Matt Prokop: Win A Furry Vengence Screening

Matt Prokop: Win A Furry Vengence Screening

Matt Prokop shows off his maltese poodle mix pup dog Oakley in this exclusive pic from Furry Vengence along with an important post about what his new movie is all about.

The 19-year-old actor wrote, “Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you probably know that we’ve been chopping down way too many trees both in the US and around the world, which isn’t good. Chopping down trees, or deforestation, eliminates the homes of millions of animals and leads to more pollution in our water and air.

“I had an amazing opportunity to star in a film called Furry Vengeance and by working on this film I learned even more about endangered species and deforestation. Furry Vengeance, is about a group of really awesome animals that fight back against a developer who tries to demolish their homes and habitats to build over-sized mansions. The developer in the film happens to be my dad, played by Brendan Fraser. In the film, my character sides with the animals in their fight to save their forest. The movie is tons of fun to watch, but developments like this and deforestation is actually happening over and over again all around the world.”

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“Millions of acres of forests are being chopped down and they’re filled with animals that have nowhere else to go. Some of these animals are endangered species, meaning there’s very few of them left and they could go extinct and could disappear forever. Some of these cool endangered animals include the Gray Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Spotted Owl, Florida Panther, and the Canada Lynx — which actually lives in the US too.

“There’s a lot that we can do to help these animals. There’s a great group called the Endangered Species Coalition which is working to protect these mammals, birds and reptiles in the US. It’s not just about signing petitions and wearing t-shirts though. They are asking us to get involved in cool ways such as participating in their art contest. It’s an awesome way to celebrate the amazing wildlife in the US and get your friends and family on board to support protections for these animals.

“The winners of the contest will receive a special trip to Washington, DC and, will also get a free screening of the Furry Vengeance at their school! This contest prize is a pretty sweet deal, but even sweeter is just entering the contest to help raise awareness and telling your friends and family about all those animals losing their homes.

Get involved! Compete in the contest and see Furry Vengeance! Matt

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    I like music,imsturments, sports, and singing.

  • Kelsie Kimbrough

    I like music, insturments,sports, and singing. Also making people laugh and school.

  • Kelsie Kimbrough

    I like music, making people laugh, instruments, sports,school, and singing.

  • Kelsie Kimbrough
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