Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron are a Kitson Couple

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron are a Kitson Couple

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron keep it cool in shorts and flipflops as they make their way to the Kitson boutique in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon (March 24)

Holding hands all the way to the car, Vanessa, 21, was seen wearing Wildfox Couture’s “Wildfox #9” white tank.

Be sure to keep voting for Zac for Favorite Movie Actor at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards which happen THIS Saturday!

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  • Carol

    They are perfect

    I love those two

    Best couple EVER… Hot!

  • Lu

    AAAAA!!! They freakin rock! And they’re both super hot!

  • Valery

    aaw!! finally pictures of them together!!
    love them <3

    they are adorableee!!!! :D

  • Jess!

    yayy! zanessa <3

  • Beverly


  • abby

    Awww so nice to see them again. Their outfits are one hot mess lmfao.

    Seems like we haven’t seen Zac in forever. LOVE his scruff, super sexy. ;)

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw.. holding hands. :D I love seeing my favorite couple holding hands. :D I’m just all smiles right now. Hot, hot, hot !!!! V’s hat is awesome.

  • Karen

    They are just cute! I love the scruffy look Zac has in the pictures. They both look like they are just enjoying the day like anyone else in their casual clothes, etc. Love it.

  • Carol

    And it’s Malibu not Beverly Hills

  • Jess!

    Malibu, not Beverly Hills! :p

  • mzindochick

    FINALLY SOME ZANESSA SIGHTING. i think I was going to die without it. this is enough for me to satisfied me for around 2months. SO F**Kin cute. I just wanna tell them “GET MARRIED ALREADY”

    LMAO. so cuttee

  • jo

    HOT COUPLE!! zac is lookin good in scruff. YUM

  • annasaurus

    I have never seen a more convincing beard.

    p.s. Robert Pattinson called and wants his hairstyle back.

  • abby

    @annasaurus: Haha what so Rob now is the only guy who can have a some what short hairstyle? LMFAO get a life girl!!!!!

  • jo

    JARED this is in maliBU not beverly hills

  • itzayana

    Aree so AMAZING!!! yeah!
    the perfect couplee!
    I lovee them!!
    Moree tO vanessaa!
    she’s myy Favoriithee Artistt!

  • beatriz


    zanessa is the best couple(:
    oh and zac is hoooooooooooooot!


  • Jess!

    Rob WHOOO? lol
    jkjkjkjkjk :D

  • beatriz

    aww’s zanessa is amazing

    the best couple in the world<3


  • tata

    Love how they march in cadence)))) and they are so HOT!!! love how adorable they look together!!!!!!!!!

  • jazmin

    Cute couple. Wish them, the best.

    Always live in love…trust and respect each other.

    Thanks for posting

  • nikki

    ZACC<3333!! I MISSED YOUUU<33!!
    zanessa is ssoo HHOOOTTTTTTT!!!

  • brad

    cutest couple in the entire world… LOL

    my man is lookin ZEXY! if ya know what i mean.. LOL love ya zaccy poooo

  • gaby

    THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE! i missed them. :]

  • abby

    @suchacrap: Bet a million bucks you say that because you yourself are like 300 lbs. sitting behind a computer and have nothing better to do with your life. LOSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  • mykamicks

    Vanessa dear why are you so sexy always… From tee to shorts down your legs I really get envy with you. While Zac is smokin hot too..

    Why always bringing Rob’s and compare to Zac.

    Zac is already ZAC EFRON even without Rob’s existence yet. Zac has his own style like an ordinary guy could wear anything.

    Does Rob own those Haircut styles & Beards? Goodness, does that mean Jake Gylanhall or Brad Pitt’s beard , they copied it from Rob? Does Chace Crwford is copying also the haircut of Rob? Where the hell are you living…? These people just like ordinary one has their own fredom to do what kind of style or hairstyles they wanted to… So stop being silly mentioning Rob on this thread.

    JJJr. thanks for that hottie pics of both of them…

  • abby

    @mykamicks: Agree 100% ;) Sorry but if Zac is going to copy someone it sure as heck better NOT be Rob.

  • so pretty

    does she wear extensions? oh man i love her legs!

  • jane

    aww finally.!!:)) they’re soo cute together:)) love them loads.!!

  • MMM..


  • Iliveinbeverlyhillz:)

    Adore them both very much! They should get married(:

  • Iliveinbeverlyhillz:)

    How tall is Vanessa?

  • abby

    @Iliveinbeverlyhillz:): I think about 5’2 MAYBE 5’3. She sure isn’t any taller then 5’4.

  • nikki

    THEY MUST GET MARRIED!!! :DDDDDD!!! they make me so happy!! the best couple around! hehe….

    p.s. im in love with zac efron

  • lovezanessa

    Iol ! Zanessa came back. So cute together! Miss them so much. So long time to see their photos together. Always wish they’re happy.

  • ZNlover

    So cute(: omg this just made my day, perfect couple as ever(: love them loads!!!!(:

  • justine

    Ohh there amazing, im smiling now. My day/night is gonna be amazing now. THANK YOU zanessa :) LOL

  • bonte

    OMG am i the only one to notice that he CUT HIS PANTS? like….there jeans …then short jeanss

  • Sxoxo

    I dont know about that hat with that outfit lol, but Vanessa has the most amazing body ever! she’s not super skinny, like she has muscles….and Zac well…..He’s just Perfection! his hair has never looked better!
    Great looking couple!!! <3333

  • Inji

    Awww! So cute (:

  • athenais

    They are cute ! I love them

  • bhelle

    @Iliveinbeverlyhillz:): she has a filipino height .. and yeah she’s around 5’2-5’3 ..

    @mykamicks: i so agree with you!! :D ..

    -zac is hotter than rob .. i never wanted robert.. he doesn’t own all the styles in the world!! and forgodsake .. stop comparing zac to rob!! yikes!! >.< they are so diffrent!!!!!!!!!

  • me.

    lol. van looks as tall as zac in this pic.
    anywho, wasn;t expecting this. <33

  • mykamicks

    Hi to abby & Bhelle…

    Vanessa’s height is just proportioned to her physic… Neither skinny nor fat… She has a killer body down her legs…

  • maisie

    I really love seeing them together…..

    I sort of freaked out when I saw this..,
    It’s been ages we haven’t seen them together…

    Best couple ever..!

  • bhelle

    @mykamicks: oh ok then .. :)

  • suzy


  • nikki


    NEVER BREAK UP!!!!!!!!!






  • athena

    @mzindochick: I know what you mean…I don’t want to seem obsessed with them, or Zac..but it sure is great to see lots of pics of them together and separately. I would love to see Zac without his shades…especially with the scruff on his face.

  • talai herman

    aaaawwww so sweet i love what they are wearing x