But hey, never know what goes on in their private lives. ;)

  • Carrie

    Me too. I am so happy for them.

  • sarai

    i was waiting for this moment since like forever! i love JEMI and they are made for each other
    i was shocked when they began their relationship
    i’m so happy!

  • jemi fan

    I read about them and see photos all the time and i could see back from camp rock they have always liked each other from day one and they are the perfect couple for each other and i think there relation ship is going to last forever GO JEMI!!!

  • ^_^

    @Bard: LOL you got her goooddd! woo! :) LOVE JEMI! <3 I was gonna defend them too, but when I saw your comment I was like ” oooohh! can’t top that!” :D

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