Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato - Kids Choice Awards 2010!!!

Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato - Kids Choice Awards 2010!!!

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato hit the orange carpet together at Nickelodeon’s 2010 Kids’ Choice Awards held at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion on Saturday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The cute couple posed with the other Jonas Brothers, Nick and Kevin.

Earlier this morning, Joe was seen taking a run around his neighborhood.

The King of Queens star Kevin James will host this year’s annual kudos/mess-fest!

JEMI together! So cute!!!

FYI: Demi wore a Faith Connexion dress, Renee Caovilla shoes, sequined Gerard Darel clutch and Vita ring.

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Photos: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
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  • zanessafanforever

    sooo cute! I love them both so much! :D

  • Diana

    JEMI <33

  • Erica S.



    AWW JEMI, i´m in love with them, they´re so cute together
    Demi is so beautiful love her

  • Lauren

    i loooooove them!

  • listen to mayday parade

    shes very pretty (looks older than 17, but nonetheless pretty) but i hate her cackle. I watched her interview with seacrest and i had to turn it off. your a good man, joe jonas, for being able to stomach that hanious sound.

  • http://oop eury

    se ven hermosos

  • Ash

    They are so beautiful <3

  • Stefanie

    theyyyyy are soo cute together !!

    can’t wait for more jjj!

    I’m waiting for ZAC Efron <33333333

    I’m watching spongebob just for the red carpet.
    & I’m on your site :D

  • amanda

    They look adorable!!!:D

  • listen to mayday parade

    ps demis right eye is a lazy eye lol

  • marilyn

    Eh. I’ll just say that the jonas’ look mighty handsome. Especially joe ;)

  • Smacky35

    I’m soo friggin jealous of demi. She looks beautiful!=) I’m sitting here waiting for miley and selena now.

  • romina

    they are adorable!

  • erin

    @listen to mayday parade Demi doesn’t have a lazy eye if you look at other pictures of her it’s obvious she doesn’t, it’s just the way the light hits them

  • Kina

    Demi’s wearing black-there’s a shocker

  • Jenna

    They look so cute together. I’m so happy for them!!!

  • christy

    Sorry, but the cute picture here was of the Jonas Brothers. Nick and Kevin look so much better than Joe. So tired of this site focusing on the Joe and Demi thing. Tired of the publicity. If they want to be a couple, great. But stop flaunting it for the publicity.

  • ka

    demi… black dress and hair looks the same in all the red carpets where she was. the girl needs some variety

  • http://justjaredjr shania

    Joes looking too plain,whats with the bow nick,kevin looks the best!!

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Joe looks Hottt but he could of dressed a bit better, Love them all !

  • mge

    i like kevin and joe outfits, nick not so much.
    Demi looks gorgeous, i like the dress but who is her hairdresser? the guy needs to do something different with her hair. she looks the same in all the red carpets.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @christy: LOL! Stop sipping on the haterade girlie! U know Joe is the sexiest of the JB. And we both know u only think he looks bad cause he’s standing with Demi.

  • chelsea

    fakes lol

  • liza

    I love Demi’s dress!! They look great together!

  • danielle


  • Taylor

    aww they are so adorable

  • RE

    They look soooooo sute together!
    Demi looks HOT!

  • bruno


  • mandy

    joe had to be with sunglasses!

    JEM <3

  • ashytisdalefan

    so cute!

  • izzy

    @christy I don’t understand your comments about Jemi “flaunting their relationship for publicity”. In the past when Demi and the JB attended events they all posed in pictures together, the only difference is now we know they’re dating. It’s the media that’s reporting on all things Jemi (and I love you for it Just Jared Jr./media, don’t stop) not Demi and Joe.

    Quite frankly I find it refreshing that they’re being so honest and open about the whole thing. They’re not flaunting anything, they’re simply answering questions they’ve been asked truthfully. Other celebrities need to learn a thing or two from Joe and Demi.

    And to all those who think Jemi is just for publicity a) it’s Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, they really don’t need the publicity to be able to reach their target audience – mission already accomplished and b) As much as I love Joe Jonas (and I really do), I’ve seen Camp Rock, he’s really not that good of an actor to be faking how happy he looks. Jemi FTW! <3

  • Taylor3

    oh gosh look at the jeminess :) ADORABLE :)

  • casey


    man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed hahaha. I agree Jemi does kinda overdo it with the publicity but who cares? They are adorable. I don’t see you getting mad at Kevin for talking about his wife all the time! Joe is hot. End of story

  • Robyn

    So, so beautiful <3

    I wish she could see the picture i drew of her

    Tell me what you all think ? I’ma draw Joe next, then i’ll have Jemi :D :D

  • barf

    Black really isn’t her color, I wish she knew that.

  • http://jonasbrothersatthe2010kidschoiceawardsshow beth ann dorzinsky

    i was so hopping that they would of win i voted for them last night and they are the best of all bands the jonasbrothers are the best ever and kevin jonas jr he is a total hottie i love him

  • http://jonasbrothersatthe2010kidschoiceawardsshow beth ann dorzinsky

    i was so hopping that they would of win i voted for them last night and they are the best of all bands the jonasbrothers are the best ever and kevin jonas jr he is a total hottie i love him

  • http://jonasbrothersatthe2010kidschoiceawardsshow beth ann dorzinsky

    i love the jonasbrothers they should of won last night tey are the best of all bands that make and play good music

  • http://jonasbrothersatthe2010kidschoiceawardsshow beth ann dorzinsky

    i love them so much and kebin jonas jr he is my favorte and i love him so muchTHEY SHOUD OF WON

  • patricia

    Damn! I Love Demi Lovato! :)) They are so cute! I knew it all along. They’re best friends before and now they’re taking their next step! And DAMN! I LIKE THEM AS BEST FRIENDS AND I LOVE THEM AS COUPLE. =))) And I wish them all the best! :> Goodluck Jemi! :>

  • jessica

    ewww they look so cute.

  • Nati

    To be honest with you, I’m kind of sick of these two! It’s like Too Much Publicity for this Relationship! Admit it! Jemi is like a Teen Tomkat!!! But Demi is Tom Cruise, because she seems to love telling EVERY SINGLE detail of the relationship to anyone who’s willing to listen(Can´t wait to see her jumping on a couch yelling: “I LOVE JOE JONAS!!!” LOL!) and Joe just nods in agreement and smiles like a puppet (Just like Katie Holmes!).

    And don´t give me that, “The others brothers talk about their wives/girlfriends” crap! Kevin kept his relationship under the radar for almost two years! He never talked about it until a month before getting engaged! And Nick has always been very discrete with his love life. He never talks about it and doesn’t like when the girls that he’s dating talk about it (That´s why Niley ended the first time around.). Come to think about it, I think that Nick has become my favorite Jobro now! He doesn’t need to have a girl on his side to feel important and his biggest love in life is his music. That’s passion! Too bad that he’s too young for me! hehe. Although I have to admit that I still love Kevin! And I think that he and Danielle are adorable! It´s like a Cinderella story like Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso! I just don´t have patience for “Jemi”!!! (sorry to the fans but that’s my opinion!)

    There, I said it! I don´t care if you like it or not. As I said before: It’s just MY opinion. Hope that they post the comment this time! (Not like last time!)

  • lalala

    omg… why do they do this? i used to have respect for demi, but why do these disney stars have to pull PR stunts before their movie comes out just so they’ll get higher ratings? “Jemi” before camp rock 2, selena and that greg guy before “Ramona and beezus”, liam and miley before “The last song”, taylor l and taylor s before “Valentines Day”. they’re all trying to get their movie popular like it did for the hsm movies when people found out abour zanessa. except i actually think zac and vanessa are really a couple. it annoys me. selena will be back with nick jonas after ramona and beezus has been in theatres long enough; and demi and joe will be “just friends” after camp rock 3 ends. miley and liam will break up in a month or too. a shame cause i actually like miley and demi :(

  • Listen to mayday parade

    @lalala: Well said.

  • mica

    @chelsea: hahahahha! SO true…

  • mica

    @lalala: exactly!! the downside is that some stupidd girls can’t see the reality, the only i can say is that i’m so sorry for them…

  • c

    whats with joe dating girls who look like they could be his sister? i dont get it…

  • tiffany

    i think im in love…WITH JEMI
    they’re so so so so cute
    joe looks so hot and demi is just gorgeous

  • ElliePaige.

    Them two together look disgusting.
    Joe NEEDS to be with Pixie Lott.
    Now them two together would look beautiful!