Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun: 10 Things Secrets Are Here!

Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun: 10 Things Secrets Are Here!

JJJ had so much fun talking with Meaghan Martin and Nicholas Braun that we had to save some of the best quotes for last.

We chatted with the duo about what’s to come on the next ten episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You. This is what they had to say:

JJJ: Nick, we heard you have a lot of scenes with Lindsey Shaw this season. How was it working with her one-on-one?

Nicholas Braun: With Lindsey, it’s cool because I have complete trust in her, and there was this one scene where we didn’t rehearse, we didn’t run lines. We didn’t tell each other what we’re going to do in the scene. We kind of were like okay, let’s do this. We both know what we’re going to do and we just sort of put the trust into each other and it was so much fun in discovering things when I’m working with her. And I wish I would have like take after take after take because it’s fun to build a scene with her. And luckily, I got to work in a bunch more episodes with her. And especially, the talent show episode, which is so awesome, me and her as partners, I guess I’ll put it that way, so I don’t give out too much info.

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JJJ: You’re on hiatus at the moment, doing other projects. What type of roles would you like to take on?

Meaghan Martin: I want to play a bad ass. I’m always either the naïve, shallow girl or the evil, mean girl. It would be fun to play like Keira Knightley in Pirates Of The Caribbean or Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, like an action hero, or it would be really fun to play the nerd. Those are my next two adventures.

NB: I want to play Gumby in the live action version of the …because I don’t think anybody’s tall enough or lanky enough to pull it off.

JJJ: Nick, what was the most challenging thing about Cameron this season?

NB: The most challenging thing, I think, was breaking him out of that sort of naiveté he had in the first ten episodes. I mean, he was just such a sweetheart and just so oblivious sometimes and I really wanted to grow him up and make him a little bit more real and then give him some sort of, some moments that people can identify with, with their own high school years. I tried to bring my own high school experience to it more, I think, this ten episodes.

JJJ: Meaghan, since the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter is opening on June 18th, what’s going to be the first ride you go on?

MM: Oh, that’s so tough. I don’t know, probably the dragon one. I don’t know, though. The dragon rollercoaster sounds awesome, but I’m excited about going into like Honeydukes and Olivander’s wand shop. Oh, my gosh. It’s so pathetic how excited I am.

JJJ: Nick, we hear you’re quite the prankster. What pranks have you pulled so far?

NB: Well, let’s see, what have I done? [Jokingly] Yes, I set Meaghan’s trailer on fire once. That was not funny. Gosh, I can’t even remember what pranks I’ve done, but we try to keep it pretty light on set because the show is so casual. Well, it’s not casual, but it’s a comedy and so we’re all sort of just messing with each other and joking around and it’s a very light set. I’m in Austria right now doing a movie and everybody’s German and it’s very serious and like”

MM: Those Germans… [Laughs]

NB: It’s very strict, and I’m like yes, it is time to eat some weinerschnitzel. It’s so much lighter on the set of 10 Things. But yes, that’s the gist.

JJJ: How has the show impacted your lives?

NB: It has impacted my life in that I have an awesome job to get to go do what I enjoy for the entire time we’re shooting. It’s so cool, this show and this cast. It doesn’t feel like a job. It just feels like I’m going to just go like have some fun with some people and play around. So it’s really cool that I get to have that in my life right now.

MM: I totally agree and it just helps me become the person that I am today. It’s made me more confident. It’s so wonderful. I’ve had all these awesome people in my life that I get to spend time with every day and I’ve met new friends. My life would not be the same without Nicholas Braun. [Laughs] So it’s just been great. And there’s nothing better than waking up and going to work and laughing all day long and loving what you do and knowing that what you do is something that other people enjoy as well. So we’re all so blessed to come to work every day.

JJJ: Nick, tell us about your new project.

NB: I’m in Austria shooting this really cool movie called Chalet Girl, and it’s this sweet little romantic comedy. I play a guy named Nigel who is sort of a goofy American boy, 21, sort of the type of guy that just wants to get laid, but has no tact. And it’s really fun. I’m actually working with the director of a few episodes of 10 Things, this guy, Phil Traill. And Ed Westwick is starring in it and Bill Nighy, a really well-known English guy, so it’s fun. I’m working with all British people. It’s been interesting.

JJJ: How is it working with the original dad from the film, Larry Miller?

MM: It is such an honor to work with Larry. I learn something new from him every day on set and he cracks me up. He’s very giving and he’s real. One of my favorite things about Larry is he’s not an intimidating presence. He doesn’t show off on set like oh, I’m Larry Miller and I’ve been in this movie and I’ve done this. That’s not his game. He shows up and he does his job. And if he thinks you’re doing a good job, he pulls you aside and he says you know what, that was really funny. I liked that. And one of my favorite moments with Larry was when he and I were doing press together and somebody asked if he felt paternal towards Lindsey and I, and he said ‘Not really. They’re my co-workers.’ And I loved that. I just thought that was so real and great and honest and flattering at the same time.

NB: I think the thing about Larry that I admire most is that he is so inventive on set. I mean, the scripts are great, but he’s constantly trying to find things that will”just sort of cool, funny watchable things that will bring more texture to a scene, which is very cool to watch and work off of. He’ll surprise you if he wants to, which is nice.


10 Things I Hate About You premieres MONDAY, March 29 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

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