Vanessa Hudgens to Alex Pettyfer: Don't Jinx It!

Vanessa Hudgens to Alex Pettyfer: Don't Jinx It!

Alex Pettyfer smirks over at costar Vanessa Hudgens as she giggles at their exchange in a new interview from the 2010 ShoWest Gala.

The 19-year-old actor opened up to MTV about what his future foretells, saying, “I can’t really say at the moment, but I’ve got two movies that I think I just got offered today. So I might shoot them back-to-back. But I’m not gonna say anything, I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed.”

Vanessa playfully warned, “”You don’t wanna jinx it. Don’t jinx it.”

Alex continued, taking her advice and adverting the conversation, “No jinx. How are you doing, Vanessa? I’m not very good at this. Vanessa‘s my shield.”

Alex Pettyfer & Vanessa Hudgens: No Jinx
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  • mady

    they’re cute! but zac and vanessa forever ever!

  • mzindochick


    Vanessa my shield. lmao. itss cute.

  • steph

    they’re so cute :3 love them

  • anonymous

    too bad i cant watch it..
    can someone rip it to youtube?

  • jess efron

    oh i’m in love with Vanessa

  • ana


  • Vanessa lover

    Aw, that is so adorable!
    “Vanessa is my shield”

    Seriously, such a cute couple!

    Can’t wait for beastly!

    Love them both

  • Johaan

    I love Vanessa and Beastly!!

  • tata


  • BabiiVFanForeva

    Awww so cute!!! ..hehe ‘dont jinx it’ hahaha
    Cant wait to see Beastly!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Haha, oh how I love British accents. :D They are a hot couple, but Zanessa is forever of course. I totally missed hearing Vanessa’s giggle.. lol.

  • muse

    These two are so gorgeous. I love Vanessa’s smile. It seems so real and genuine. Alex is…well…he’s just the bees knees. Love him. Love her. LOVE THEM.


  • mykamicks

    He looks like David Beckham. Absolutely handsome. I think this two are comfortable working with each other on & off screen. Hope BEASTLY will make it to the Box Office.


    lf zac&Vanessa weren’t weren’t dating i would want alex&Vanessa dating

  • honey

    Awwwwww…cute :)

  • ZNlover

    Haha they look gd(:

  • bhelle

    ooh… so cool.. cant wait for the movie!!^_^

  • rosie_w

    Merlin, he is abso-sexy-lutely delicious, it’s almost painful.

  • amazing

    oh so cute
    vanessa is adorable
    don’t jinx it lol:D
    can’t wait for beastly

  • Karen

    That was so cute. l love how Alex and Vanessa get along so well. I can’t wait for Beasty and the promos! Now -what are new roles???

  • Giuli

    She’ss sssooo quote! How she helps him!! haha! Beastly’s gonna be awesomeee!

  • Giuli

    @Karen: do you mean.. what does it mean?… new movies for alex

  • Giuli

    I meant.. She’s so cute.. not quote.. up there when I wrote that comment!! – xd

  • Katty

    I want to know about Vanessa’s new movies! I like Alex, and he’s cute, but until I see Beastly, I won’t know if I like him as an actor or not, so him getting new movies isn’t so important to me. I hope he is very good, so Beastly does well.

    V… what are YOUR new movies??? huh???

  • jazmin

    Can’t wait for th e movie…Video is cute.

    Thanks for posting

  • go sox

    Vanessa and her team, which I think are doing very well by her, are taking their time announcing what will be next for her. I’m sure we’ll be hearing something soon. They are developing her very carefully, and choosing roles that are perfect for her age, and where she is in her career. She auditions for her roles, and has worked with 2 fabulous directors last year. I really trust her team.

  • lu

    I cant believe i just searched on the internet what jinx means. Lol… :). I do that too sometimes . I won’t talk about anything too much, or else it won’t come true. But i still do it often! :). Anyway, cute vid, cute alex and baby V. And can’t wait for Beastly! Regards from Indonesia

  • http://google barbara

    @ Go Sox, I agree with very thing you said , she said in a interview that she is not sure want she would like to do, a comedy, or drama, or another, action movie. Vanessa is so adorable and so sweet and so helpful to Alex, but it does not surprize me , because she is such a sweet person.

  • Tiffany

    Oh that is so cute I hope there are no jinxs!!!! Get all of V’s clothes here

  • Carolyn

    Go Alex!! I have been a fan since Tom Brown School Days and Stormbreaker. Now he is getting the recognition he deserves. He and Vanessa seem smart about their choices.

    I love these two as a couple of great friends. They really seem to like each other which is really nice. Vanessa takes care of him!

  • musicgirl

    soo cute ! vanessas smile and giggle make so happy:) i would like vanessa to do comedy, i think she would be amazing at it :)<33

  • angie

    Gawwwddd.. so cuteee!! why’s all the interview video of them in Showest so so so shortttt!! i need moreeee!!! full coverage pleasee.. u’re teasing us JJ.. =S

  • Masbonita

    Yeah Alex !!! I hope you get both parts. Love them both. Can’t wait until Beastly comes out.

  • pop86

    Cute interview

  • lslsharon

    so sweet.

  • Bee

    Lol I love them. They’re really cute, can’t wait for Beastly promo to kick off in a few months!

  • Jess!

    Vanessa is Adorableeee!

  • Jess!


  • maria

    they are very cute together. not a bad couple.
    i love how he says that vanessa is his shield,

  • kami

    good idea not to talk about your roles until all the cast are selected and it’s ready to start shooting. very good advice. and for you kids who can’t tell a movie role from reality, vanessa and alex are not “a couple” in real life just because they did a movie together. the movie they did is not reality. their lives outside the movie are reality. just thought i’d explain that for the kids too young to know the difference.

  • Danielle

    lOVE tHEM

  • Carrie

    EWW so cute.

  • Masbonita

    Kami, of course they are not a couple. ALEX is mine!!!

  • lovezanessa

    So cute couple. Love Vanessa so much. Can’t wait Beastly!
    Alex is handsome guy. They’re really beautiful couple on this screen but I still love Zanessa couple. Wish seeing Zanessa on the other movie.

  • s

    They’d be such a beautiful couple

  • vfan

    Haha! They are so funny together.
    They look cute togther…but remember Alex…she’s taken! :)

  • Sol

    I love is accent
    and he seems to really like her, but zac and vanesa are the best.

  • Pauline

    Both of them are great! Alex is cute and vanessa is gorgeous as always! It is great that they get along very well! It seems that they had a great time on Beastly’s set! It is a previous to the future promo, i can’t wait to hear more interviews and see them having a lot of fun!

    PS: this is a topic about vanessa and alex not zanessa, so don’t bring Zac!

  • maeli

    love baby V she is really beautyfull and seems to be such a nice person

  • http://none elle

    There cute :) Alex is just so sexy and handsome.. I have feeling were going to be seeing these 2 more often ;)

    *Zanessa fans don’t kill me!*

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