Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun Make Each Other Blush

Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun Make Each Other Blush

Meaghan Martin and Nicholas Braun are super-excited about the return of 10 Things I Hate About You. recently caught up with the duo to chat about what’s to come, their on-screen chemistry and just how they make each other blush. Check it:

JJJ: What do you think makes your show a success?

Meaghan Martin: Well, we don’t have vampires like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I think having Nick has made the show a successful spin-off ultimately.

Nicholas Braun: Oh man, you know how to make me blush over the phone. What’s made it so successful…I think that we tap into a very real part of what high school kids are going through and what sisters are going through. I think people want to watch that. Aside from that, just to give it right back to her, Meaghan Martin is beautiful to watch on screen. That is one camera friendly face right there.

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JJJ: Meaghan, will we get to hear you sing in the next ten episodes?

MM: yes, I do sing. In the next ten, there’s a talent show episode where Dana Davis, who plays Chastity, and I sing a duet together. I think that’s definitely a memorable part, but probably, not the most memorable. The most memorable for me is the moment between Joey and Bianca. That comes up towards the end of the next ten, it’s at the end of the eighth episode, and it’s a really, really, really beautiful, sweet moment between the two of them and I think that was by far my favorite to film and the most memorable.

JJJ: Nick, what will viewers see Cameron going through this season?

NB: Cameron ended the first ten episodes with a lot of heartbreak. Obviously, Bianca was his first love and his first heartbreak, and so the next ten show him trying to recover and move on, and he actually ends up finding someone else. I’m not going to tell you who, but it’s a really cute little relationship, and he and Bianca, we’ll see if they stay friends. It’s kind of unsure at this point.

I had a really cool moment this ten episodes where Cameron really breaks out of his shell and it’s that kind of moment that high school kids will identify with in that he’s growing up and he’s getting over this heartbreak and he’s becoming his own man. So yes, look out for that talent show episode. It’s going to be a pretty cool one for Cameron.

JJJ: You’ve had a while to get used to your characters now. Do you find it a bit easier going back into character after a hiatus?

MM: Yes, it definitely gets easier. The better you know your character, the more naturally it comes. But at the same time I don’t know that I ever want it to be easy, because the minute it gets easy I think I get too comfortable. And so I always am trying to search for what I can do to make my performance better and to get to know Bianca better and my goal is always to know her as well as I know myself, maybe even better.

NB: Yes, it’s not easy because the writers are constantly growing and changing our characters, not in big ways but in little ways, where we sort of have to check into it. You really have to sort of”it’s like a strategy, the development of what they’re doing for us, and this season especially, I think everybody grew so much and we got to work with everybody, it felt like, at least for me. I got to work with Ethan and Lindsey, who both are so much fun to work with, and just like sort of playing myself in-between their sexual tension was kind of cool because it is so”you can just cut it with a butter knife. So it was really sweet and yea, it’s not easy. Having a TV series is a lot of work, but they keep us on our toes, that’s for sure, the writers.

JJJ: Did you find that your chemistry came naturally or was it a work in progress?

MM: We get along really well, but he had to woo me.

NB: I had to take her on a lot of picnics. I really had to woo her into liking me (laughs). No, it seemed pretty seamless. The pilot was cool. I mean, Meg’s like my sister. I feel like in a year and change that we’ve been working together, we’ve gone through a lot and so I think it only helps too, like our off-screen relationship to our on-screen relationship.


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  • emmy

    They look a little weird together because Nic is just so tall. He’s literally a head taller than Meaghan at least

  • Mashoo

    I love them! Can’t wait for season 2! :D

  • Carrie

    I can’t wait to see the new season of the show. I watched season one and it is so funny and a good show. I watched a little bit of the movie and it looked good. I think Meaghan and Nick so cute together.

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