Demi Lovato is Jimmy Kimmel Cute

Demi Lovato is Jimmy Kimmel Cute

Always happy to see her fans, Demi Lovato puts on a beaming smile as she signs an autograph before leaving the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios in Los Angeles on Monday night (March 22).

The 17-year-old actress dished on her new relationship with Joe Jonas and their music tastes, “I’ve played it [hevy metal rock bands] for him and he’s just like, ‘whoa, that’s crazy.’ (laughs)”

Remember to catch Demi and Joe perform “Make A Wave” on American Idol TOMORROW night!

Demi Lovato – “Jimmy Kimmel Live” 03/22, Part 1

Demi Lovato – “Jimmy Kimmel Live” 03/22, Part 2
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Credit: Greg Tidwell; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Iris Vargas


  • louisa

    thi girl is so adorable.I watched her yesterday and even my big bro was like’this girl is so charming’and she is really funny <3

  • jessica

    im too lazy to watch the interview. hopefully she doesnt do that loud laugh she does in basically every interview. its quite annoying when she does that.

  • maggie

    She always looks stunning.. no matter what she’s wearing! I love her<3

  • emily


  • LAura

    Actually I love her laugh,its like eveytime I hear it I cant stop smiling. Demi isnot like everyone, she is special, I like that about her plus she is so cute.

  • lol


    she is

  • Vanessa


  • Robyn

    Aww, i love her <3

    Y’all should check out the picture i drew of her :)

    Lemmy know what you think ?


  • listen to mayday parade

    she was cute on kimmel, but im curious how long her and joe have actually been official.. cause even though she says shed never lie to her fans im willing to bet she did for months!

  • Tiffany

    What band did she say she went and saw?

  • angel

    @emily: if u think shes annoying than dont watch the interview

  • Cris

    She couln’t stop laughing and smiling…
    When Jimmy ask her about Joe… was the cutes thing ever! I can tell she was very exited!
    I love Demi! she’s so sweet and true to herself!
    she’s not pretending to be anyone and I really like that.
    And of course her relationship with Joe is completely different with the other girls (taylor or camilla)… they have been best friends since they met, she totally knows him and so deas he.
    I really think it will last…
    And I actually like them more than zanessa. :)

  • Danni

    If she lied to protect her personal life, why does it matter. She doesn’t owe the fans a thing but entertainment.

  • Robyn

    @Tiffany: Maylene & the sons of disaster :)


    aww,, love her,, demi´s hilarious and gorgeous
    She´s the best

  • ms. a

    Ha her laugh when she talks about Joe is soo cute :)
    for once Demi is being open about her relationship :)
    Now i wish Joe would say something about it ;)


  • Anna

    now she’s gonna be all , ‘ohhh yes, joe JONAS and I are soo in love! give me attention i want!’
    *rolls eyes*

  • Anna

    and obviously since she’s not shy to talk about them too, it makes me believe EVEN MORE that she’s desperate for attention.

  • Darius

    I love Demi and she’s looking great (Totally jealous of Joe right about now). That loud fake laugh isn’t very flattering (or convincing) though, I hope she can improve it.

  • :)

    god it seems whatever demi wants demi gets… bitch. i hate how she changed.

  • Sollie

    I love Demi but seriously, girl, keep your private life to yourself.

  • demilovatoisthebest


  • demilovatoisthebest

    @Anna: ummmm soo many celebrities talk openly about their boyfriends…..

  • Taylor

    aww she was really nervous when it came to talk about her and joe haha she is so adorable and beatifull.. :)

  • Andrea

    Demi is beyond beautiful, love her she´s so funny
    the interview was awesome


  • Diana

    AWWW Jemi babies,, i can picture them,, so adorable
    Can´t wait for the American idol performance

  • http://! fearless

    pimping the relationship… BORING B*TCH

  • demiisthebest

    seriously guys if you don’t like her DON’T POST A COMMENT HERE!
    she’ll never care about the haters !!!!!!!!
    she hasss the best fans ever :) they’ll keep her smiling everytime
    i love you demi :’)
    i’ll keep it fresh with you :D

  • Carrie

    I hope her and Joe work because they are so cute together. I am a fan and she is really pretty. Joe is cute.

  • m

    She looks gorgeous!!:))

  • hi

    I miss her and selena

  • Chris

    @listen to mayday parade:
    well technically she didn’t lie…she just didn’t talk about it till she was asked in that interview. Why should she anyway if its her personal life? She isn’t randomly going to say “Well today I started dating Joe” haha

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever lovedemi4ever

    demiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is great she is the best in the world……and she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty….love you demi

  • itsmegain

    @fearless: Don’t hate cause she took ur man HUN.

  • http://123321 linda

    I hate Demi

    she‘s so Base .. and she‘s Always Wants Dating Joe

    But joe not want Dating them !

    i hate you demi :@ :@ :@

  • linda

    I hate Demi she‘s so Base .. and she‘s Always Wants Dating Joe But joe not want Dating them ! i hate you demi :@ :@ :@

  • Sketch

    suck out..