The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Poster!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Poster!

Check out the new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse official poster!

In the third installment of the series, as a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella (Kristen Stewart), whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and her friendship with werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new Eclipse poster? Bigger pic inside…

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Photos: Summit Entertainment
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  • maggie

    Can’t wait to see it.. Team Jacob!!!

  • iUreta

    too much photoshop…

  • V

    It’s not bad, it could have been better, but it’s pretty cool.

  • Amalie

    I like it.
    I just wish i would be Jacob-less.

    Team Edward.

  • maia

    Looks good!

    Team RoBward!!!

  • sahina

    Edward (rob) doesn’t look like a 17 year old any more like he did in Twilight.

    plus, too much editing!!

  • luce

    I don’t like it…you can’t connect it to the love triangle, no nothing…just their standard poses…good thing is that jacob is on the light side and edward on the dark side…they should put more interaction between characters in the next poster…animosity between j and e…or some kind of love triangle thing…:PS:bella looks great..go girl !;)

  • alibobally


    Totally agree! Plus does anyone else find it strange that Bella’s brooding more than the vampire and she’s whiter? o.O

  • M

    Looks damn awful.

    I swear Pattison’s nose looks crooked. Lautner looks a bit shiny. Also Stewart looks really white, I thought the other dude was suppose to be the vampire so he is suppose to be whiter than her.



    i SOO agree less jacob!

  • Olga

    I love taylor he’s so hot team jacob from my heart all the way

  • issa

    team kristen

  • Sketch

    *Yawn* Bella looks dazed. Edward looks so computerized. Jacob is flipping blick. NEXT.

  • ms. a

    Edward looks animated!!
    Taylor Lautner <3 ;)

  • Lauraa

    Ew, Could Kristen’s wig look anymore fake! She should never have cut her beautiful hair! Taylor looks fab. As always. :). Rob looks more like he’s 28 not 17. :L Goshh, quite terrible tbh.

    Team Jacob<3

  • beastly one

    BEASTLY 2010….>:D

  • emily

    I think it looks great! People should stop complaining, I mean if you compare it to the other posters both Bella and Edward’s skin look basically the same as in this one. Besides you can’t really judge how the movies going to be based on just the poster. And on people complaining on Rob looking a little older: in the book it describes the Cullens as looking like Gods and being beautiful, that could also mean looking more than your average 17 year old and so I think the poster depicts that perfectly. Kristen’s wig looks fine imao and Jacob looks(obviously gorgeous) ;D

  • ♥♥♥taylorlautner♥♥♥

    they could have done better :P

  • http://! fearless

    all the posters of the twilight saga look the same, and kristen with her expresionless face

  • katya_winter

    THE BEEST!!!!!!
    I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Melissa

    I think it looks great!! I can’t wait to see the movie!! And I’m not even one of those die-hard fans!! I love the books and the trailer looks amazing!! :D Can’t wait!! :D

  • Ashley

    kristen could also have hair extenions in, and not a wig. just saying

  • ???

    is bella freaking drunk or high???OPEN your eyes KRISTEN!!(idc about sp)you stupid crack head!!and my gosh its not only about her!!if it was.i would never have read it!

  • Parker


    what!!! no it’s team edward!! :)

  • cINDY

    This looks just like the movie sold at walmart for new moon! its the same thing. Bella standing between Edward and Jacob. And even the movie from walmart has both Edward and Jacob standing in those same spots!

  • tameka

    Awesome! Totally love it! June 30th can’t get here soon enough!!! TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!! :D

  • Celia

    So boring.

  • kayla !

    i love how people are making a big deal out of a POSTER! haha. its sad really. people can be so judgemental. just chill out! it doesnt look that bad.

  • carinaa

    its looks like someone drew it LMAO! but its twilight and i wouldnt care if Ronold McDonold was it it would still look good! it has my 3 favourite poeple on it so i Loveee it! Team Switzerland!

  • erica ;]

    It looks good. I think kristen looks really pretty here, better than the first two.

  • Claire

    Nice wig on K-Stew, there.

  • xxx


  • d

    @M: Totally Rob’s nose looks weird here. They are trying to connect the poster to the dark theme of where the book is now, but I agree with the others no connection to the book other that the three main characters. Disappointing!

  • Ashley

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • Zanessabrfan

    Too muck photoshop!
    Whatever, can’t wait to see it!
    Team edward <33

  • mia

    TEAM JACOB ! edward acts like bella’s effing dad dont like edward. Bella doesnt even deserve jacob, hes too good for her. ill take jacob <3 lol and he looks hott in the poster

  • zz


  • Sai

    edward rocks…

  • beastly one

    *yawn*…. :/ …….BEASTLY 2010! :D

  • Random

    I looks basically the same as the New Moon poster. They really could’ve done better :(

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    cool poster, i like it,
    but i don’t like bella’s character, she’s so miserable.
    i like kristen though. and i love edward and jacob:-).

>>>>>>> staging1