Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato are American Idols

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato are American Idols

Joe Jonas tunes into girlfriend Demi Lovato‘s voice as they perform their new duet, “Make A Wave,” on the American Idol results show on Wednesday night (March 24).

The duo caught up with Radio Disney’s Ernie D before their performance and chatted about the thrill of being on the AI stage. Demi shared, “It makes me a little nervous, But for the most part, I’m excited more than anything. This is a dream come true, because Kelly Clarkson is my biggest idol, she is THE American idol of season one. I felt like Kelly Clarkson during sound check today.”

Joe chimed in, “I think we are [both] very excited and it’s something you kind of dream of. For anyone to be on American Idol it’s exciting. We are having a good time, but we decided to not work with stairs. Best we stay away from stairs because Demi admits [that] we are the two most clumsiest people.”

FYI: Demi was wearing Rock & Republic‘s “Crazy B!@#h” ultra skinny leg low rise jeans in Taint Black.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Joe and Demi’s performance?

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato – “Make A Wave”, 03/24
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  • LAura

    I wasnt really exited to know they were together but they re growing on me, they are just adorable and funny together.

  • mica

    they did GREAT!

    honestly, I thought they weren’t gonna do well but I was so wrong! :D

    Love them!!!! <3

  • juliet


  • Luis F. Gomez

    They are good… nooo wait a minut, THEY ARE AWESOME!!! I mean, you can see the chemistry going on between them…

  • ino

    If you will take into consideration how cheesy the song is, they did pretty well. I love Joe’s voice and it is refreshing to hear that Demi is
    not screaming at all.

  • caitlin

    she is one lucky girl!

    but where’s the band? why would they use a track?

  • Jenny

    They’re a couple…? *scratches head* I’m a bit late, aren’t I?

  • faye

    i see demi was getting a little excited at 1:17 because she started to sing joe’s part.

  • sunlight princess

    They are adorable!
    and JOE IS SOOOOO HOT!!!

  • Darius

    I love Demi. LOL @ the offbeat head bopping at 1:33 though. I believe I cringed when I saw that.

  • bebrinet

    wao..freaking amazing!

  • wnoz

    i love jemi very much ……..
    nad i like they are really dating ?????
    jemi is best couple forever
    i love joe and i love demi ????????

  • wnoz

    i love jemi forever and always….

  • patatatatatatatat

    WOW !! so sweet :) i love them :) they did great !!!

  • mrs.jonas

    they look gud 2gether but like kevin said ..demi isn’t rite 4 joe . she is 2 young and joe needs a better girl,, i don’t like her voice

  • harvey

    Disney night on American Idol!!!

  • jasmine Lim

    Best we stay away from stairs because Demi admits [that] we are the two most clumsiest people. LOL!! XDD

  • Brittany

    awww i loved it! they were really good, and i think that they are to adorable, and the perfect couple!! <333

    i loved how at the end of the preformance/’interview’ people were screaming ‘i love you JEMI’ and they were just like smiling ..haha cuuuteee (: <33

  • Brittany


    …oh and one more thing
    i love how demi starts singing joes part, but then realizes shes not supose to and then stops! tehe

  • awesome !

    awesome job ! love demi & joe !!

  • neener

    Agree, that song is so many kinds of awkward….other than that? They made it through very well!!!! I looove Joe. I like Demi a lot. I am still not really seeing the chemistry, though. :P

  • m

    They are beyond adorable!<3

  • Alyssa

    Cutest couple :D

  • maria Estrada

    I really loved they’re performance. And I do love that song!! And as a couple? Just adorable!

  • kim

    i absolutely love them. together or apart, best friends or lovers. both are extremely talented and so HOT. lmao.

  • Andrea


  • sofiafreydel

    Soooooo good, Demi´s so gorgeous and Joe really hot, their voices were incredible, they´re so cute together :)

  • Ella

    I love the part where Joe said that they are the two most clumsiest persons!! But hey!! I am too!! lol ^^

  • Cris

    hahahahaha better stay away from stairs :)
    Demi is always falling! but hey, Joe can be there to catch her right?
    jk :)
    I loved the interview! and loved the performance! they really did great.
    I just keep wondering why the song was shorter?

  • sam

    demi sung the pants off all the AI contestants this year, im not big on disney but girl sung even better than miley

  • christy

    I’m sorry, they might have sounded better than the contestants, but they did not sound good. They might look good together but they don’t sound good together other than they equally have problems with pitch. And this song was never meant to be more than a little Disney soundtrack song. AI was a bad place to put it. I’m sure the judges were probably saying wrong song choice and you need a little work on your pitch.

  • Robyn

    Awww, wow. I love them :D

    Check out the picture i drew of Demi ?

    Lemmy know what you think ?

  • romina

    they are lovely!!! cute couple ever!!!!

    jemi rocks!

  • jessica

    wow for the first time i actually think joe looks really hot. and i havent said that in months.

  • amanda

    They are the cutest couple I’ve ever seen!!XD

  • Camile

    I always knew they were in love :)
    And now that´s true, I can say that they´re the most PERFECT COUPLE EVER (L)
    Demi, remember, when you come to Chile, you have to bring Joe on your suitcase!!

  • jessica

    and anyways i think they fucking sucked. whenever demi tried hitting the high notes it was fucking awful. same with joe. it was just a terrible performance.

  • brenda

    kiss kiss kiss

  • Taylor

    awww they were so adorable and that phone interview..was so cute they kept giggling and laughing at each other’s cheesiness..:)

  • bruno

    hottest and cutest couple ever!

  • hunny

    @jessica: Except for your inappropriate language, I agree with you. I had to mute it after a minute just to get through it. They are cute together though.

  • cami

    Demi seriously takes my breath away. She’s an AMAZING singer and not to mention she looked gorgeous <3

  • mika

    Joe is too hot.

    I’ve been excited for this performance since Monday and I was extremely disspointed. The song SUCKS, no matter how many times you hear it … it screams cheesy and lame. And secondly, their voices were just not right. Pitchy … but nice not to hear Demi’s constant screams.

  • samantha

    ok most of you think its staged but if they did a movie and in the movie their feelings might have grown because theyre a couple and then when they did the make a wave video their feelings could of grown more. demi isnt the best actress but she is good but it doesnt seem staged to me. i feel that their feelings are many of you guys have a best freind and for some reason you dont want to fall for them but you do eventually.ask yourself that question or how many of you know other people who like their best friend.its happened to me before.its happened to them it could basically happened to many other people whether you know it or not…i completely support them i think they make a cute couple…… i love them both….and thats just my opinion

  • alyson

    I’m gonna clear something up real quick because it has been bugging me.

    When you say she “screams” while singing that isn’t “screaming” it’s called “belting” and if you look at Christina Agularia (Sorry, I don’t know how to spell her last name) she does the exact same thing, as well as Mariah Carey. It’s called being able to hit the high notes.

  • beatriz


    but the couple did not :/

  • Bridget

    They are so cute together :)

  • jasmine

    Okay, I’ll be straight up. Jemi is awesome. It’s about time. But that performance was all kinds of strange. It was awkward & just wow, weird. Demi kept moving and waving her hand. It’s a song girl, you’re not really in the ocean. & Joe was kicking his legs and dancing. Again, awkward.

  • jESSica

    I Hate Demi Lovato For Being with Joe He Can Do Alot Better, Who Ever Likee Herr Is MAD!, Seriouslyy :), I Love Joe Jonas Too The Bone He’s Amazing, And i Love all His Brothers I Must Be the Number1 Fan Of Jonas Brothers, Im Going TO Every Concert They Have Down Here And If Demi There Ill Throw A Pineapple At her Little Ugly Head, Call Me Jelousee All You Like, Sont Like What Iv’e Put Tuff :D, (Dont No Why An Pineapple) Iloveyou JoeJonas, By the Way i’m Nott This Snotty i Juss Hate her And im Not Beingg Funny Towards The Demi Lovato fanss I’m Sorry Like :D, Cyaa’ss Laterss!:)xxx

  • blahblah

    demi’s gesture is sooo ann0ying!!

>>>>>>> staging1