Meaghan Martin Speaks Up about Autism

Meaghan Martin Speaks Up about Autism

Meaghan Martin is speaking out on a issue that’s close to her heart — autism.

The 18-year-old actress shared just why she’s speaking out, “My little brother [Zachary] has an autistic disorder called Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s on the higher functioning end of the Autism spectrum. I feel very protective of him; I can defend him, especially because he has a disorder that a lot of people don’t understand. I just want to get out there and educate people…it educated me. ”

Meaghan continued, “I did not know anything about autism until we found out about Zachary, until he was diagnosed. It just made me more aware and it’s opened my eyes to the entire autism world.”

Check out Meaghan‘s interview below and log onto to see how you can speak up for Autism too.

Meaghan Martin Speaks up about Autism
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  • Lizaaa

    First! And what she’s doing is fantastic. :) Respect.

  • mika

    I really like this girl.

  • Denise

    A classmate of mine has the Asperger’s Syndrome..:(..and it’s true, it’s really hard to understand what this disease cause. But my classmate Stefano is a great guy, so lively, so lovely…if it wasn’t for the stuttering you wouldn’t guess he’s autism.

    I really liked what she said about autism :) <3

  • Sa5m

    I absolutely love this!! I think it is absolutely wonderful that Meaghan is speaking out about Autism. I think it is so great!! Someone close to me is Autistic & I just feel like not many people are aware of Autism. I wish more people knew about it & knew what it is. There really needs to be more awareness of it & hopefully there will be more soon. With Meaghan talking about it-We’re just one step closer. I’m just reallly glad Meaghan spoke up about it-It makes me happy. It’s seriously so awesome. She helped get more people know about Autism. This is just great. Meaghan is so awesome! :)

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