Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: The Feelings Were Always There

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato: The Feelings Were Always There

Even when Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato didn’t see something there, their fans did.

But the duo had to admit, something was always there to Ryan Seacrest after their performance on American Idol.

Joe shared, “We’ve been best friends for the longest time and now we’re just kind of taking the next step and it’s been really fun. We’re having a great time…I guess we kind of figured that one day it would happen but we didn’t feel like it was the right time.”

Demi added on , “Being best friends for a while, over time feelings grow, and for me, as much as I wanted to deny it, the feelings were always there.”

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas, KIIS FM Interview, 03/24
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  • Kyra

    awww. <3

  • m


  • Danni

    They actually make a cute couple and I’m not a big fan of Joe’s.

  • Jess

    They’re so perfect for each other. It’s so adorable.<3

  • Anon

    Love them! So glad they finally came to their senses!

  • jemi4ever

    AAAWWWw FINALLY! They’re meant to be. Please never break up ever. Jemi forever! :)

  • Laura

    ha! haters & doubters, take that in ur face! call us crazy know! :P We, jemi fans, always knew they’d end up together! :D

  • bizzy

    Interesting. It’s good hearing it from them. Glad they are keeping open to their fans.

  • http://- wieky

    i love jemi , i always did , and i know there are perfect for each other
    just all these haters really scare me . what if it’s really just for the public like for camp rock and stff. joe never really admitted anything about his relationships

  • Paris

    I knsa hate them ! :D i love them as a BFF but GF & BF not really
    i think they’re gona break up soon ur later :P

  • Ella

    It’s good to hear it direct form Joe’s mouth. <3

  • juliet

    never thought I would say this but they make a good couple. They are funny and cute. Wish them the best

  • Rose

    best couple EVER. They are so funny and seem themselves around each other. love them ps: love demis laugh haha

  • angie

    i wish them the best!! go jemi!!

  • Lixxy_B

    Love them!!! They are adorable together! Hope they can make it last, but they are young so who knows… Best of luck to them! Go JEMI!

  • Carla

    They always denied it and i believed them.

    Silly of me…

  • Stephanie

    I love them together and I’m so glad that Joe has come out to say they are dating because at frist I was like only Demi is coming out and saying this and she kept on saying yah and not yes like Joe so now that he said it I know it’s real and Demi was right

  • Devina

    Even though i love Joe, him and Demi make such a cute couple. I love them both loads. Hopefully, this won’t affect their friendship if it should end badly :) xxx

  • Cecile

    Awwwwww they are so perfect for each other. It was about time they realize it.

  • sofiafreydel

    Jemi shippers always knew that they had feelings for each other, it was just matter of time

  • Andrea

    Love this interview,, hahaha Demi´s laugh is THE BEST
    Demi I LOVE YOU, you´re gorgeous and So talented

  • lulu

    awww :) so cute! x x x

  • Sketch

    No Sh!t. We always knew that. lol. So happy for them..

  • jemi4ever

    aawww finally, they’re meant to be! :)

  • nathalia Braga

    awwwww. so happy for them. they make a cute couple.

  • haley

    Demi’s bigger than Joe in general…LOL no offence to her though.

  • Allforjemi

    Good for them….no more hiding! It must be very liberating to not have to hide a relationship. God Bless… you are free. I wish them all the best! :)

  • Amy

    I love them together! they trump zanessa for me.

  • jessica

    they are so awkward together. i mean i cant believe joe admitted it. i thought he would at least wait a little while to confirm it. and besides they are better as friends. i mean if they break up its not gonna be pretty. they really shouldnt risk there friendship by dating.

  • Robyn

    Aww i love them together. So not gonna be pretty if they break up though :/

    Check out the picture i drew of Demi ?


  • http://! fearless

    yeah right, lets see how long this will last

  • Ariannah Coronado

    AWWWW I love them they’re so cute!!!! <3 Jemi is my new fave couple!

  • Chris


  • Lauren

    @haley: are you kidding? did you see them preform together on AI? demi’s tiny next to him. demi’s just tiny in general.

  • caitlin

    awww, they’re so cute :)

  • yourmomsuckaa

    they will break up sooner or later.
    Joe isn’t a great bf for what he did to taylor.
    I rather have vanessa & zac.
    there true.

  • yourmomsuckaa

    don’t get me wrong i don’t hate them
    but just..
    There going already to far.
    They wanna be in the gossip together in magazines.
    And zanessa gives echother space, don’t really talk bout there relationship. And thats why zanessa is still together.
    cusz they don’t want atention from the media.
    and joe & demi def. want that

  • Anna

    ANOTHER reason as to why i believe they’re completely faking it.
    they were best best friends for so long, and once they break up, what will happen between the two of them?!
    WHY would they even want to risk that?
    obviously joe jonas is a player and can’t seem to keep his girlfriends for very long.

  • ms. a

    awwwwww soo cute :)

  • ms. a

    but if they break up… AWKWARDD!! :p

  • Taylor

    aww so cute..<3 lets hope they dont break up.. :)

  • chicha

    que hermosos
    demi lo mas

  • mika

    I can’t believe that came out of Joe’s mouth ..

  • annah

    AWWWW <3
    i love them soo much and i am SO happy for them ♥

  • Nati

    @yourmomsuckaa: You have a point. Zanessa looks more solid than Jemi as a relationship (Even though I don’t like Vanessa, They are like a younger version of John Travolta and Kelly Preston) .

    I even noticed that on their respective duets. When you see Zac and Vanessa singing “Breaking Free” on HSM it´s Magical!!! They Have soooo much chemistry that it moves you!!! I love it!!! All I could think when I saw Joe and Demi singing “This is me” was: FELONY! FELONY! It was like she was singing with her Big brother! ZERO chemistry there!!! And I really don´t see that much passion now that they´re dating. They are like a Teen “Tomkat” to me. But in this case, Demi is Tom Cruise and Joe is Katie Holmes Because she seems too eager on publicizing every single aspect of the relationship and He just nods in agreement like a puppet! (I can’t wait to see Demi Jumping on a couch yelling “I Love Joe Jonas!” XD XD XD LOL!)

    Even Robsten seems more solid than them!!! (They´re like a younger Brangelina minus the children!! HAHAHAHA XD XD)

  • jessi

    omg , jemi are probably going to last so stop hating and why do you guys care so much. why are you sooooooo obssessed ??????????????

  • Carrie

    EWW!!!! I am so happy for them. They are so cute together.

  • RE

    so cute! gee, theyre so in love! huahuahu

  • haley

    I mean her legs and the length of body are bigger than Joe’s. But she’s tinier if it’s based on height.

  • Taylor

    Even though Demi kept admitting it, I still kinda denied it! But now Im glad that Joe finally said something about it!!!! Yay:) I love them together and I always knew it would happen ;)

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