Vanessa Hudgens is Beverly Hills Breathtaking

Vanessa Hudgens is Beverly Hills Breathtaking

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her stunning smile as she strolls in Beverly Hills on a sunny Tuesday afternoon (March 23).

The 21-year-old actress, toting her favorite Balenciaga bag and wearing a Nelly Silk Belted Mini Dress, quickly went into a medical building before coming out and going about her day.

Vanessa was just recently honored at the 2010 ShoWest Gala as the Female Star of Tomorrow. Her new flick, Beastly, hits theaters on Friday, July 30th.

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • 1122money

    I love her!!! She has an amazing sense of fashion… You go girl, my sweet Baby V.


    Gorgeous! As always, (:

  • kika


  • Soraya

    SQDKSQJ speechless shes gorgeouuus

  • nathalia Braga

    she’s soooooo gorgeous! i love her!

  • Sandra

    Oh god she loookss awesome!!! stunning! , i heard on a magazine she was pregnant…idk ,it would be really cute!

  • Ariela


  • http://! fearless

    she looks like in a photoshoot, so flawless and cute:)

  • h

    I LOVE that dress! She is stunning

  • Carol


    She looks so happy!!!

  • vanessafan

    she looks so happy & stunning.

  • Diamond

    I love her dress..and she looks so great..I mean I always love her fashion it goes great with all her accersories too looks great..Love ya V can’t wait for beastly :)

  • suzy

    I love her whole look.

  • gen

    Simply beautiful.

  • mike

    shes beautiful love her style and movies and shes hot to

  • Bee

    She looks gorgeous, && so happy. I love it.

  • secret

    she is absolutely gorgeous.
    i want to watch beastly alreadyyyyy… :D

  • kate1

    Love the Look Vanessa absolutely Stunning

  • http://google barbara

    Vanessa, looks beautiful and so happy, and she is glowing. I also love her dress, jus beatiful skin.

  • vfan

    Aww, she looks gorgeous!
    Love the outfit, and the hat…she’s so pretty.
    I want her hair…love it!
    Can’t wait for Beastly to come out. :)

  • Shannon

    I freaking love her style so chic and simple she looks so pretty!

  • nathalia

    lovely as always
    was already longing for vanessa

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    omg she looks awesome..
    I love everything about her..
    I so wanna meet her..
    she just has everything any girl wants – the looks, the clothes, the boyfriend, and most of all talent to act..
    can’t wait for her future projects and Beastly and Sucker Punch..I just can’t wait..

  • heather

    love her sooo much!!

  • ZANESSA supporter

    Love her outfit! :)
    Not a fan of the hat, but the dress is simply gorgeous!

  • carly

    aw she looks pretty as always. I’m so happy for her. best of luck!!!
    can’t wait for beastly =D

  • Johaan


  • Diamond

    @ ali wow do someone always hav to mess something up..what makes you so mad that you have to come trash ppl you barely knw i feel srry for you.

  • ZNlover

    Love her loads <3 she so pretty!!(;

  • kami


    it’s really sad that you consider yourself disgusting and a slu* girl. are your parents mean to you?

  • anna


  • ally

    i wonder if she was buying a pregancy test. It said she rushed out there pretty fast. Is Zanessa expecting!

  • Vanessa lover

    She looks stunning. I’m not to crazy about the shirt/dress but she can pull it off. Glad she going for regular check up. Not to many people in Hollywood do that when you think about it. Congrats to her and Alex for showest can’t wait for beastly.

  • lalala

    awwwwwh. i dont think anyone could not agree that vanessa is so naturally beautiful. like she pulls off fashions that NO ONE else could ever be able to. i love the pic where she has the biggest smile ever. shes soo pretty! love you baby v!

  • sam

    i think she looks O.K. i like what she’s wearin’ BUT what’s with the big hat? i wouldn’t say her sense in style is great………..i’d say it is adventuorous (soz, can’t spell the goddamn word) i think it’s cute that she expeirements with her style, she always tries somethin’ different! but on the whole i think she looks adorable! i still luv u V ;)

  • jess

    wow! she’s gorgeous :)
    i love her style <3

  • jo

    so pretty

  • ss

    dont like the hat….
    she can sing, but she can’t act…sorry but it’s true…
    anyways love zac :D

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Wow.. she certainly is breathtaking. ..Gawd, I am so jealous of her. She’s the girl that can wear anything and she would still look AH-MA-ZING. ..I can’t help but love her for her sense of fashion and sweet, sweet personality. Baby V for Life. :D

  • teris

    Girl looks like a hot mess. A shirt and a belt and a hat? Ugh! Bad bad bad

  • asdfhk

    haha she’s just coming out if the doctor’s, she’s smiling, SHE’S PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its soooooooo obvious

  • Ashley

    She looks great
    I wouldn’t believe that. It was probably just a normal checkup.

  • asdfhk

    Oh and also, she wearing a dress so i would be easier to you know…

  • Masbonita

    Love her purse!!! Love her legs! I just love her.

  • Carrie

    She is so pretty. I really want to see that movie Beastly. It looked really good and scary.

  • Joochi

    Vanessa can make any day comfortable and she isn’t afraid to take the risk to be comfortable, she’s a fashion genius if I say so myself. Vanessa looks fabulous, you go girl.
    I can honestly say that the hater’s are phasing out slowly, no matter what her post is about she’ll always attract all kinds of minds and tastes of whether they like or hate her, read on, laugh out loud and move on.

  • mika

    LOVE this outfit. Very fashionable, it’s great.

    I just don’t like the hair extensions, it looks nasty.

  • alexandra

    Beautfiul as always. I love how she can wear absolutely anything and look gorgeous.
    I love the way her hair looks.

  • BabiiVFanForeva

    Simply stunning, absolutely gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful :)
    Vanessa just glows happiness and her radiant smile is so lovely and brights up everything :)
    I love her Balenciaga…and she pulls off her outfit so well <3
    Loveeee Vanessa!!
    I’m so excited for Beastly and Sucker Punch and whatever the future brings :)

  • B*

    She looks soo pretty