Selena Gomez Joins Lilith Fair!

Selena Gomez Joins Lilith Fair!

Selena Gomez is headed to one of the most talked about tours ever!

The 17-year-old singer/actress and her band The Scene have just been added to the 2010 Lilith Fair!

Jenni Rivera, Vita Chambers, Kelly Clarkson, Lights and Sheryl Crow are just a few of the many artists that will be performing on stage this summer.

Log onto to see all the tour dates!

Congrats, Selena & The Scene!

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  • itsmegain

    good for selena :) but she should really stick to acting. I;ve watched a ton of her live preformances. She needs to work on her stage prescence

  • pauli

    yayy im so happy!!!

  • pauli

    i love her so much good job babe!!! im so proud of you!!!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Man she isn’t doing the Toronto date :(

  • Paula

    hey, everyone brazilian site with translator… visit please

  • Liz_b

    Are you kidding??? She can’t sing… why on earth would they invite her?? Horrible!

  • arrowhead

    are you freaking kidding me. She is a disgrace to these talented women.

    OMG i can’t believe they would invite her. Has the world ended already

  • katie

    wait a second. Back it up for a second. Selena didn’t even write on this album whoopie one song which she probably co-wrote.

    i am so disgusted. Bring women or women bands that actually have talent. There are plenty of them out there.

    Selena is a product that won’t ever last. She never even have a billboard number 1 song.

    this has to be a april fools joke. right

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    She’s AMAZING! & yes she can sing!
    Im so happy for you Congrats, Selena & The Scene :]

  • pauli

    @Liz-b@arrowhead hahahaha damn it can you two be more stupid and pathetic???? hahahaha two complety losers saying selena cant sing shut up stupid jelous b!tches….. get out here…. selena definitely can sing and people notes her real talented tat was she always invite to everywhere…. hahahahaha i just cant laugh of your stupid comment…

  • luvd80s2

    @Liz_b: Im sorry but when did the Lilith fair turn into ” Wango Tango”. I was very lucky to have been able to enjoy the tour in the late 90′s when you had musicians like Luscious Jackson, Liz Phair, Jewel, Indigo Girls but now all i can say Is very sad, I see Sheryl Crow is one of the Originals from the Tour, but I wouldn’t worry she will probably play in the morning in one of the side stages and not on the Main Stage, hopefully they will leave that for the Real Musicians that can actually write and play their music! Sorry little teeny Boppers but your Generation of Music is awful compared to your predecessors of yester year when music was about inovation and thought and not who has the best pr team and Autotune!

  • undercover jonas luver

    WTH!!!! TOUR??? she had like 1 cd and is was whack!! did i miss something???

  • angel

    I saw her live and was impressed. She has a really nice tone and it was a really fun show. Oh well. Haters gonna hate. I’m proud of her….she must be doing something right if they invited her on this tour.

  • jessica

    wow congrats selena. i love her. shes so cute and sweet.

  • luvd80s2

    @angel: no one is hating on her, The Lilith fair was created as way to showcase female and female led-bands on the center stage. The Lollapalooza or Coachella for females, Rock,Alternative,indie,Contempoary female music not Generic mainstream music. I just put me off when I Heard that they were going to have Ke$ha or what ever her name is on the tour, I will give it to you I would rather Listen to Selena and the Scene than that Thing play!

  • lulu

    i like her, but they shouldn’t have invited her- she can’t sing FACT. Love her acting, but she can’t sing, she has no musical talent what so ever. It’s actually cruel they invited her, she’ll get too big headed and think she’s an amazing singer. Sorry Sel! x x x

  • lily

    @katie: shut up miley don’t have a number 1 either.

  • pauli

    @lulu hahahahaha the only fact here is that youre an idiot!!!!! of course selena can sing, so plz dont continue to make a fool of yourself…..

  • Linda

    so bizarre, I always thought of Lilith Fair as being folksy singer-songwriters, not manufactured tween pop.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I thought the Lillith Fair disbanded years ago. The last I heard, Sarah McLachlan claimed that they said all they wanted to say and they were done.

  • anonymous

    Wow!! This is big! So happy for Selena and The Scene….hopefully they are playing in Vancouver :)

  • anonymous

    Why isn’t her website up? Wasn’t it suppose to up and running on March 23rd? That was like a month ago : l

  • anonymous



    :) :) :) :) :)

  • Paris

    All right !! GOOOO SELENA WE LOVE U <3

  • lalaland

    lol this is so embarrassing.. when she comes on stage compared to everyone else they are gonna laugh at her.. she is a one hit wonder and that’s the fact.. even her one hit isn’t even that big… it didn’t even make top ten

  • luvd80s2

    @lalaland: I so agree with you, the majority of the fan base for this festival is indie, like I said she will probably be on in the morning and no one will know if she went on or not! Im going to the one in San Diego, looking foward to seeing Cat Power, Tegan and Sara, Brandi Carlile and the list goes on!

  • lulu

    @pauli: why are you only having a go at me?! there are loads of people critising her on here! don’t just throw it at me! i actually like, just don’t think she’s good with music! and i’m not an idiot i was simply making an opinion!

  • Nati

    @luvd80s2: I couldn´t have said it better myself!!! Right on sister! Right on!!!

  • swiftfan

    congrats to Selena.

  • Carrie

    She is so pretty and I am so proud. Congats Selena and her band. I love Naturally. I found out that her song Naturally is #1.

  • pauli

    so this confirms she is a lesbian since the Lilith faire is for lesbians and always has been.

  • pauli

    how much did disney have to pay for them to add her too the line up?