Ashley Tisdale: Brunette Is Back!

Ashley Tisdale: Brunette Is Back!

The secret is out!

Ashley Tisdale steps out of the salon with new brunette locks in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (March 24).

The 24-year-old actress tweeted about the change, saying, “You will never guess what hair color they want me for my new role in Hellcats…” Guess the cat’s out of the bag now!

Ashley will be playing cheer captain Sierra in the new CW series, Hellcats, which also stars Aly Michalka.

The Tiz just recently dyed her hair back blonde after being brunette for her Guilty Pleasure music era.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Mavrix Online
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  • jessica

    oh wow. i thought she was gonna dye it like red or something for her new role. but anyways she looks pretty.

  • steph

    yay :D she looks so much better as a brunette

  • nesi

    i like it better blonde but shes still purty

  • Glory

    I like her better as a blonde

  • Grace

    thats soo gutting! lol i think the cw want to make her character different from Sharpay.

  • brazillian girl

    OMG! Can’t she just make up her mind? I know it`s for her role, but she spent almost 24 hours or something int he saloon to go blonde and than she turns to brunnete again,l like, four months after? insane… but i like her both ways, eventhoug I prefer her as a blonde… hope the movie is good !

  • Ali

    She looks great either way if you ask me !

  • honey

    I really like her but……..
    God, what is she doing to her hair, thats not very healthy -.-

  • taylor

    She looks so much more mature when her hair is brown.
    Absolutely gorgeous =)

  • amy

    I like it both ways, but i think she has an edge with the brown :)

  • jenny

    YAY so HAPPY I have said for ages that she should since it is healthier for her hair and now she looks ABSOLOUTLEY gorgeous

  • jenny

    @honey: If she kept her hair blonde it would have been worse forher hair the bleach would make it fall out now its natural hope she keeps it

  • ashley tisdale fannnnn

    im flipping out
    the color is amazing :) it looks kinda red to me
    maybe because shes in the sun :)
    wow im so exciting for the HELLCATS show
    ashley looks super HOT
    love the outfit <33 :
    again GROGEOUS

  • What?
  • Anna

    goodness gracious girl! changed ur hair again!
    but i like it!! a lot (:

  • m0udybasha

    WOW!! this is a strong indication that her role is more mature and different than sharpay

  • SSR

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAa YAYAYAYAYAYAy!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooo happy :DDDDD She look SOOO GOOD and awesome!!! Her beauty is overflowing!@@@@@ AAAAAA :DDD :D :) I am the happiest person in the world :D

  • mika

    I like her as blonde because that’s how I always recognized her and it made her Ashley. Brunette is great too, more natural but ….

    RIP her hair. It must be beyond damaged.

  • abby

    I think she looks great with either hair color. Her poor, poor hair. :( Its going to be all gone by the time she’s 30 at this rate.

  • MarJo

    yesssss!!! i like it better this way!!! love it!!!

  • Valerie

    she looks gorgeous either way but I really lovee her as a brunette!!! super prettyyyyy

  • Smacky35

    Yayness! I’m so happy it’s back to brunette!

  • lol


    because of her hair?

  • lucia

    she looks soo pretty
    love her
    I am super exciting 4 her new role

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh brunette. :D I love her hair like that. I also like her jeans.. Can’t wait to see the new show !!

  • ashloversbrasil♥


  • Daniel:D

    she looks waayy better! :D
    and much more mature
    i like brunette and blonde ashley either way she’s still hot hahah

  • karina


  • heather

    can’t she fucking make up her mind already!?

  • taylor

    @heather: It’s not really her fault that they want her to dye her hair for roles. They wanted her blond for Sleepless Beauty, and then that got pushed back. Now they want her brunette for Hellcats.
    I’m sure if you got paid all the money she gets for these roles and all you had to do was change your hair color, you would too.

  • Qiana

    I like Ashley and she’s a talented actress but she needs to pick a hair color. I know it’s for a role but she should’ve just stuck to wearing a wig for blonde if it was for a role. Plus it’s not healthy how she dyes her hair so much.

  • heather

    1st: i wasn’t talking to you, was i?
    2nd: her stupid movie got pushed back cause she can’t act, so the only movies she’s ever gonna get is Hellcats (wtf?) and sleepless beauty (really? that’s the best she could do?)
    and 3rd: she’s always saying “oh i want to go back to my natural color” and she puts hundreds of shit in her hair and says that, that is her natural color? well It’s not!
    i’m sure that next time we see her she’ll be bald.

  • anonymous

    Not bad but imo i always thought that she looked better as a blonde

  • jn


  • m0udybasha

    @heather go fuck somewhere else

  • ashytisdalefan

    eh.. I like the blonde better :(

  • taylor

    @heather: You posted on a public website, meaning anybody can respond to you, it doesn’t matter if you were talking to them or not, so chill out.
    You’re obviously extremely immature and have no idea what you’re talking about, so I don’t really feel like arguing with you.

  • Aaron

    she looks gorgeous!!!

  • bruno


  • fan

    As long as her hair stylist uses very low doses peroxide hair colouring products, Ashley’s hair should be fine. And she will be able to go from burnett to blonde or whatever color with products that are safe to use.

  • Avril

    wow! She looks sooo beautiful!!!!!
    I like it both (blonde and brunette) though!!!!!
    Ashley rox!!!! :P

  • aay

    @steph: yup! I agree :-D

  • ashley

    She’s one of the few people who look great with either hair color! BUT I think she looks best blonde if she eventually picked one.

  • http://deleted Van


  • bianca

    she looks great both ways, but I think that I’m more used to her blonde…I don’t know like it goes ok with her skin color.

  • lily

    it kinda looks red 2 me

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    YES !!! I prefer her brunette !!!

  • Tarshia

    Guys if uve seen her childhood picks you would have noticed that she did absolutely nothing to her hair till she started disney meaning no dying,no straightning NOTHING

  • Jannii

    Pretty.. but guess i like the blonde better

  • ZJ207

    and in blonde off course xD haha

    she looks gawgeous in both :)

    She’ll make one HOT cheerleader!!!!